Brief introduction

Graduated from the University of Sheffield, Nancy Steven holds a degree in Audio Engineering. With years of experience in the music field, she has rich experience in the field and offers solutions like Deezer music converting and downloading. And she has professional knowledge of different audio formats, bit rates, codecs for various platforms and devices. So, she can help readers pick up the right format for their needs.

She is a music enthusiast as well as a professional blogger who like to share tips related to audio and brings a unique perspective to every article she writes. Besides, she had ever worked with TechCrunch and other famous tech websites.

Now, she is working with AudFree as a staff editor. And she has answered lots of audio converting questions and produces useful articles to help our users solve any audio problems.


Nancy Steven has a thorough understanding of the topics about Deezer audio recording and converting. They include Deezer music recording, downloading, editing and so on. And she is familiar with the audio formats, codec, bit rate of kind of devices and platforms. From her post, readers can learn more about the music field and enjoy digital music life better.


In her spare time, Nancy likes discovering new music and listening to music. And she loves to share music or other funny things with her friends via the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. She also likes cooking while listening to music with her home theater systems and so on.