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Top 9 Tidal Downloader for Mac/Windows/Online/Free/Android/Github

This page covers the 9 best Tidal downloader for Mac, Windows, Android, Github, online, for free that enable you to download Tidal songs for offline playback anywhere.

How to Download Tidal Music without Premium

Are you searching for downloading Tidal music with a free account? In this article, we will recommend you a simple method to download Tidal music without premium.

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How to Delete Tidal Account Permanently

Looking for ways to delete Tidal account? Here we have the comprehensive steps of how to close Tidal account permanently in 3 ways and the tips for backing up Tidal songs before you decide to do it.

Why Is Tidal Not Working? Get Reasons and Solutions Here!

This post concludes with the reasons and solutions for Tidal not working on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Web Player. You can also get a way to listen to Tidal music without the Tidal app not working issue.

How to Get Tidal in India [2023 Latest]

Tidal is available in many countries, yet, it is not available in India. For this reason, this article provides several possible solutions to help you get and use Tidal in India via VPN, DNS or proxy server.

How to Convert and Transfer Playlists from Tidal to Spotify

Searching for a method to transfer Tidal to Spotify? In this article, we recommend the top 5 methods to convert Tidal playlist to Spotify.

Top 10 MQA and HiFi Tidal Streamers in 2023

Which is the best Tidal streamer? Here we have concluded the top 10 best streamers for Tidal HiFi/MQA.

How to Download Tidal MQA Files on Desktop/Mobile

Wanna download MQA from Tidal for offline listening? Don't miss the best Tidal MQA downloader tools to download Tidal MQA tracks and albums losslessly.

How to Listen to Tidal on AirPods Pro/Max

The best way to listen to Tidal on AirPods anywhere and the steps to pair AirPods on different devices for playing Tidal music have been displayed.

7 Best Equalizers for Tidal on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

There is no built-in music equalizer on Tidal so many users are looking for a Tidal equalizer. And this post has concluded the top 7 equalizer for Tidal. You can find your favorite ones for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Best Way to Get Tidal for Wear OS Device Offline

Here is a post about how to play Tidal music on any Wear OS devices offline without premium and phones. Just have a look!

Tidal DL And Tidal GUI Downloaders on GitHub Review

This post is talking about the main features, pros, cons, and user guides of Tidal-Media-Downloader from GitHub and also its alternative.

Tidal VS Amazon Music Unlimited [Full Comparison 2023]

This article mainly discusses the differences between Amazon Music Unlimited vs Tidal HiFi Plus including Amazon Music HD vs Tidal HiFi quality.

How to Download and Convert Tidal to MP3 in 7 Ways

Can you download Tidal MP3s? Read this post and get 7 best Tidal to MP3 converters online, free, or paid.

3 Ways to Transfer Tidal Playlist to Another Tidal Account

Wonder how to move playlists between Tidal accounts? Please read this post and you will find answers.

How to Mix Tidal HiFi/Master in Traktor DJ Software

Although there is no Traktor Tidal integration, here is the best tool to mix Tidal music with Traktor DJ such as Traktor Pro 3.

Tidal Music Review: Is Still the Best Music Service for Audiophiles

Here is a detailed review of Tidal music. You can know what Tidal music is, how much Tidal costs, what Tidal quality is, how to cancel a Tidal subscription, how to delete a Tidal account, etc.

4 Ways to Cancel Tidal HiFi/HiFi Plus Subscription [2023 Update]

How to cancel Tidal subscription without losing Tidal tracks? In this article, we will tell you how to achieve it in detail.

How to Use HIDIZS AP80 with Tidal Music

2 methods to play Tidal on HIDIZS AP80 Pro and other players with/without Tidal subscriptions will present in this article. Please have a look!

How to Download Music on Tidal without Premium on All Devices

There are 4 workarounds to download Tidal music for free without Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus in this article. Come with us to find a suitable method for you.

Block Tidal Ads in 5 Ways on Different Devices

Here are 5 ways to block Tidal ads on different devices and three working ad blockers. Choose the solution that suits you best.

Stream Tidal on Apple TV in 3 Ways

Can't link Tidal to Apple TV? There are three legal ways letting you to play Tidal on Apple TV without Tidal subscription or Tidal installation.

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