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Top 5 Best Tidal Downloader for Mac / Windows

This page covers the top 5 best Tidal downloader tools that enable you to download Tidal songs for offline playback on all devices and music players even without the Tidal premium account.

Convert Apple Music Files to MP3? Fixed!

If you have met some obstacles when playing Apple Music on MP3 devices, you can read on this page to get the solution to convert Apple Music M4P to MP3 with ease.

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Can't Play Spotify on Xbox One while Playing Games? Solved!

This page covers two professional ways to play Spotify on Xbox One. One is streaming Spotify music to Xbox One via Spotify app, the other is transferring Spotify files to USB drive for playback on Xbox One.

2 Ways to Play Apple Music on Android Devices

Without Apple Music for Android app, you can still play Apple Music songs on Android devices. Check out these two easy solutions to play Apple Music on Android.

How to Convert Spotify Music to AAC Format

If you'd like to extract AAC files from Spotify tracks, AudFree Spotify Music Converter is the best choice for you. You can read on this article to get the complete tutorial on how to convert Spotify music to unprotected AAC files with ease.

How to Easily Convert iTunes M4B Audiobook to MP3

Because of DRM, iTunes audiobooks are not playable on common MP3 players. Now with AudFree DRM Audio Converter, you can freely play iTunes audiobooks on any media player. Read on to find out the best solution to convert iTunes DRM M4B to MP3.

Top Solutions to Play Music from Spotify on Sonos

This article includes two ways to get Spotify through Sonos. One is to listen to Spotify music via Sonos with Premium subscription and the other is to play Spotify songs on Sonos with a free account.

Two Best Ways to Sync Spotify Music to Android Devices

Would you like to sync Spotify music to Android from the computer? Just read on this article to find out two best ways to download and transfer Spotify songs to Android devices with ease.

Listen to Spotify in the Car? Here're Top 5 Best Ways!

This post covers five professional ways for you to play Spotify music in the car offline or online no matter you are using a free or premium account on Spotify.

Can I Play Spotify Music on Google Home? Solved!

How can you use Spotify on Google Home? You can read on this article to learn how to link and set up Spotify on Google Home and find out the solution to solve the issue of Spotify not playing on Google Home.

Easy Tips to Download Drake Scorpion to MP3 Freely

Would like to listen to Drake's Scorpion album on MP3 player? In this article, you can get the easy tips on streaming and downloading Drake Scorpion to MP3 from Apple Music and Spotify for offline playback.

2 Simple Ways to Burn Audible to CD

Burning Audible books to CD is easy. Here are top 2 ways to burn a CD from Audible audiobooks with or without iTunes.

Best Way to Download and Convert Spotify Music to FLAC

Only Spotify Premium users can listen to 320kbps songs for offline listening? Not really! You can follow this tutorial to download and convert Spotify music to lossless FLAC files for offline playback on any device.

Updated: Download Music from Spotify to Sony Walkman

Can't play Spotify music on Sony Walkman? Don't be upset. This tutorial will provide you the detailed steps to transfer music from Spotify to Sony Walkman for offline listening.

Get Audible for $4.95 in Amazon Prime Day

In the Amazon Prime Day, you can get Audible subscription for $4.95 per month, which is at half price to get Audible three-month membership.

Useful Tips to Play Apple Music Songs on PS4

Although PS4 doesn't support Apple Music natively, you can still stream Apple Music songs to play on PS4 with these two popular solutions introduced in this post.

How to Play Audible Audio Books on Apple Watch

If you are looking for the effective way to listen to Audible on Apple Watch 3, you can read on this article to get the best solution to make it possible to play Audible audiobooks on Apple Watch losslessly.

Guide: How to Transfer Spotify Music to iTunes Library

In this article, you'll find the best solution to download and transfer music from Spotify to iTunes library as well as move iTunes songs to Spotify account.

Fixed: Remove DRM from Spotify Losslessly

Get the best professional solution to remove DRM from Spotify downloads so that you can freely download and listen to songs from Spotify on any device and music player.

Easy Guide to Save Apple Music Songs to USB Flash Drive

This post shows you the complete guide of removing DRM from Apple Music as well as to transferring the songs to USB drive with the help of AudFree DRM Audio Converter.

How to Sync Spotify to iPod Shuffle/Nano/Classic

No matter you are a free or paid user on Spotify, you can follow this complete tutorial to sync Spotify music to iPod Shuffle/Nano/Classic for offline listening.

How to Put Apple Music Songs on iPod Nano/Shuffle

Currently iPod doesn't support Apple Music app yet. Therefore, it's difficult to sync Apple Music songs to iPod as we do with other music tracks. Luckily, there are many 3rd-party tools could get Apple Music on iPod. This post shares one of the best solutions to make it happen.