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By Roger Kelly Updated on 2021-07-14 / Update for Audio Recording Tips

Science has proved that music is a great tool when it comes to motivation in various aspects. In this regard, the availability of music editing software is continuing to be on the rise. You probably need one of these apps to pull your podcast through. Or perhaps, its one of those webinar recordings which you want to streamline, cutting pauses here and there; it still goes back to using any of these incredible audio editor applications.

However, the app you settle on will definitely depend on a given number of factors. Consider your level of skill, the budget and generally, what you need the software for. The quality of the audio is another major area that you should not take for granted; this is the ability of your editing software to perform to a recommended standard. Scroll through for a deeper insight on the best music editors in the market.

#1. Amadeus Pro

Generally suited for MacOS, only the highly skilled will understand Amadeus Pro capabilities. Its numerous icons are a good starting point for your music editing journey. You can add new tracks, scroll to the playback controls, split your tracks and do other basic operations right from the icons. However, you will need to dig deeper into the menu bar for more functions. Furthermore, it encompasses apply effects that you can use to suppress white noise, trim silence and do necessary amplifications.

Notable Features of Amadeus Pro

• Includes a Repair Center tool that scans files for imperfections

• A built-in burning tool for CD recordings for Macs with optical drives

• Allows you to apply plugins in AU formats

• RIAA amplification and equalization effects

• Has a batch processing module for effects application and audio conversion

amadeus pro audio editor

# 2. AudFree Audio Capture

Another great music editing software on our list is AudFree Audio Capture. Unlike the first option which only works on macOS, AudFree is able to work on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Besides, this app enables you to convert your music to any other format of your choice for offline listening. Among other pros, this app has a user-friendly interface plus worthwhile features to make your life more comfortable.

Notable Features of AudFree Audio Capture

• AudFree lets you record music in FLAC, AAC, MP2, AIFF, WAV, MP3 and so on

• It also allows you to perform various adjustment customization like set the bit depth, sample rate, encoder, etc.

• The user interface is straightforward to use, with mainly dragging and clicking based mechanism

• Ability to do recordings from online radio stations of your choice

• This app also makes it easy for you to record audio from streaming music service such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music at absolutely no extra cost.

• The numerous editing features allow for easy splitting, trimming and merging of music as you wish to

• It can also record all audios on your computer, running Mac or Windows OS.

• This app has an Excellent ID3 tags editor that makes it possible for you to fix and edit artwork cover, album, artist, genre, title and much more

audfree audio capture

Top 3. WavePad

Wavepad is the best free music editing software, though this subscription gives you limited functionality. You will need to go 'Pro' if you want full benefits. It brings on adequate abilities such as cutting, copying and pasting of your recordings. On top of that, you can freely navigate through the app as you add some effects like amplification and noise reduction. Apart from being easy to use, it lets you create bookmarks and regions to speed up the assemble segments of long audio files.

Notable Features of WavePad

• Enables precise editing via its search and bookmark audio • It also has an integrated VST plug-in support mechanism with tones of effects

• This app is capable of performing speech synthesis i.e change text to speech

• You can easily perform batch processing and apply various effects for thousands of files at a go

• Ability to edit the audio directly from your video files

free online audio editor

#4. Sodaphonic

This is another online sound editor that is purposed to make work easier. It is simple to operate, making it suitable even for beginners. A few navigations on its screen and you’ll find your way to the cutting, pasting, deleting and trimming business. Furthermore, this app lets you do audio recordings directly right after you open your Dropbox account.

Notable Features of Sodaphonic

• You can import files from Dropbox

• It lets you delete, copy, and paste audio clips

• Saving of files can be done in other formats like MP3, WAV and MP4, among other formats

• The possibility of applying fade-ins and fade-outs is real.

#5. Wondershare FilmoraPro

This is an app that is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Its functionalities make it one of the after-sought music editing software of the present times. Apart from doing the basics of cutting, merging and pasting of audio, you can also sync it with video. Furthermore, you can output your production to any format that you choose.

Notable Features of Wondershare FilmoraPro

• You can add any audio portion to your video.

• Equalizing of sound is possible with the audio compressor mechanism

• This app also allows audio transition

• The ability to merge audio as well as sync it to video is amazing

• It also enables you to further enhance voice quality by reducing noise from the background

filmorapro music editor

Final Words

It is evident that an audio editor plays a vital role in the production of a complete audio project. In this regard, good music editing software should be able to perform to expectation. There are still other good audio editors that we have not included in our list. However, these five will give you optimum results.

Food for thought: Keep your mind fixed into the audio effects ability – a wide variety of audio effects will enable you to explore the soundtrack to perfection. These include the echo, balance, channel volume levels, compressor, equalizer and pitch effect, among many others.

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