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How to Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working [Causes & Solutions]

Do you want to see your Spotify Wrapped and find out that it's not working? It can be caused by unexpected errors. We will list out the most possible reasons and give you the corresponding methods to fix the Spotify Wrapped not working issue.

How to Connect Spotify to Google TV

Today, Spotify is available on a variety of devices, none more surprising than smart TVs. Can Google TV connect to Spotify? Here you can find the answer because this article describes several ways to play Spotify on Google TV to make Spotify Smart TV a perfect reality.

How to Rip Music from Tidal in 5 Ways

How to rip music from Tidal? Get these five easy-to-use ways to rip songs from Tidal for free, online, on computers and then you can play Tidal music offline without a Tidal account and app.

How to Use Amazon Music on BallparkDJ

BallparkDJ is the useful DJ app that makes sporting events and music perfect together. Want to use Amazon Music on BallparkDJ? This article presents the best tool to make Ballpark DJ Amazon Music a reality and in turn create professional level sports walkabouts.

Deezer vs Qobuz - Complete Comparison

Don't know which streaming music service to choose, Deezer vs Qobuz? This post will help you make the final decision, which covers the detailed comparison between Deezer and Qobuz.

How to Fix Audible App Keeps Crashing/Stopping

Many users often complain about Audible keeps crashing and stopping problem. Based on this, this article introduces common solutions and an ultimate method to fix the issue of Audible app keeps stopping and crashing.

Top Tidal Equalizer - Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Does Tidal have an equalizer? Indeed, it doesn't have a built-in music equalizer yet. Therefore, this article introduces the top Tidal equalizers for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac for your reference.

How to Play Deezer on Xbox One with/without Premium

Want an exciting soundtrack to go with your Xbox One game? Then come here, this article will introduce the best ways to play Deezer on Xbox One with/without Premium to make Deezer Xbox One a perfect reality.

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Tidal Mobile & Desktop

The Tidal shuffle feature gives you more options while listening to Tidal songs. But do you know how to turn off shuffle on Tidal? With only a few steps, you can turn Tidal shuffle offline easily. Check the detailed guide in this post and learn more.

How to Fix Spotify Keeps Logging Out

Spotify users often ask the question: why does spotify keep logging me out? Here you can find the answer, then this article will also introduce common fixes and an ultimate solution to the problem of Spotify keeps logging out.

Spotify Not Working on Android Auto - Best Solutions

As a driver, you may someday find that Spotify not working on Android Auto. Why? We list some causes that have the chance to lead to this problem, and we also prepare you with the corresponding solutions to get the Spotify Android Auto not working issue fixed. Take a look.

Volumio Tidal - How to Play Tidal on Volumio

Tidal Connect is available on Volumio now. So here are 3 easy approaches on how to play Tidal on Volumio with/without Volumio Tidal plugin or via Tidal Connect. Try to make Volumio Tidal possible

How to Download Spotify Podcast to MP3 [2022 Updated]

In this article, there are 5 professional Spotify podcast downloader tools online, for free, Android, and lossless, with which you can easily download Spotify podcast to MP3 for offline playback anywhere.

Plane9 Spotify: How to Use Plane9 with Spotify

Plane9 visualizer can add stunning visual effects to our favorite music, while Plane9 Spotify is a perfect match for users to have a good time. So this article contains the best tool and detailed guide to use Plane9 with Spotify.

How to Fix Apple Music Not Playing Songs

Have you ever encountered the issue of Apple Music not playing downloaded songs? This article includes effective solutions to solve Apple Music not playing songs problem. Moreover, you will also get a perfect way to play Apple Music permanently without any problem.

How to Delete Tidal Account Permanently

You'd registered a Tidal account for several years but now you don't want to use the Tidal app for play? Then you look for ways to delete Tidal account. Here we have the comprehensive steps of how to deactivate Tidal account permanently in 3 ways and the tips for backing up Tidal songs before you decide to do it.

How to Download Spotify Music to USB Free

There is no direct way to download from Spotify to USB for playing on USB-supported devices. But take it easy, this page covers a professional way to download Spotify Music to USB free effortlessly so that it is possible to play Spotify through USB in car.

Spotify Downloader Chrome Extension Available Now

In this post, you will find top 3 best Spotify downloader Chrome extension and 3 best Spotify to MP3 converter Chrome extension alternatives, and learn how to use them to download music from Spotify Chrome Web Player.

[Audible Offline] Listen to Audible Books Offline

Can you listen to Audible offline? Is there an Audible airplane mode or Audible offline mode? The answer is undoubtedly yes. So this article describes effective ways to listen to Audible offline with/without the Audible App.

How to Listen to Apple Music Podcast for iOS/Android, Mac/PC

Does Apple Music have podcasts? The answer is of course yes. This article will introduce effective solutions to listen to Apple Music podcast on iOS/Android, Mac/PC with ease.