Top 2 Methods to Convert iTunes Library to MP3

When it comes to MP3, the public will be very familiar with it. MP3 is the standard format for digital audio that can be played on any player and device. However, music files in the iTunes library are not in MP3, but in the proprietary AAC format. That’s to say, you can’t play those iTunes music on other common media players besides iTunes, unless you convert your iTunes library to MP3. So if you are an iTunes user who are seeking for the solution to export iTunes library to MP3, just follow this post in which we’ll show you different ways to convert and export iTunes library to MP3 easily. Here we go!

convert itunes library to mp3

Part 1. iTunes Music Genre and Format You Should Know

Initially, music purchased by users in the iTunes Music Store was protected, and the terminology used to explain this was digital rights management. Then, Apple slowly received some suggestions and feedback from users, and it introduced some unprotected or even entire music catalogs in the iTunes Store. Now the music in the iTunes library is in AAC format without protection.

For those unprotected audio files in iTunes library, you can use the official method to export iTunes library to MP3 directly on iTunes. But for the protected or encrypted audio files in iTunes, you need to seek a professional iTunes to MP3 converter. Therefore, this article will introduce the official method and a more comprehensive method to help you convert iTunes library to MP3. Please keep on reading and follow the steps below.

Part 2. Official Way – How to Export iTunes Library to MP3

If you have those normal unprotected audio files in your iTunes library, you can easily convert songs in your iTunes library to MP3 on iTunes using the official method. But you need to note that you must make sure the audio in your iTunes is unprotected, and then you can follow the steps below.

Tutorial: Export iTunes Library to MP3 on Windows

export itunes library to mp3 on Windows

Step 1. First launch iTunes on your Windows computer, select the Edit option in the menu bar, and then tap to Preferences. Click on the General tab in the pop-up window, and then click on Import Settings. Then you can select MP3 in a new pop-up menu, which means you have set the MP3 encoder for iTunes. Remember to click the OK button to save the above settings.

Step 2. Then go back to iTunes library and click on any iTunes song you want to convert to MP3, and you can choose single song or multiple songs. Then click on the file, tap to the Convert button that appears, and finally you need to select Create MP3 version. After finishing all the settings above, you have successfully converted iTunes library to MP3.

Tutorial: Export iTunes Library to MP3 on Mac

export itunes library to mp3 on mac

Step 1. Open the Apple Music application in your Mac computer, select Music in the menu bar of Apple Music, then tap the Preferences button. Tap to the Files tab in the list, click Import Settings in the new interface, Choose the Import Using button in the menu next to it, then you can select MP3 and click OK button.

Step 2. Select one or more songs that you want to convert to MP3 in your iTunes, click the Convert button in the file, and then choose Create MP3 Version. Then the songs in your iTunes Library will be converted to MP3 format smoothly.

Part 3. More Comprehensive Way - Convert iTunes Library to MP3 with AudFree Auditior

If you want to convert protected iTunes Music to MP3, a professional iTunes to MP3 converter is definitely the best choice. For instance, AudFree Auditior - will surely meet all your needs. As an all-in-one audio converter, AudFree Audio Converter can convert songs from iTunes library, both protected and unprotected, to MP3 and other popular formats. Apart from converting iTunes library, it can also convert all types of audio, such as normal audio tracks, Apple Music, Audible books, etc. Isn’t it very versatile?

Of course, in the process of conversion, you can also customize the parameters related to the iTunes songs, such as audio channels, bit rate, sample rate and other common audio parameters. Converting iTunes songs at at 30X faster speed and supporting batch audio conversion are also its major advantages. With this extraordinary iTunes to MP3 converter, you can freely convert iTunes library to MP3 and enjoy music on more devices and players.

AudFree iTunes Library to MP3 Converter

audfree itunes library to mp3 converter
  • Remove built-in DRM protection from iTunes files
  • Convert protected iTunes files to MP3 and other popular formats
  • Convert iTunes library for playback on multiple devices and players
  • Convert iTunes songs at 30 times faster speed
  • Customize the audio format and related parameters of iTunes songs

How to Convert iTunes Library to MP3 via AudFree Auditior

Step 1Download and Launch Audfree Auditior
download and launch audfree auditior
Download and launch AudFree Auditior on your windows or Mac computer. Click on the registration option in the menu bar and fill in your personal registration information, such as license key, etc. You need to be aware that you can use the full version of AudFree Auditior only if you are registered with AudFree Auditior.
Step 2 Select and Import Songs from iTunes Library
select and import songs from itunes library
When you launch AudFree Auditior, the iTunes application on your window computer or the Apple Music application on your Mac computer will also be loaded at the same time. After that, you can directly drag and drop the iTunes songs you want to convert into AudFree Auditior's conversion interface. Or you can also choose to import iTunes files by clicking the first Add button at the bottom left corner of the page. If you need to add common audio, click the second Add button.
Step 3Customize Output Format and Other Parameters of iTunes File
customize output format and other parameters
When the import of iTunes files is finished, click the Format button, you can choose the output format of iTunes files, and you can choose the universal MP3 format. If you want to customize the parameters related to iTunes songs, you can also go to this page to set the codec, channel, sample rate, birr rate, etc. In addition, when you click the Effect icon, you can edit the ID3 tag of iTunes songs.
Step 4Convert iTunes Library to MP3
convert itunes library to mp3
When all the above settings are done, click the Convert button and AudFree Auditior will automatically convert iTunes library to MP3. Then you can view iTunes library in MP3 format on your local files, and you are able to play and enjoy iTunes Music on multiple devices. For example, you can play iTunes music in the car.

Part 4. Summary

This article describes 2 ways to export iTunes library to MP3 in detail. For those unprotected files in iTunes, you can convert them directly to MP3 using the official method. But if you own some protected music files in iTunes libraries along with the common unprotected songs, AudFree Auditior will be a better choice because it can not only convert protected iTunes library, but also deal with the common audios. With the aid of the extraordinary audio converter, you can easily and quickly export your entire iTunes library to MP3 and start your iTunes Music journey from there on.

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