Work Experience & Education

Miley graduated from the Montana State University with a graduate degree, majoring in English Literature. She equips herself with professional knowledge of literature and is competent in writing. At that time, Miley also minors in Communications, an expert in the field of the new-media industry. During her college years, she posts articles and instructional videos related to technology and the music industry. Beyond that, she is also a professional writer in Quora and Lifewire of some know, providing audio and video solutions.

With her passion for music and technology, Miley joined our team in 2018. Most articles she posted and edited can solve audio or video-related troubles effectively, getting good feedback.


Competent in writing tech articles in the field of new media. Acquainted with the marketing of multiple platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, iPhone Android, Windows, and Mac, and the trends and news about most streaming services, such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Currently, Miley is dedicated to fixes, audio conversion and downloading, CD burning, recording, and editing of Tidal Music.


Miley prefers to create and cut videos about music apps as well as post some blogs. She shares her sparking inspiration and discovered troubleshooting workarounds to streaming services on various platforms. Apart from that, she will read interesting science fiction and write short stories sometimes.