Brief introduction

Charles Davis graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science. And he has since combined his technical expertise with his love for writing to create compelling and deep articles on various topics related to technology, especially audio encoding, and decoding technology.

With his unique blend of skills, Charles has become a sought-after writer in the tech industry on many authoritative technology sites. In 2018, he joined AudFree as the Chief Editor and continues to produce thought-provoking content in audio solution writing that engages and informs his readers.


Charles Davis is an expert in the audio field covering audio conversion, downloading, and editing. He is familiar with the audio formats and parameters of different devices and platforms so that Spotify music can be playable on all devices to best suit your wishes. He is committed to helping users fix Spotify playback issues and listen to Spotify songs, and playlists anywhere.


Charles loves to find the new-released and popular music on Spotify and share them with others on social media. He always provides possible and easy solutions when Spotify occurs errors in his daily life.