Listen to Tidal Offline on Desktop? Solved!

Q: Where is the 'Download' offline option in the Tidal desktop app for Windows and Mac computers? I switched to Tidal from Spotify because of its MQA quality. But I couldn't find the offline mode for the Tidal desktop. It's one of the important features I love when listening to music. Is there something I'm missing?

Music playback of MQA quality needs more stable networking than the ones of normal quality. The Tidal app provides an offline mode for users to enjoy music offline on mobile devices. But for the listeners using a desktop app, there is no built-in function to listen to Tidal offline.

But today, I would like to share the only practical way to listen to Tidal offline on the desktop. If you have been confused about this issue for a long time, please directly scroll down to read the content below.

tidal offline on desktop

Part 1. How to Listen to Tidal Offline on Desktop: Perfect Tool

Tidal offline mode on the desktop is supposed to be the most desired function in many Tidal subscribers' minds. In recent years, more and more questions have appeared in Tidal related forums. For example, 'can you listen to tidal offline on the desktop? Why doesn't offline mode for Tidal work on desktop? But years later, the answer was still disappointing.

Fortunately, this situation shifts because of the release of AudFree Tidal Music Converter. It is devoted to download Tidal music, playlists offline on PC and Mac computers. As a market-leading product, it is able to run a high speed, stable converting up to 100 songs at once. It can also convert Tidal tracks, playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, and radio to offline MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc, on the desktop.

Besides, you can get offline Tidal files with lossless quality and complete ID3 tags. With the help of this intelligent tool, you can listen to music on the subway, plane, or in any area with poor network connection, diverting you from boredom with ease.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal music converter
  • Losslessly download music and playlist from Tidal desktop offline
  • Convert Tidal to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. for offline playback
  • Preserve 100% MQA quality to listen offline
  • Run at 5X faster speed, customize output parameters

Part 2. How to Download Music from Tidal Desktop Offline

This professional tool is available for computers running Mac and Windows OS. You can use it to get Tidal offline files on Mac and PC. Now let's see how AudFree Tidal Music Converter breaks the Tidal offline limit in simple steps. It is available for you to use the free trial in the first place to test its performance before buying.

Step 1Paste Tidal songs to AudFree from Tidal desktop app
stream tidal songs to audfree on desktop
For the Windows users, please make clear that the Tidal app you have downloaded is not from Windows Store. Then download and install AudFree Tidal Music Downloader on your computer. Open it with the Tidal app automatically launched. To stream Tidal songs to AudFree, please find the song, albums, or playlists in your Tidal app.
Next, please copy the URL by clicking the 3 dots icon next to the title. Select "Share" > "Copy Track Link" or "Copy Playlist Link" to copy the link. And then paste it to the blank search bar on the top of AudFree's main interface. After that, tap on the '+' button and wait until all files are loaded into AudFree.
Step 2Modify Tidal output parameters in AudFree on desktop
reset tidal output settings
If you are a Mac user, please find the 'AudFree Tidal Music Converter' option from the menu bar in the upper left corner on Mac's desktop. If you are a Windows user, please hit on the first icon "menu" on the top right corner of the main page of AudFree. Then hit the "Preferences" > "Convert". A new setting window will show up to customize the output audio parameters. You can customize the format, sample rate, bit depth, channel, and more. To maintain the original high quality, you are suggested to change "Format" to FLAC or WAV, 'Sample Rate' to 48000 Hz, ‘Bit Depth' to 16 bit or 24 bit.
Step 3Download music from Tidal desktop app for offline listening
listen to tidal offline on desktop
Now, simply click on the obvious "Convert" button in the bottom right corner of the main page. In an ideal network connection, the program will work at a 5X faster speed to decode and recode Tidal songs. Tidal songs can be downloaded to the output formats with other settings that you set before. The conversion will last depending on the number of songs and then networking. When the conversion stops, a red spot displaying numbers of songs will be showed on the 'Converted' icon. Please press it to go to the local folder where all converted offline Tidal songs are saved in.
Video DemoHow to Listen to Tidal Offline on Desktop

Now, you can use Tidal offline on your computer. Moreover, you can transfer Tidal downloads to other devices that don't have a network connection for offline listening.

More Tips: How to Use Tidal Offline Mode on Android/iOS

Offline mode function is the privilege of users using mobile devices. If you are using an iOS device or Android phone, please refer to the following steps to enjoy Tidal offline directly.

Access Tidal Offline Listening on Android

It is supported to save audio files directly on your Android device rather than listening in offline mode. Just enter in "My Collection" to access your Tidal offline music and other content on the Android mobile device.

Make Offline Playlist on iOS

Step 1. Access "My Collection" on the lower right corner of Tidal.

Step 2. Choose playlists or albums.

Step 3. Click the "…" on the right of the title.

Step 4. Slide down and select "download".

Step 5. Hit on the "setting" icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 6. Find "Offline Mode" and enable it to open.

tidal offline mode on mobile

By the way, it's also able to use AudFree Tidal Music Converter to get offline Tidal songs on the desktop in Part 1. And then you can sync them to your mobile devices. By doing that, you don't need to use the Tidal app anymore, but use any media player to listen to Tidal offline.

Nov 4, 2020 7:20 PM

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