Yahoo Music Download in A Simple Way

Yahoo Music is the provider of a variety of music services, including Internet radio, music videos, news, artists information and original programming. On September 2018, Yahoo Music's site has been consolidated into Yahoo Entertainment's site and all Yahoo Music's URLs redirect to Yahoo Entertainment with its own "Music" section. But it isn't a matter for users to listen to Yahoo Music.

However, there is a shortcoming of Yahoo Music. It is that there is no download option for users who want to download Yahoo Music for offline listening, which is quite inconvenient. But please don't worry. In this post, we will show you a simple way on how to get Yahoo Music download with ease. Just go ahead and see how to make it.

yahoo music download

Part 1. Yahoo Music Download with AudFree Audio Capture

As we had mentioned above that there is no download option for users to download Yahoo Music directly, thus, if you still want to download the audios from Yahoo, then you may need to use a third-party tool to help you.

In this part, we will show you a professional and smart tool called AudFree Audio Capture for Windows/Mac, which will let you get Yahoo song easily. This audio recorder can help you record and download music from Yahoo with high audio quality as it has advanced audio recording and encoding technology. Besides, not only can it record music from Yahoo Music, but also can download audios from many sources on your computer, like Deezer, Spotify and so on.

What's more, you can customize the audio formats and other parameters for Yahoo Music files before downloading. After that, you can trim and edit for them according to your needs and then you can save them to your computer for offline playback anytime and anywhere.

Below are some key features of AudFree Audio Recorder, you could take a look of it and learn more.

Main Features of AudFree Audio Capture

audfree audio recorder for yahoo music
  • Rip audio tracks from Yahoo Music with high audio quality
  • Capture and download music from many sources
  • Save Yahoo Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc.
  • Edit and trim recorded and downloaded Yahoo Music audios

Part 2. Detailed Tutorial on How to Get Yahoo Song Download

Before downloading Yahoo Music, you need to download and install AudFree Audio Capture on your computer first. Please click on the "Download" button above to finish the installation. After that, you could follow the tutorial we show you below to get start to get Yahoo Music download.

Step 1Open AudFree Audio Capture
launch audfree audio recorder program
As you had completed the installation of AudFree program on your computer, then please double click the icon of it on the desktop of your computer and open it. Then in the program main interface, you will see that there are some icons of programs. Next, you need to see whether the web browser you will use to enter to Yahoo Music website is in it or not. If not, you need to add it in by dragging it from your computer desktop to the main interface or just clicking the big "+" icon to add.
Step 2Customize audio formats and other parameters
set output format for yahoo music
After adding the program to the main interface, then click the "Format" button at the bottom right of the main interface to launch the setting mode. Here you can set the audio format for Yahoo Music files and get Yahoo Music download MP3 or other audio formats. Next, you could personalize other parameters, such as codec, bit rate, channel and sample rate. Then, please remember to click "OK" to save the changings.
Step 3Find and get Yahoo Music download
download yahoo music files
Now you are navigated back to AudFree Audio Capture program main interface, then please choose the target web browser to go to Yahoo Music website. When you are in Yahoo Music website, you can begin to find the music you would like to download. Once found, please play it. While playing, AudFree program will launch its recording mode to detect and record Yahoo Music for you. And you will see the downloading process in the recording window. After a few time, you will get Yahoo song download on the main program interface. If you want to stop the recording process, you could just pause to play Yahoo Music or click "Stop" button in the main interface.
Step 4Adjust and keep Yahoo Music files
save yahoo audios to your computer
Once all the Yahoo Music audios are downloaded well, then you could edit for them. Please hit on the "edit" icon at each audio track and start the editing mode. Then, you can trim the downloaded Yahoo audio files by dragging the time bar. In addition, you could also edit the ID3 tags for them. Next, click "Save" to keep Yahoo audio track to your computer. If you want to locate Yahoo Music files, please click "Converted" and touch on "search" icon to the target folder. Finally, you can stream Yahoo songs to any devices for offline listening without limitations.

Jul 14, 2021 8:30 PM

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