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Use of AudFree Software

The use of AudFree Software is subject to the terms and conditions of the license agreement, which is included in the Software. You must accept it before using AudFree Software. Aiming to help people to get full control over the digital audios they legally purchased, all AudFree Software are designed for personal use only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

For the DRM removal Software of AudFree, you should make sure the copyright law in your country allows copying digital media files. The technology being used by such kind of Software is explained as below:

The method to remove DRM protection from audios used by AudFree DRM Audio Converter and Spotify Music Converter is to record the audio tracks to unprotected formats or to burn them to CDs and then rip the files into DRM-free. To be specific, those products will record Apple Music or Spotify songs in the background while they are playing.

Terms of Payments

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