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Convert Apple Music to MP3 - How to

Looking for way to convert Apple Music to MP3? We have found an ultimate solution to help you do that at ease, so that you can play Apple Music on all devices, such as portable MP3 players, Bluetooth speakers.

Best Way to Remove DRM from Apple Music

This article tells you how to play Apple Music on different devices by bypassing DRM from Apple Music with AudFree Apple Music Converter.

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Two Ways to Play Apple Music on Xbox One

In this article, you can find out two seamless solutions on how to play Apple Music on Xbox One as background music while playing games.

Listen to Apple Music on Amazon Echo? Solved!

Apple Music couldn't be supported by Amaozn Echo. Don't worry! There are two easy ways for you to play Apple Music on Amazon Echo effortlessly.

Top 10 Best 2018 Christmas Songs for Kids

Christmas Day is the best loved holiday to celebrate with kids. Don’t miss the top 10 best Christmas songs for kids to make kids a happy Christmas spirit.

Convert Apple Music DRM M4P to FLAC? Solved!

Can't play Apple Music on FLAC device and music player? You can read on this article to get the best Apple Music to FLAC Converter to rip FLAC files from Apple Music.

Save Apple Music on PC? Check Two Ways!

No matter whether you have Apple Music subscription or not, this article gives you best ways to save Apple Music songs on PC/Mac/iOS forever for offline listening.

Ultimate Guide: Upload Apple Music to Google Drive

In this page, you can find the detailed guide to backup and upload Apple Music to Google Drive with four steps, and then access to Apple Music on mobile devices via Google Drive app.

Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Songs You Can't Miss

There are top 10 best Thanksgiving songs we have collected to let you a heart-warming Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family.

Best Way to Play Apple Music on Samsung TV

Don't have Apple TV but still like to play Apple Music on Samsung TV? No problem! You can find an easy way to stream Apple Music to Samsung smart TV for playback.

Top 9 Best Halloween Songs on Apple Music

Are you an Apple Music user and looking for the best Apple Music songs for your Halloween party? Just read on this article to find the top 9 Apple Music songs for the spookiest Halloween playlist.

Solved: How to Play Apple Music on MP3 Player

Due to DRM protection, users can't play Apple Music on almost all MP3 players. Please don't worry. In this page, you get the helpful way to listen to Apple Music on MP3 player without limitation.

Apple Music on Apple TV? Check Two Ways!

How to listen to Apple Music on Apple TV? There are two ways to guide you to use Apple Music on Apple TV 4 with iCloud Music Library and play Apple Music on Apple TV 1/2/3 via Home Sharing.

How to Add Family Member to Apple Music

If you subscribed Apple Music family plan, you can follow this detailed tutorial to start a family group via Family Sharing and add a family member to Apple Music with ease.

Solved: How to Get Apple Music Student Discount

If you are student, you will be able to Apple Music student discount to subscribe Apple Music. Read this article, you can know the detailed steps to get Apple Music student discount.

iTunes Songs Greyed Out? Here's the Fix!

Can't play iTunes songs because of they are greyed out? Please don't worry. There are 4 ways to help you fix iTunes songs greyed out.

2 Ways to Play Apple Music on Android Devices

Without Apple Music for Android app, you can still play Apple Music songs on Android devices. Check out these two easy solutions to play Apple Music on Android.

Useful Tips to Play Apple Music Songs on PS4

Although PS4 doesn't support Apple Music natively, you can still stream Apple Music songs to play on PS4 with these two popular solutions introduced in this post.

Easy Guide to Save Apple Music Songs to USB Flash Drive

This post shows you the complete guide of removing DRM from Apple Music as well as to transferring the songs to USB drive with the help of AudFree DRM Audio Converter.

How to Put Apple Music Songs on iPod Nano/Shuffle

Currently iPod doesn't support Apple Music app yet. Therefore, it's difficult to sync Apple Music songs to iPod as we do with other music tracks. Luckily, there are many 3rd-party tools could get Apple Music on iPod. This post shares one of the best solutions to make it happen.

Two Best Ways to Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 Easily

Looking for the best tools to convert iTunes songs to MP3? Check out this guide which will show you the top 2 ways to convert both DRM-ed and non-DRM M4P to MP3 with ease.

How to Burn A CD from Apple Music Songs

Unlike iTunes songs, Apple Music tracks are not allowed to burned to CDs within iTunes. But don't worry. With some tricks, you can still burn Apple Music songs to disc. Here's how.