YouTube Music Premium APK Review and Its Best Alternative

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With rich music resources and a huge fan base, YouTube Music has quickly become one of the most used music platforms. It offers many creative features like ad-free, offline listening, download, etc. for Premium subscribers. The price of YouTube Music Premium is $10.99/month. Some people think it is worth but others would like to find another way to get YouTube Music Premium for Free.

How to use YouTube Music Premium features without purchasing a plan? A way is to download YouTube Music Premium APK. You might wonder what is it. In the following sections, we will give you the answer. Besides, you can learn how to use it and find its best alternative.

youtube music premium apk review

Part 1. YouTube Music Premium APK: Overview

What is YouTube Music Premium APK? It is a modified version of YouTube Music, allowing you to use YouTube Music as a real Premium subscriber but you do not need to cost any money. You also can call it YouTube Music APK Premium, YouTube Music Premium MOD APK, YouTube Music Premium cracked APK, etc. With it, you can easily enjoy ad-free music and download your favorite music for offline playback.

Key Features of YouTube Music APK Premium

Ad-free experience: Enjoy music without interruptions from ads.

Background play: Listen to music with your screen turned off or while using other apps.

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High-quality audio: Stream music in high-quality audio formats.

Offline downloads: Download songs, albums, and playlists to listen to offline.

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No country restrictions: Use it anywhere you are without any country restrictions.

Advanced recommendations: Recommend music based on your listening habits.

Real-time lyrics: See lyrics when you play music.

Part 2. How to Download YouTube Music Premium APK

If you already find a satisfying YouTube Music Premium MOD APK, here you can follow our steps to download and use it on your Android phone. If not, please go to Part 4 to get a recommendation.

Step 1. Please uninstall the official YouTube Music app on your Android device to prevent some playback issues.

Step 2. Download and install the YouTube Music APK Premium from your Google Play Store or web browser.

💥 Tips: If you download it from your web browser, you should go to 'Settings' > 'Security/Privacy' > 'Unknown Sources' and then allow installation of non-Google Play apps.

install youtube music premium apk from unknown sources

Step 3. Next, open the installed app and log in with your YouTube Music account credentials. Then, you can enjoy your favorite music for free and offline as you wish.

Is this YouTube Music Premium hacked APK safe and reliable? Actually not. Your YouTube Music account may be banned due to the unofficial login. Besides, your Android device and personal information are in danger after you allow installation of the third-party channel. Therefore, you are advised to use a safer method to enjoy YouTube Music without limitations. Let's see more details in the next part.

Part 3. Best YouTube Music Premium MOD APK Alternative 

A sound capture, AudFree Audio Capture, can capture any sound played on your computer. It helps record and download YouTube Music songs on local folders on your PC. You also can change some settings for the audio including encoder, bit depth, sample rate and channel. Most importantly, it allows you to reset various formats for them, like common MP3, MP2, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, etc. Using this remarkable tool, you are able to play the recordings offline without advertising like using the YouTube Music Premium MOD APK. But there is a special function that you cannot get from the YouTube Music Premium APK. It is that you can easily transfer them to your Android phone or other platforms by a USB cable or USB drive.

AudFree Audio Capture

audfree audio capture
  • Record audio from websites, or apps on your PC
  • Offer plain formats like MP3, OGG, etc. for audio
  • Save YouTube Music tracks locally for listening forever
  • Support splitting audio, editing ID3 tags and more

How to Capture YouTube Music Songs for Free via AudFree Audio Capture

Step 1Run AudFree Audio Capture
open audfree audio capture
Please download the AudFree Audio Capture by clicking the "Download" button above. Open it and you can see a big "Select/Add an App" section on the top side. Now, you should add an app like Google Chrome that can make you access YouTube Music and the app should be installed on your computer. You can hit the bar and then click the "+" icon to add it. Additionally, it is easy to drag and drop it from your PC to AudFree directly.
Step 2Reset output audio parameters
reset youtube music output parameters
Next, select the "Format" bar on the bottom and click "Audio" to reset the formats like MP3, APE, OGG, etc. for your YouTube Music audio. Then hit the "Edit" icon on the right side of the formats and then adjust the channel, bit depth, sample rate, etc. Clicking the "Create and apply" button can finish your selection.
Step 3Capture YouTube Music Songs for Free
capture youtube music songs for free
Now, select the software you add before and tap the "Start" button to run it. Then go to the YouTube Music website and play songs on it. You can see AudFree starts recording audio in real-time. To end the recording process, please click the "Stop" button on AudFree.
Step 4Save YouTube Music recordings
save youtube music  audio locally
After you end the recording, you can see some icons on each track. Hitting the "Trim" option can split the records and the "Edit Tag" option can modify their metadata. You also can directly save them by clicking "Save". Go to "History" > "Open", you can find them in your local folder.
When you find saved YouTube Music audio locally, you are able to manage them as you like, for example, you can upload YouTube Music songs to USB drives.
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Part 4. YouTube Music Premium Free APK Recommendations

Here are some popular YouTube Music Premium free APKs. Just find one to install on your Android phone.

YouTube Vanced - YouTube Music Vanced APK: This software needs you to install the Vanced manager to install the YouTube Music Premium hacked APK. For the non-root option, it is necessary to install the MicroG. Please note that you cannot find it on the Google Play Store.

ModCombo - YouTube Music Mod APK 6.44.55 (Premium unlocked): It is the YouTube Music Premium MOD APK latest version we found in ModCombo. But it keeps updated for launching new features and fixing issues. You'd better check its latest version on its official website. It also needs to install microG but you can install it on your Google Play Store.

HappyMod - YouTube Music Mod APK 6.43.52 [Unlocked][Premium]: This free YouTube Music MOD APK Premium also can be found on the Google Play Store. You can get it to enjoy unlocked Premium features with ease by downloading from your app store.

MODYOLO - YouTube Music v6.44.54 MOD APK (Premium/Background Play): To get this free for Android YouTube Music APK Premium, please get MicroG installed first and you need to log in with your account.

Many people are searching for a method that uses YouTube Music Premium APK without Microg. That is very difficult because the YouTube Music Premium MOD APK is the modified version of YouTube Music. So, publishers have to run their software via Microg. If you do not want to install Microg, you can use AudFree Audio Capture to capture YouTube Music audio from the official YouTube Music.

Part 5. Summary

In this post, you can get YouTube Music Premium APK recommendations and learn how to download it. You also can find its best alternative, AudFree Audio Capture. It supports saving YouTube Music songs locally for personal use. The songs will be saved on your device forever. You also can convert them to different formats to be suitable for a variety of devices.

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