Stream Apple Music to Squeezebox: Detailed Guide

By James Blair Updated on 2021-07-14 / Update for Apple Music Tips

Squeezebox, on behalf of the hardware of network music playing, now it is multifunctional and fully functional. With the network connection, Squeezebox is not only available for you to possess online radio, but also allows you to access many streaming music services such as Deezer, Slacker, Pandora, and so on. 

However, if you are Apple fans and are also interested in Squeezebox, you may feel a little disappointed. For now, it is not supported to listen to Apple Music on Squeezebox. But it is not a big deal, today in this article, I am going to introduce a useful and practical way for you to play Apple Music on Squeezebox Touch. If you are trapped in this problem, read on this page and find what you need.

play apple music on squeezebox

Part 1. What You Need to Stream Apple Music to Squeezebox

The Reason Why You Can't Listen to Apple Music on Squeezebox Directly

Like most of the streaming music service, Apple Music tracks are protected by Digital Rights Management, which means you are not allowed to keep Apple songs as local music files and sync Apple tracks to Squeezebox and any other player or hardware without official authorization.

What You Need to Stream Apple Music to Squeezebox: Indispensable Tool

In other words, if you want to copy Apple Music to Squeezebox, you need to unlock the DRM limits from Apple songs at the beginning. Here, AudFree Apple Music Converter is the most indispensable tool to help you reach the target. Being proficient in releasing DRM lock from Apple streams, this powerful tool can convert every piece of Apple tracks to common formats such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B, etc. with original 320kbps quality kept. Metadata such as artist, album, the title will be fully included in the converted files so that you can manage your local music list without any hassle.

Work at 5X faster speed, AudFree Apple Music Converter is capable to load and convert 100 songs at once within a short time. With the help of this intelligent software, it is easy for you to stream Apple Music to Squeezebox directly and effectively.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Remove DRM from iTunes, Apple Music songs, playlists, etc.
  • Convert Apple Music to AAC, MP3, M4A, M4B, and so forth
  • Import iTunes songs, Apple Music to Squeezebox directly
  • Work well with Apple streams, audiobooks, Audible books, etc.


Part 2. Access Apple Music on Squeezebox: User Guide

Please make sure that the prerequisites are done before you start converting.

  • Please download AudFree Apple Music Converter on your computer. The free version offers you a 1-min trial. If you want to fully experience it, please purchase it to unlock the time limits.
  • Please confirm that your Apple account is still valid and all Apple tracks you want to add to Squeezebox are well played.
Step 1Find and drag songs from Apple Music to AudFree
load apple music to audfree

Double-click to AudFree Apple Music Converter. iTunes will be launched automatically later. Directly drag and drop the Apple Music songs to the blank of AudFree. Or hit the Load iTunes Library add songs to AudFree.

Step 2Reset output quality of Apple songs for Squeezebox
set output format for squeezebox

Please click the menu icon on the top sidebar of AudFree when using a Windows machine, Or visit the "AudFree Apple Music Converter" from the menu tab of the Mac. Then select Preferences > Convert to open a settings page. Now you can redefine the output settings like format, bit rate, sample rate, channel, etc.

Step 3Download Apple track to the local computer for Squeezebox
convert apple music for squeezebox

Tap on the big 'Convert' button on the lower right corner in AudFree. Then it will begin to converting Apple songs to DRM-free files. When the conversion is finished, please follow the on-screen prompts to navigate the target music folder. Don't forget to check if all selected Apple tracks are there.

Part 3. Steps to Play Apple Music on Squeezebox Touch

There are 2 ways for you to transfer Apple Music to Squeezebox. One is to use mobile devices such as USB drive, SD card, etc. Just select and drag the local Apple streams into it and insert it to the Squeezebox directly. There is a slot for SD card and a USB connector on Squeezebox Touch.

The other one is to use the computer to play local music on Squeezebox Server. Let's check the simple steps as below.

Step 1. Download Squeezebox Server onto the computer. After it is installed, it will scan your local folders and create an index of your music to confirm that Squeezebox Touch is able to visit the local music library.

Step 2. Open Squeezebox Server. Hit to Control Panel and select the Library tab to rename your music folder.

Step 3. Select My Music > Switch Library. Then choose your computer name.

Step 4. Tap on My Music on Squeezebox, and listen to any local Apple songs on Squeezebox.

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