How to Play Apple Music on Huawei P30 / P30 Pro

By James Blair Updated on 2021-07-14 / Update for Apple Music Tips

As one of the most influential brands, Huawei launched Huawei P30 and P30 Pro this year, which could be the most representative smartphones in 2019.

One of the highlights of P30 is the equipment of photography: There are four cameras, one on the front, three on the back. And among the back cameras, one provides an ultra-wide-angle and the others offer 3x optical zoom. It seems like a breakthrough of cameras on the smartphone that P30 can help you takes a seemingly impossible photo in the dark, or zoom right in on a subject far away.

P30 also works well on playing music with excellent quality. If you love listening to streaming music like Apple Music, Spotify, etc., Huawei P30 and P30 Pro can surely satisfy your needs.

So how to transfer Apple Music to Huawei P30 and P30 Pro? In this article, you will find a practical way to play Apple Music on Huawei P30 or P30 Pro and the related steps in detail.

play apple music on huawei p30

Part 1. Why You Can't Download Apple Music Android App on Huawei

Recently, according to a spokesperson from Google, that Google's apps or services pre-installed can't be compatible with Huawei Mate 30 any longer. Things may get worse after Google suspended the cooperation with Huawei. Users of Huawei P30 or even all range of Huawei's products possibly can't access to Android Play Store and security updates in the near future.

In other words, it is valid to download the Apple Music app from Google Play, for that you can't even access Google Play Store.

In case that someday Google rebuilds the relationship with Huawei, here I will still list the brief steps to get the Apple Music app from Google Play Store.

Step 1. Search and download Apple Music on Google Play Store.

Step 2. Log in to your Apple account. If you are a fresh hand to Apple Music, please register a new Apple ID and get a 3 months free trial of Apple Music.

Part 2. Play Apple Music on Huawei P30 and Pro without iTunes: Required Tool

Before I starting to introduce the new solution, you need to realize the fact that Apple Music tracks are stored in protected format, with which you are only available to listen to Apple Music on iTunes or other authorized software. And that's the main reason why you can't play Apple Music on Huawei P30 and P30 Pro directly.

Now I am going to show you the latest workaround. That is to use AudFree Apple Music Converter to recode Apple Music tracks, then stream Apple Music to Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. As an almighty Apple streams converting tool, AudFree Apple Music Converter is designed for turning Apple Music song from protected M4P to unprotected MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and other common music formats with 100% high quality and original ID3 tags.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Losslessly convert Apple music to MP3, M4A, AAC, etc.
  • Play Apple Music on Huawei P30 without iTunes app
  • Support downloading audiobooks from iTunes and Audible
  • Work at up to 30X faster speed while saving ID3 tags

Adopting the advanced technology, this smart program can run at 30X faster speed during the converting so that a huge Apple playlist can be completely converted in a short time.

In addition, there are different built-in functions for you to edit your downloaded tracks and even audiobooks. For example, you can manually change the output settings such as bit rate, sample rate, codec, etc. and customize the audio's volume, speed, and pitch.

With the assist of AudFree Apple Music Converter, you can simply stream Apple Music songs to Huawei P30 or P30 Pro. You can also become an audio mixer according to your requirements. Just let your imagination run wild.

Part 3. How to Transfer Apple Music to Huawei P30 and P30 Pro without iTunes: Detailed Tutorial

Please make certain the following prerequisites before the conversion.

  • Please download AudFree Apple Music Converter on your desktop. You can get a 1-min trial in the unregistered version. If you want to unlock all functions, please purchase it directly.
  • Please confirm that the added Apple music plays well in iTunes and you have downloaded it to the iTunes library.
Step 1Drag and add Apple Music tracks to AudFree
stream apple music to audfree
Open AudFree Apple Music Converter. iTunes will open automatically later. Directly drag and drop the Apple Music songs from the library to the blank of AudFree. Or click to the Load iTunes Library in AudFree to add audios.
Step 2Reset output settings for Huawei P30 in AudFree
customize output settings for huawei p30
When you are a Windows user, please find the menu icon on the top menu field of AudFree. Or visit the "AudFree Apple Music Converter" from the menu option of Mac. Then choose Preferences > Convert to open the settings page. Now you can customize the output parameters like bit rate, sample rate, channel, etc. relying on your needs.
Step 3Download and convert Apple track to local music files
convert apple music for huawei p30
Hit on the big 'Convert' button on the lower right corner of AudFree. Then the app will start its conversion work. The duration of converting last depends on how many songs you have imported to AudFree. When the process goes end, please follow the on-screen prompts to visit the location of the destination folder. Don't forget to check if all picked Apple music files are converted successfully.
Step 4Transfer Apple Music to Huawei P30 and P30 Pro
Now you can add the Apple music files from local computer to Huawei P30 and P30 Pro with a USB cable connected. Just enjoy those beautiful Apple melodies on the Huawei device.
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