How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 [9 Tools]

By Roger Kelly Updated on 2024-03-15 / Update for Amazon Music Tips

Are you tired of being limited to streaming Amazon Music only on certain devices? Do you plan to listen to your favorite Amazon Music tracks offline or on other devices like Roon Player? If so, you may be interested in converting Amazon Music to MP3.

In fact, you can download Amazon's purchased music to MP3 officially. But it's hard to download Amazon Music as MP3 local files. But don't worry. We'll introduce the 9 top methods to tell you how to convert Amazon Prime or Unlimited Music to MP3 in the following parts. You can find free online methods on computers as well as on mobile devices. Without further do, let's dig into it.

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amazon music to mp3

Part 1. How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Officially

Amazon Music is a subscription-based music streaming service. Although you can download purchase tracks from Amazon Music to MP3, they are only stored on the Amazon Music app. Let's see how to make it:

Step 1. Navigate to the Amazon Music website. Then click the top 'All' tab with a search box and choose 'Digital Music' from the pull-down list. Or click on the 'Buy Music' section directly.

buy music on amazon music website

Alternatively, on the Amazon Music app, tap on the 'three vertical dots' from the right side of each track and choose 'Buy Song' from the pop-up menu.

buy amazon music from the app

Step 2. Enter the song name into the 'search box' and click on the cover art to enter the details page.

Step 3. Touch the 'Purchase Option' button and then pick 'MP3 Music'.

purchase option to buy mp3 music on amazon

Step 4. On the 'Review MP3 Purchase' page, hit the 'Buy MP3 Album - Play Now' button and complete the purchase according to the prompts.

amazon music review purchase mp3

Step 5. Then you can find your purchased songs and select the 'Download' to get them to MP3.

download purchased amazon music to mp3

Part 2. Best Way to Convert Amazon Music to MP3

It is a large expense if you hope to buy dozens of songs from Amazon with each track priced at about $1.29. So the majority of Amazon Music users are seeking an alternative tool to spend less or nothing. Under the strong request and suggestion of our users, AudFree Amazon Music Converter is developed and says Hi to every Amazon Music user here. It's available for users who are using Amazon Music Free, Amazon Prime Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited plans.

Main Features of the Best Amazon Music Downloader to MP3

✔️Download and Convert Amazon Music Locally

This dedicated Amazon Music to MP3 converter works to download and convert all content such as tracks, albums, playlists, podcasts, etc. from Amazon Music to your computer as local files.

✔️Convert Amazon Music Audio to Multiple Formats

AudFree Amazon Music MP3 Converter provides a variety of options for you. Many commonly used formats like FLAC, MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B are supported.

✔️Retain Original Audio Quality and Full Metadata Info

With top-notch decode technology, the AudFree Amazon Music Converter is capable of preserving lossless streaming quality and original metadata info like ID3 tags. All tags including title, artist, album, genre, etc. are kept without loss after conversion. This function helps you manage your offline library conveniently.

✔️Support Batch Download at 5X Faster Speed

To save you time, this effective Amazon Music MP3 Downloader allows you to add and export Amazon Music tracks in batches. You can add songs as many as possible to the converter each time. And a fast 5X speed is designed to convert.

✔️Help Listen to Amazon Music on All Devices and Players Anytime

Since it unblocks the copyright restrictions and converts Amazon Music content to various common formats, you are entitled to play Amazon Music on multiple devices without any restrictions.

Please check its details in this table:

Compatible OS macOS and Windows
Free or Premium Free trial for lifetime (full version from $14.95/month)
Pros to Use

* Losslessly get Amazon Music download for free
* Convert Amazon Music tracks to MP3, FLAC, etc. locally
* Run at 5X faster speed with batch conversion support
* Keep lossless quality while converting Amazon Music

Cons to Accept * The Amazon Music desktop app needs to be installed
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How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 for Free on Computer

The following tutorial will guide you on how to convert Amazon Music, including Prime and Unlimited Music to MP3. Please download and install this excellent AudFree Amazon Music to MP3 Converter on your computer in advance. You can directly click the above green 'Download' button. Then open it to start working.

Step 1Set Amazon Music Output Format as MP3
set amazon music as mp3
To make Amazon Music download MP3, please click the top-right 'menu' bar which looks like three horizontal lines. Then choose 'Preferences' > 'Convert' to open the setting window. Then you can set the output format for Amazon Music as MP3. In this step, it's also able to customize the bit rate, sample rate, output path, etc. for higher quality.
Step 2Add Amazon Music to AudFree Amazon Music Converter
add amazon music to convert to mp3
Go to the Amazon Music app, please search for your liked songs with your Amazon Music account. Then you can drag-and-drop Amazon Music songs to the main interface of AudFree Amable. Or copy the Amazon Music links and paste them to AudFree. Then press the right 'Add' button to load Amazon Music files automatically.
Step 3Export Amazon Music to MP3 for Free
convert amazon music to mp3 on computer
The last step you need to do is to click the bottom-right 'Convert' button. This Amazon Music downloader to MP3 will convert and save Amazon Music as MP3 local files at a 5X faster speed. After conversion, you can locate all Amazon Music MP3 files by clicking the 'Converted' > 'Search' button.

Part 3. How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Free

There are also two free Amazon Music converters that can help convert Amazon Music audio to MP3 for free. Let's have a look.

🔥 KeepVid Amazon Music to MP3 Converter

It is also an online gadget without any app installed. It is designed to download Amazon Music tracks to local MP3 files completely free. What you should know is that MP3 is the only supported format. It only downloads tracks instead of playlists or albums and it doesn't always work correctly.

Compatible OS Online
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Free to use
* No need to install any software
* Download tracks from Amazon Music as MP3 locally

Cons to Accept

* Only support downloading Amazon Music songs one-by-one
* Require a stable internet connection
* May not work well with certain web browsers or operating systems
* Quality of downloads may be affected
* MP3 is the only supported format

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How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 Free

Refer to the following tutorial to download songs from Amazon Music to MP3 without charge.

Step 1. Copy the URL link of a song from the Amazon Music web player or app.

Step 2. Head over to KeepVid's website.

keepvid amazon music to mp3 downloader online

Step 3. Paste the URL link into the 'search box' and tap on the right 'Start' button to load it.

Step 4. Once the track is loaded, hit the blue 'Audio(.mp3)' button to download Amazon Music with no ads.

download amazon music mp3 audio on keepvid

🔥 FreeAmazonMusicDownload

This free Amazon Music Downloader is an app that you can download and install on your Windows. It allows you to download Amazon Music to common MP3 as well as M4A. Besides, you can download individual songs or playlists at once time easily. You will get audio up to 256 kps if you use this app to get Amazon Music downloads.

Compatible OS Windows
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Free
* Provide MP3 and M4A output formats
* Convert Amazon Music songs and playlists

Cons to Accept

* Only available for Windows
* Rely on the stable network
* Need to download to use

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How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Free

Now, please follow the steps below to learn how to use it.

Step 1. Download the FreeAmazonMusicDownload app from its website on your Windows.

Step 2. Open your Amazon Music web player and copy your favorite song's link.

Step 3. Return to the Free Amazon Music Download app and then click the 'Paste' option.

paste amazon music to freeamazonmusicdownloader

Step 4. When the song is loaded, you should click the 'Settings' menu from the song's top-right corner to choose 'Audio quality'. Next, hit the 'Download' option and you will get an MP3 local file from Amazon Music.

download amazon music to mp3 via free amazon music download

Part 4. How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 Online

If you do not want to download an Amazon Music MP3 downloader, you can use an Amazon Music to MP3 converter online directly. Here you will find two online Amazon Music downloaders.

🔥 Amazon Music Downloader MP3 Online

An online software called Amazon Music Downloader is also designed to download and convert Amazon Music to MP3 online without extra apps installed. It is free to download songs from Amazon Music web player or app. But it's a pity that it only works to export Amazon Music songs one by one instead of in batches. Furthermore, it entitles you to get MP3 downloads.

Compatible OS Online
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Download Amazon Music songs for free
* No app installation is required
* Convert Amazon Music songs to MP3 freely

Cons to Accept

* Lossy audio quality
* Less supported output format
* Less input resource without batch download
* Not completely safe to use
* Low success rate

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How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 for Free Online

Step 1. Copy the share link of Amazon Music songs you want to convert.

Step 2. Click here to go to the Amazon Music Downloader web page.

amazon music downloader online

Step 3. Type the copied link to the top 'search box' on this online Amazon Music downloader. Then tap 'Start'.

Step 4. The details of the song will appear. Please hit the right 'Get Download' > 'Download MP3' button to make Amazon Music convert to MP3.

download amazon music mp3 audio by amazon music downloader

🔺 Note: Not all Amazon Music tunes can be loaded and downloaded with this online tool successfully.

🔥 Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder supports recording audio on your device. That means you can not only get Amazon Music tracks but also audio from other software to MP3. As a free online recorder, it does not allow you to edit the records and choose multiple output formats.

Compatible OS Online
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Record Amazon Music to MP3
* Support recording audio from several software
* Save lossless audio quality

Cons to Accept

* Lack of editing audio
* Less supported output format
* Only record audio online for up to one hour
* Fewer output format for records

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How to Record Amazon Music to MP3 Online Free

Step 1. Go to Apowersoft on your device. Then open your Amazon Music to locate the song you wish to record.

apowersoft free online audio recorder

Step 2. On the main page of Apowersoft, hit the 'Start Recording' button. In this step, you should choose 'System Sound' as the recording source. Then hit 'Start Recording' again.

choose system sound to save amazon music as mp3 apowersoft

Step 3. In the pop-up window, choose Amazon Music to 'Share' with Apowersoft.

share amazon music with apowersoft

Step 4. Next, it will start recording your tracks from Amazon Music. You can hit the 'Stop' button anytime.

record amazon audio as mp3 online by apowersoft

🔺 Note: You are allowed to record audio online for up to one hour.

Step 5. After you stop the recording process, you can 'Save' them to your folder.

Part 5. How to Rip Amazon Music to MP3 for Free

Here, a popular Amazon Music ripper is usually used to rip songs from different music services including Amazon Music. It doesn't require you to upgrade to the Amazon Music paid version to get the full functions.

🔥 Audacity Amazon Music Ripper to MP3

So here, let's meet Audacity, which is a free, open-source, and cross-platform audio recorder and editor. It not only empowers you to capture Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Unlimited Music but also any streaming music to MP3 for free. It features many advanced editing features, such as cutting unwanted Amazon Music audio clips, adding audio effects, etc. But, it's a little difficult for newbies to use with complicated UI design. And the quality will be touched after ripping.

Compatible OS Windows, Mac, Linux
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Free and open-source software
* Record and edit audio from any source, including Amazon Music

Cons to Accept

* Can be slow when working with large audio files
* Lack advanced features found in professional audio software
* Complicated to use
* With audio quality loss

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How to Rip Amazon Music to MP3 for Free

If you are familiar with computer info, you can refer to the following guide to convert and rip music from Amazon Music to MP3 for free via Audacity. Please install this free tool on your computer first.

Step 1. Fire up Audacity on your computer and go to 'Edit' > 'Preferences'.

preferences on audacity

Step 2. Choose the 'Windows WASAPI' button under the 'Audio Host' section.

define audacity amazon music mp3 recorder preferences

Step 3. Proceed to click 'Recording' from the left sidebar and disable the 'Software playthrough of input' option.

set audacity recording settings

Step 4. Please set your computer's sound card as the audio source from the recording device drop-down. According to your settings, please click the 'Loopback' icon.

Step 5. Before getting started to play Amazon Music, please create a new track and then play your favorite music that you'd like to save as MP3.

Step 6. Now, hit the 'Record' icon to rip Amazon Music. Then, click 'Stop' when you finish the record process.

convert amazon music to mp3 free via audacity

Step 7. To save your Amazon Music as MP3, you can click 'File > Export > Export as MP3 > Save'.

save amazon music as mp3 audacity

Part 6. How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 Android/iOS

Nowadays, because of the popularity of mobile devices, more and more people are looking for an Amazon Music MP3 converter for Android or iPhone to directly get Amazon Music MP3 files. To meet these users' demands, here, we also introduce two tools to make it come true.

🔥 Syncios Amazon Music Converter for Android

That is Syncios Audio Recorder, which can record and capture any sound playing on your Android with great quality preserved. Based on this, it's able to record music from any streaming music service, including Amazon Music. Without further ado, let's dive right into converting Amazon Music to MP3 on Android.

Compatible OS Android
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Record audio from various sources, including streaming music services
* Supports multiple output formats, including MP3, M4A, and WAV

Cons to Accept

* Software crashes or freezes during use
* There are some limitations on the number of recordings you can make per day

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How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 Android

Step 1. Download Syncios Audio Recorder on your Android devices. Tap the Syncios icon to open this software to display the menu bar.

syncios amazon to mp3 converter for android

Step 2. Launch the Amazon Music mobile app and play your favorite Amazon Music playlists. Once you hit on the first 'Recording' button, it will automatically record and convert Amazon Music files to MP3 on Android.

record amazon music audio syncios

Step 3. Just click on the 'Recording' icon again, and it will finish the recording process. You can find all Amazon Music tracks by clicking the 'History' icon to listen to Amazon Music offline.

browse amazon music syncios

🔥 Amazon Music Converter Bot Android/iPhone

An innovative Amazon Music converter bot from Telegram can help download Amazon Music MP3 files. You can use it on your Android or iPhone. But as a robot, it is no doubt that it has many disadvantages.

Compatible OS Android, iPhone
Free or Premium Free
Pros to Use

* Get free Amazon Music MP3 downloads
* Keep original ID3 tags

Cons to Accept

* Sometimes fail to use
* Not exactly correct information
* Only support the download function

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How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 for Android/iPhone

Step 1. Download the Telegram app from the App Store on your mobile device first.

download telegram on phone

Step 2. Open the Telegram app and type '@AmazonMusicConverterBot' on its search bar.

Step 3. Then tap the Amazon Music converter bot from the search results and you will learn how to use it with guides.

Step 4. Type '/start' to make it work. Follow its guides to authorize your Amazon Music account.

Step 5. Next, send your wanted Amazon Music song URLs to the telegram bot. And it will offer you a link to download Amazon Music to MP3.

Step 6. Go to the provided link to get MP3 Amazon Music on your Android or iPhone device locally.

Part 7. FAQs about Converting Amazon Music to MP3

Q1: Why You Need to Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3

A: Because songs on Amazon Music are protected by digital rights management, this means they can't be downloaded or transferred to other devices. Converting Amazon Music to MP3 allows users to remove this protection and then be able to play them offline on any device that supports MP3 playback.

Q2: Can You Download Amazon Music as MP3 Directly?

A: Yes! If you have purchased the Amazon Music item, you will be allowed to download the purchased Amazon Music as MP3.

Q3: Which Is the Best Way to Convert Amazon Prime or Unlimited Music to MP3?

A: Here are 9 ways to convert Amazon Music audio to MP3. You can use professional third-party tools, online software, free programs, etc. But when it comes to the best way to achieve this goal, it could be using AudFree Amazon Music Converter. What makes it stand out from others is faster conversion speed, higher output quality, and multiple formats.

Q4: How to Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 Free Online?

A: To extract MP3 files from Amazon Music without installing any software, you can choose KeepVid, Amazon Music Downloader, or Apowersoft. However, they may offer a loss of audio quality.

Q5: Can You Put Music from Amazon Music on an MP3 Player?

A: Of course. After you convert your favorite Amazon Music tracks to MP3 local files, you can easily put them on an MP3 player.

Q6: How Do I Download MP3 from Amazon Music to My Computer?

A: This tutorial introduces some Amazon Music to MP3 converters for desktops. They are the Amazon Music desktop app, AudFree Amazon Music Converter, FreeAmazonMusicDownload, and Audacity Amazon Music Ripper.

Part 8. In Conclusion

Not a paid member of Amazon Music but want to download and convert Amazon Music audio to MP3 for offline listening anywhere? You can choose one Amazon Music converter above to work on Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows online or freely. It's easy to use one of them to rip Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited tracks to MP3 to your devices. By resorting to those methods, you are able to transfer Amazon Music to MP3 players and any other device for offline playback easily.

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