How to Download Pandora Music to MP3 for Free on PC/Mobile

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Pandora is a popular online music streaming and internet radio service with around 80 million active users. It offers free and paid tiers for users. Free users can listen to Pandora music and radio online, but with ads and restrictions. While Pandora Plus and Premium subscribers can enjoy ad-free listening and a customizable listening experience.

As for Pandora music download, it is the privilege of Pandora paid accounts. In this case, some users have been looking for ways to get Pandora free downloads. Therefore, this article summarizes the two best ways to download Pandora music on PC and an official way to do it on mobile devices. Then you can listen to Pandora music offline to your heart's content.

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Part 1. How to Download Pandora Music to MP3 for PC

There are so many Pandora music downloading tools on the market. Compared to the output quality and special features of those tools, AudFree Pandora Audio Capture comes out on top. It is one of the best Pandora downloaders and recorders for recording and downloading Pandora music, radios and playlists. The stunning feature is that this tool can convert Pandora music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A and M4B.

With superior gap detection technology, this Pandora to MP3 converter cleverly splits Pandora MP3 downloads into separate tracks. It also supports splitting and trimming recorded Pandora audio files into smaller segments according to your needs. What's more, this Pandora music downloader is available for Pandora free users and you are entitled to download music from Pandora without premium.

AudFree Pandora Audio Capture

audfree pandora to mp3 converter
  • Losslessly download Pandora music and other streaming music
  • Download Pandora songs for free on computers running Mac and Windows OS
  • Download and record Pandora to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, etc.
  • Grab multiple Pandora songs and divide them into independent tracks

How to Record and Download Music from Pandora to MP3 without Premium

Here is a full tutorial on how to record Pandora music to MP3 on your computer. Please note that the free trial version of AudFree Pandora Music Downloader can only get a 1-minute Pandora MP3 download of each song. You will need to purchase the full version to unlock it.

Step 1Set Up AudFree Pandora Audio Capture
launch audfree pandora music downloader
Double-click to launch this AudFree Audio Capture from the computer desktop. Add an application that you'd like to download Pandora from by clicking the big 'Select/Add an App' > '+' button. It allows you to download Pandora music with Google Chrome or the Pandora desktop app.
Step 2Adjust Pandora Output Format to MP3
set pandora music output format as mp3
Please click the 'Format' section at the lower-left corner of the main interface, it will pop up a format window. You can define the Pandora music output format as MP3 in the 'Audio' bar. Also, you can customize it as M4A, FLAC, WAV or other plain formats. There are some items on the right side near each format, click the 'Edit' icon of them to set the specific output audio quality like bit depth, sample rate, etc.
Step 3Record and Convert Pandora to MP3
download music from pandora to mp3
Please close the format window to get back to the starting window. You can click 'Start' on the top line to navigate to the Pandora official site. Login to your personal free or premium Pandora account and password. After that, you can browse the music stations to discover and play the favorite song on Pandora. AudFree will record Pandora songs to MP3 automatically. Then hit 'Stop' to finish recording.
Step 4Edit and Save Pandora MP3 Downloads
get pandora mp3 download
There are some options in each recorded Pandora MP3 song. You can click them to cut and split unwanted audio segments or personalize the ID3 tags, like year, artwork cover, album, etc. Then, 'Save' them in your computer and find them on the 'History' part. To find recordings on your local folder, you can hit the 'Open' option on the audio.

Part 2. How to Get Pandora Free Music Download

If you are looking for a free Pandora music download app, Pandora Download Links is your answer. It has the ability to download Pandora song you are currently listening to for free. But you should pay attention that this free tool is an extension in the Chrome Web Store. In other words, it needs to work with Google Chrome to download Pandora music for free. Also, this plugin may crash or stop suddenly during use.

How to Download Pandora Songs for Free via Pandora Download Links

Step 1 Install Pandora Download Links Extension
free pandora music download app
To install the Pandora Download Links extension, please enter the Chrome store. You can search the full name of this extension, Pandora Download Links to find it. And then, you can add it to Chrome browser for free.
Step 2Get Pandora Free Download
download pandora songs for free
Please navigate to the Pandora music site and log in to your exclusive account on Pandora. Now, start to play your favorite Pandora music. You will see a 'Download' button under the playing Pandora radio. Simply click it and this tool will download music from Pandora to computer for offline listening.

Part 3. How to Download Music from Pandora with Premium

As mentioned before, Pandora paid subscribers can download Pandora music directly. You can upgrade to Pandora Plus for $4.99 per month or Pandora Premium for $9.99 per month. Whichever plan you choose, you'll get offline listening capabilities. As the above two parts focus on computer tutorials, here we will show how to get Pandora downloads on your mobile device.

How to Get Music on Pandora for iPhone/Android

download music from pandora android iphone

Step 1. Download and install the Pandora app on your iPhone or Android device, then open it.

Step 2. Browse and find your favorite Pandora music that you'd like to download. Play it and tap three dots on the play screen to open a new window.

Step 3. You can see a "Download" option in the middle. Tap it to download music from Pandora on Android and iPhone.

Step 4. All Pandora offline songs are under the "My Collection" page. Now, you can play Pandora songs offline as you wish.

Note: If you want to get Pandora MP3 downloads on Android and iPhone, you can convert Pandora to MP3 on your computer in advance following Part 1. Then transfer Pandora MP3 music to your mobile device via USB cable.

Part 4. FAQs of Downloading Pandora Music

Can I Download Music from Pandora?

When you subscribe to the Pandora premium plan, you are only entitled to download songs, albums, radio stations or playlists from Pandora for offline listening.

How to Get Pandora Free Music Download

To download Pandora music without spending a penny, you can choose Pandora Download Links extension, a Google extension that allows you to download Pandora songs without premium.

Can I Download Pandora Music to an MP3 Player?

Because Pandora music is protected, in this case, you are better off using AudFree Pandora Audio Capture to convert Pandora to MP3 or other common formats. This way, you can transfer Pandora music to an MP3 player or other device for offline enjoyment.

Part 5. Comparison of Pandora Music Download

To give you a full picture of the three methods mentioned above, we have created a table comparing them in different ways. Please refer to the details below to make the appropriate choice.

Download Pandora with AudFree Pandora Audio Capture Download Pandora with Pandora Download Links Extension Download Pandora with Premium
Supported Audio Any Audio Pandora Pandora
utput Format MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B MP3 Protected AAC
Offline listening
Number of songs for downloading Unlimited Unlimited Limited for Plus & Unlimited for Premium
Available users All Pandora subscribers All Pandora subscribers Plus and Premium subscribers only
Output quality Lossless Low Quality Lossless
Downloads if subscription ends ×
Supported devices All devices All devices Devices compatible with Pandora
Success rate Stable with very high success rate Unstable and error-prone Errors and mistakes often occur
Price $14.95/month Free Plus: $4.99/month; Premium: $9.99/month

Overall, all three methods have different features and functions. If you have a Pandora premium account, you can download Pandora music directly for the cost of a monthly subscription. If you want to download Pandora songs for free and don't care about the music quality, Pandora Download Links is probably the better option. But if you prefer to download music from Pandora to MP3 and more formats, AudFree Audio Capture is the optimal solution for you, and it enables you to listen to Pandora music offline on any device and player.

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