How to Make YouTube Music Crossfade

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YouTube Music is a popular music streaming service from YouTube. It offers a vast library of songs, playlists, albums and the rest. Besides, it provides personalized recommendations and allows users to explore a wide range of music genres, along with features like offline listening and background playback.

Does YouTube Music have crossfade? Many users wish to edit their songs as they like, for example, crossfade YouTube Music. Up to now, YouTube Music doesn't have a built-in Crossfade feature. However, there are alternative methods you can use to achieve crossfade between songs in YouTube Music. We recommend you use the Spotify app to reach it. The detailed guides are as below.

crossfade youtube music

Part 1. Crossfade YouTube Music - Tool Needed

Crossfade refers to the smooth transition from the end of one song to the beginning of the next. This music function creates a gapless playback experience. So how to fade in and fade out between songs without crossfade on YouTube Music?

Don't worry. Using the AudFree Audio Capture and Spotify can absolutely help you. You should use the AudFree tool to record audio from YouTube Music first, and then add YouTube Music to Spotify and use the Crossfade feature on Spotify. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy YouTube Music gapless playback.

You might wonder what is AudFree Audio Capture. It is a practical audio recorder that can skillfully capture all sound on your PC with high fidelity. It saves the audio from YouTube Music in MP3, FLAC, WAV, and other widely-used formats. This intelligent tool helps you listen to YouTube Music on any device or player offline without using the YouTube Music app anymore. Certainly, you can put YouTube Music tracks to music players with the crossfade feature, like Spotify.

AudFree Audio Capture

audfree audio capture
  • Record audio from computer efficiently
  • Get several tracks simultaneously and divide them into independent audio
  • Convert YouTube Music songs to FLAC, MP3, etc.
  • Reset output settings of recording audio

Part 2. How to Record YouTube Music for Crossfade on Spotify via AudFree Audio Capture

In the following section, you will learn how to use the AudFree YouTube Music Recorder to capture YouTube Music tracks on your computer for crossfading.

Step 1Open AudFree Audio Capture
launch audfree recorder
First, download & install and open the AudFree tool on your PC. The program can be used both on Mac and Windows. On the tool's interface, you will see its main screen. Then you should click "Select/Add an App" to add software supporting YouTube Music.
Step 2Select output audio formats
choose output settings of youtube music
Simply click the "Format" section located in the bottom of AudFree tool. You are allowed to choose the output format. Also, you can choose the output quality and tap the 'settings' option to open a new window to adjust encoder, channel, sample rate, bit rate and preset.
Step 3Record audio from YouTube Music
record youtube music for using crossfade on spotify
After setting the output formats, please tap the app supporting YouTube Music in the list and touch 'Start' to navigate to YouTube Music on it. Next, locate and play the songs you want to fade in and fade out. The AudFree Audio Capture will begin to rip them automatically.
Step 4Edit and save YouTube Music records
save youtube music on pc
Upon completing the recording process, you can tap the "Trim" icon and "Edit Tag" icon to trim the audio and modify its tags. Subsequently, press "Save" to store the recorded tracks. Besides, hitting "History" > "Search" can find them on your computer. Then, you can be ready to crossfade YouTube Music by transferring the records to Spotify.

Part 3. How to Crossfade YouTube Music on Spotify

Although you are unable to use Crossfade in YouTube Music, there is Spotify to help you. In this part, you will learn how to transfer your local YouTube Music files to Spotify and then crossfade between songs via the Spotify Crossfade function.

How to Add YouTube Music Records to Spotify

Step 1. Open Spotify on your computer and go to 'Settings'.

spotify settings

Step 2. Enable the "Show Local Files" feature in the "Local Files" part. Then hit the "Add A Source" button in the "Music Library" section.

add a source on spotify

Step 3. Next, select your saved YouTube Music audio and click the "Open" option. Then, you can find your local YouTube Music on "Your Library" > "Local Files". Now, you should organize the YouTube Music files into a playlist within Spotify to crossfade YouTube Music.

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add local youtube music to spotify

How to Crossfade YouTube Music via Spotify

For Desktop

Step 1. In Spotify, go to "Settings" > "Playback" > "Crossfade songs".

crossfade youtube music with spotify crossfade songs pc

Step 2. Switch the "Crossfade songs" button. If you see a slider, you can drag it to decide the crossfade length.

For Mobile

Step 1. Open your Spotify app and go to "Your Library" > "Settings" > "Playback" > "Crossfade".

fade in and fade out crossfade youtube music via spotify crossfade mobile

Step 2. Simply move the length of the slider to set YouTube Music Crossfade time.

After you enable this creative music feature on Spotify, you can return to your music library and then play your YouTube Music files. You will listen to the tracks with crossfade now.

Part 4. FAQs about YouTube Music Crossfade

Q1: Can You Crossfade between Songs in YouTube Music?

A: You cannot get YouTube Music crossfade for fade in and fade out between songs but you use Spotify or other music player apps that offer crossfade features to crossfade songs from YouTube Music.

Q2: How Do You Crossfade between YouTube Music Songs?

A: First, use the AudFree Audio Capture to save your favorite YouTube Music songs on your computer. Next, import them to your Spotify from the computer and then crossfade YouTube Music on Spotify.

Q3: What Music Apps Have Crossfade for Crossfading YouTube Music?

A: Several music player apps support crossfade, such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, VLC Media Player, Poweramp, PlayerPro Music Player, Winamp, etc.

Q4: Can You Crossfade Your YouTube Music on iPhone?

A: Apple Music now has the Crossfade function. To fade in and fade out YouTube Music songs, you should sync your YouTube Music audio from the computer and then go to "Settings" > "Apple Music" > "Crossfade" on your iPhone to achieve it.

Part 5. Summary

With several intelligent apps, you can crossfade YouTube Music audio easily. You might know the music you access from YouTube Music is protected by digital rights management. However, using the AudFree Audio Capture can break this limit and you will save YouTube Music resources for managing as you like.

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