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YouTube Music is a user-friendly music streaming platform. It provides a wide variety of songs, playlists, music videos, etc. Users can discover new music, create personalized playlists, and enjoy ad-free listening with a Premium plan.

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app designed specifically for gaming communities. It allows users to communicate with each other in real-time, share files, and the rest. It is popular among gamers, as it offers features such as voice chat channels, screen sharing, and game integration.

As many users use both Discord and YouTube Music, there are lots of requirements like playing YouTube Music on Discord. Unfortunately, there is no YouTube Music Discord integration. If you want to connect YouTube Music to Discord, you should use a Discord YouTube Music bot or AudFree Audio Capture & Spotify to help you.

youtube music discord

Part 1. How to Link YouTube Music to Discord via Discord YouTube Music Bot

Can you connect YouTube Music to Discord? No, you still cannot find a YouTube Music Discord integration that allows you to directly play YouTube Music in Discord. However, there are a number of Discord music bots that support YouTube Music. These bots can provide features such as automatic music playback, song queuing, and lyrics display. Here, we are going to show you how to use a Discord Bot to play YouTube Music in Discord. Some popular and practical Discord YouTube Music Bots are listed in Part 3. You can move to see them.

Step 1. Search for a Discord music bot for YouTube Music on your website. Click the 'Add to Discord' or 'Invite the Bot' button on the website.

invite the bot buttons on discord bot

Step 2. You'll see a login page. Please enter your Discord login info to connect to your Discord account.

Step 3. Choose the server you added earlier, allow the bot to create commands in this server, and click 'Continue'.

add youtube music bot to discord

Step 4. After inviting the bot, you should join a voice channel. Next, you can use the command '!play [YouTube URL]' to start playing a specific YouTube video or song. Aosl, commands like '!pause', '!resume', '!skip', etc. can control the playback.

type command on discord to stream youtube music

Part 2. How to Stream YouTube Music on Discord by AudFree Audio Capture & Spotify

There is another way to use YouTube Music on Discord. First, you need to save YouTube Music tracks as your local files. Then, transfer the files to your Spotify app. With a Spotify Discord integration, you can enjoy your preferred songs from YouTube Music to Discord.

For the first step we talked about above, you need to use an audio capture, AudFree Audio Capture to record and save YouTube Music resources. AudFree Audio Capture is a remarkable audio recorder that is available for both Windows and Mac users and allows you to edit recorded audio.

You can use this AudFree tool to capture and download audio from all sources including the YouTube Music player for easy listening. It offers various output format options such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, APE, MKA, OGG, AIFF, etc. for saving audio on your device.

In addition, you can edit output parameters like audio channel, sample rate, bit rate, and encoder. After capturing the audio, you can split and trim it even modify its info as you like.

AudFree Audio Capture

audfree audio capture

How to Record Music from YouTube Music for Discord via AudFree Audio Capture

Step 1Get & use AudFree Audio Capture
go to audfree recorder
Please download and open the AudFree Audio Capture on your Windows or Mac. Then, hit the "Select/Add an App" area to add the software to access YouTube Music to AudFree tool.
Step 2Adjust output audio formats
select youtube music tracks output settings
Next, Click the "Format" option on the bottom and choose the formats you want. Then pick up one audio quality and go to the 'Edit' icon. It will show you the Format window. Here you can personalize the encoder, sample rate, and others.
Step 3Record tracks from YouTube Music
record youtube music for adding to spotify
Then, on the AudFree program, choose the target app you want and then hit the 'Start' button to load the program. Play the playlists from YouTube Music and the AudFree tool will begin to record them automatically. You also can play an individual song.
Step 4Edit & save YouTube Music resources
edit and save youtube music tracks
After finishing the recording process, you can click the "Edit Tag" and "Trim" icons to edit the recorded audio. Next, please hit the "Save" button to save the recorded tracks. Besides, you can find them on your computer by pressing "History" > "Search".

How to Import YouTube Music to Spotify

Step 1. On your computer, first, you need to open your Spotify and go to its "Settings".

go to spotify settings

Step 2. In the "Local Files" part, please switch on "Show Local Files" and scroll down to press "Add A Source" in "Music Library".

spotify add a source

Step 3. Then, add your YouTube Music records from your local folder and click "Open". After the syncing step, you are able to find downloaded YouTube Music audio on "Your Library" > "Local Files".

add youtube music files to spotify

Step 4. Next, scroll down to click "Create Playlist" > "Add Songs" on "Your Library" to add the YouTube Music files to a playlist.

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How to Play YouTube Music in Discord via Spotify

You can easily enjoy YouTube Music on Discord because you are allowed to connect Spotify to Discord directly. Here are the specific steps for you.

Step 1. Open and log in to your Discord on your computer. Next, select "Settings" > "User Settings".

settings on discord

Step 2. Please hit the "Connections" section under the "My Account" list.

discord connections

Step 3. Next, click the "Spotify" logo and then you will see the Spotify web page. Click the "Confirm" button.

confirm to use spotify on discord for streaming youtube music songs

Step 4. Once you've linked Spotify to Discord, you should go back to your Spotify "Music Library" and the YouTube Music audio uploaded from your computer. Therefore, you can listen to YouTube Music on Discord.

Part 3. Recommended Discord YouTube Music Bot

If you want to use a Discord YouTube Music bot, here are some frequently used bots for you.

🔎 Rythm: Rythm is known for its reliability and extensive command list. It supports various sources, including YouTube and provides features like playlists, volume control, and more.

🔎 Pancake: Pancake is a multifunctional Discord bot that provides various features, including moderation tools, fun commands, and some utility functions.

🔎 Groovy: Groovy is another popular music bot with support for YouTube, Spotify, and other sources. It offers features like playlist management, volume control, and additional settings.

Part 4. FAQs about YouTube Music Discord

Q1: How to Show YouTube Music on Discord Mobile?

A: You can upload your YouTube Music songs to Spotify using the AudFree Audio Capture. Then you can show them via Spotify on Discord on your mobile device.

Q2: Which Discord Bot Can Play YouTube Music?

A: There are popular Discord bots like Rythm, Pancake and Groovy that help play music from YouTube Music. You can search for more by yourself on the Internet.

Q3: Can You Connect Your YouTube Music Account to Discord?

A: You cannot do it because Discord doesn't support using YouTube Music on the app.

Q4: Can You Get YouTube Music Discord Rich Presence?

A: Unluckily, you cannot get a Discord YouTube Music Rich Presence now.

Q5: What Is the YouTube Music Bot Command for Discord?

A: Commands for a YouTube Music bot in Discord can vary depending on the bot you choose to use. If you're using Rythm and Groovy, the command to play a song from YouTube could be "!play [YouTube URL]". For Pancake, it could be "p! play [YouTube URL]".

Part 5. Conclusion

Although you cannot get the combination of YouTube Music and Discord now, you can use a YouTube Music Discord bot to enjoy YouTube Music on Discord. However, if you do not want to use this way, we recommend you use AudFree Audio Capture and Spotify to help you. It also is a great way to listen to YouTube Music and chat with friends while gaming or engaging in other activities on Discord.

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