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Q: How can I download Pandora music for offline listening? The first time I knew Pandora is from my sister's recommendation. When I navigated to Pandora's official website on my computer, it comes with the poster 'Start listening for free'. It's so wonderful to enjoy music tracks on Pandora for free. But when I'd like to download music from Pandora for offline playback, I discover that there is no 'download' option for my choice. What should I do for Pandora music download?

download pandora music

Pandora also well known as Pandora Radio and Pandora Internet Radio is a popular online music streaming and internet radio service. Although users on Pandora can listen to music radio with no cast, free members can enjoy them online with advertisements or limitations, unless you have updated your account to paid subscription for getting additional features, like improved streaming quality, music downloads and offline channels.

Under such circumstances, if you want to download Pandora songs offline without restrictions, you can have recourse to Pandora music download apps and extensions. To get rid of unnecessary hassle, I will introduce the best Pandora music solutions and the detailed tutorial to download music from Pandora losslessly in the following article.

Method 1. Best Pandora Music Download App – AudFree Audio Capture

There are so many music downloading tools for Pandora in the market. Compared to the output quality and special features of those solutions, I highly recommend AudFree Audio Capture, one of the most excellent Pandora downloaders and recorders. It can not only download and record all Pandora music, radios and playlists with high quality kept, but also save recorded Pandora music as common audio formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, MAV and M4B so that you are able to play Pandora audio tracks on any music player and device.

With built-in intelligent multi-track audio recording technology, AudFree Pandora downloader and recorder enables you to download all playing Pandora songs simultaneously and divide them into independent tracks smartly. Besides, it also supports for splitting and trimming audio tracks according to your needs. That's to say, you can take away the interference of ads when enjoying Pandora music. Apart from recording music from Pandora, AudFree music recorder is available for other popular streaming services, like Apple Music, Spotify, Dizzer, etc.

AudFree Streaming Audio Capture

audfree audio capture
  • Losslessly download music from Pandora and other streaming music
  • Capture Pandora audio tracks on both Mac and Windows losslessly
  • Convert recorded Pandora music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, etc.
  • Grab multiple Pandora songs and divide them to independent tracks

Detailed Guide to Record and Download Pandora Music with AudFree

The following is the complete tutorial on how to download and convert Pandora music offline with the help of AudFree Audio Capture. Please make sure you have prepared the free trial version of AudFree audio recording tool on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 1Set up AudFree Audio Capture
launch audfree audio recorder
Double click to launch AudFree Audio Capture from the computer desktop, and you will see the main interface of AudFree software coming with the list of media programs that installed on your computer. If the target application that you'd like to download Pandora from is not here, you can click the big '+' button to add it.
Step 2Adjust output format and other audio settings
set output format as mp3
Please click the 'audio' icon at the lower-right corner of the main interface, it will pop up a format window, in which you can define the output format as MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV or other plain formats. Also, you can customize the output audio quality by changing the bit rate, sample rate, audio codec and channel as you like.
Step 3Play and download music from Pandora
download music from pandora
Please close the format window to get back on the starting window and click the target web browser to navigate to the Pandora official site. Please login your personal Pandora account and browse the music stations to discover and play the favorite song or playlist. AudFree Audio Capture will launch the recording window to record and download Pandora playlist automatically.
Step 4Edit and save recorded Pandora music
save pandora music
There is an 'edit' icon in each recorded track. You can click it to cut and split unwanted audio segments and personalize the ID3 tags, like year, artwork cover, album, etc. When all Pandora music have been downloaded well, you can quit the whole browser to stop the downloading process. You can locate all Pandora downloads in the history folder.

Method 2. Download Pandora Music with Pandora Download Links Extension

If you are looking for the freeware to download Pandora radio, Pandora Download Links seems like a smart choice. It let you the ability to download the songs that you are currently listening to in Pandora for free. But you should pay attention that this Pandora downloading tool is available in Chrome web store. Put it another, it need to work with Google Chrome browser. Now, you can refer to the following simple steps to download Pandora songs.

Step 1 Begin to download Pandora playlist
pandora download links
To install the Pandora extension in Chrome, please enter to the Chrome store and search the full name of this extension, Pandora Download Links. Once discovered, you can add it to Chrome for free.
Step 2Begin to download Pandora playlist
download pandora playlist
Please enter to the Pandora music site, login your exclusive account on Pandora and start to play favorite Pandora music. And then you will see there is a 'download' button under the playing Pandora radio. Just simply click it and Pandora playlist will be saved on your computer for offline listening.

Final Thoughts: Which Pandora Music Downloader to Choose

There is no doubt that you can use AudFree Audio Capture and Pandora extension to download Pandora playlist for offline listening on the music player with ease. If you don't like to pay extra money and don't care the music quality so much, Pandora Download Links could be the better choice as it's totally free. But if you like to get great listening experience, Audfree Audio Capture could be better than Pandora extension because of lossless output quality and more advanced performance.

Anyway, you can choose the better Pandora music downloader according to your special requirements. Have a good time of listening Pandora music offline.

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