Top 10 Best Christmas Songs for Kids

December is a celebratory month all over the world. It is winter and Christmas is here with us again. The streets are filled with decorations, all in an effort to spice the 'Christmas' feeling. Children are infatuated with this bubbly season and are anxious to make nostalgic Christmas experiences.

Christmas kids songs and performances are paramount ingredients for a fantastic, exciting and memorable Christmas for kids. In the event that the children can sing the tunes, it turns out to be significantly more intriguing for children. At a glance, here are top 10 best Christmas songs for kids and where you easily enjoy them.

christmas songs for kids

# 1. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The song is a red light that ushers in the Christmas festive season. It carries with it a specific level of passionate and mental energy for everybody everyone, especially kids. The Christmas carol dates back to the 16th century and has its origin in England. No much is known about the song. This current predicament does not inhibit its popularity as a favorite Christmas song for kids. It has simple lyrics and incredible tunes and hence posing as an excellent Christmas carol for kids.

#2. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Eight decades after playing on Eddie Cantor's radio show, Santa carol has continued to loom among Christmas kids' songs. It is upon guardians to make sure that kids come up with a nice list on Christmas since Santa has a priority on that day. John Frederick and Haven Gillespie composed the song. In essence, the song advocates for good behavior amongst kids especially during the Christmas times.

#3. Jingle Bells

This Christmas melody happens to the ultimate Christmas piece today. Its composition is natural to memorize accompanied by great tunes which make it fun for kids. Initially, in 1857, the song was a drinking song but has over the last one century evolved to a Thanksgiving song and eventually to an incredible Christmas carol. You can play the song with diverse types of music instrument and still enjoy the tunes. This classic Christmas tune is quite memorable. It is easy to sing along and your kids will be singing it once they listen to its easy lyrics.

#4. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Rudolph the red nose reindeer seconds white Christmas as the best-selling among all Christmas kids songs of all time. Initially, the idea was written as an autobiographical kid's book by Robert may in the late 1930s but later on turned to Christmas carol. The long-anticipated Santa is expected to deliver Christmas gift to kids which creates a somewhat nostalgic memory.

#5. Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls Christmas carol is over four centuries old. The initial version of the same was Nos Galan, which was more of a Welsh New Year's Eve song. However, the piece was modified in the 19th to its present version. Thomas Oliphant happens to be the man behind the smiles on kids with regard to the translation of this great Christmas music for kids. The hymn has featured in re known Christmas specials such as the Sesame Street Christmas Special and The Grinch in 218 among many others.

#6. White Christmas

We can all agree that this remains the saddest but most popular Christmas song of all time. It was first heard on air in 1941 during the Second World War. White Christmas was a comforting song for soldiers after the bombing of Pearl Harbour and families who were anxiously waiting for their family members at home.

#7. Silent Night

The piece is a vintage Christian Christmas song for kids. The melody delineates the spiritual aspect of Christmas. To Christians, it is not only a festive and a holiday but a day season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a perfect Christmas song that goes deeper beyond the festivities and delve into the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.

#8. All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

This Christmas tune happens to relate to elementary kids easily. It is one of the funny Christmas songs for kids to perform. At this age, missing front teeth incidences are common and usually embarrassing moments especially during Christmas celebrations for kids. Losing your front teeth is not a 'great thing.' The performance from this song is prodigious and delighting.

#9. The 12 Days of Christmas

For kids, a Christmas season with no gifts is not worth remembering. The song is about receiving 12 different gifts after the 25th of December. The melody helps enhance count and memory abilities for kids. The fact that it is repetitive and involves gifts makes it famous and a favorite for most kids.

#10. Away in a Manger

This particular melody features as the first commonly piece sang by kid across the world. Like many other old carol songs, the author of 'away in a manger' remains unknown. Its lyrics have been done by a lot of composer with the most popular version coming from James R. Murray. The tune is a darling to most Sunday school kids, especially during Christmas season.

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It only happens once each year, and you will agree with me that a Christmas without Christmas carols would be incredibly dull and apparently not worth spending your time celebrating. Since time memorial, generations have continued to cherish this opportune moment to create new and memorable experiences with those whom they love.

The traveling experience, kids’ festivals, and cuisine tend to overjoy the kids but on the other Christmas carols keep the enchanted all through this festive month. The hymns make them feel appreciated and loved by the immediate environment.

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