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As the biggest music streaming service in the Asian market, JOOX offers two tiers for users to enjoy digital music world. With the JOOX free plan, you can listen to ad-supported and limited music, albums and playlists online only, while JOOX VIP subscribers can enjoy a series of high treatments, including no advertising interference, high-quality audio listening experience, the access to the whole JOOX music library, etc.

After compared to the two different plans, there is no doubt that getting a JOOX VIP is the way to play JOOX music offline. But instead of upgrading to the premium subscription, you might wonder to know whether there is an effective solution on JOOX music free download. Fortunately, AudFree JOOX music recorder gives the positive answer, with which you can record and download JOOX music offline in high quality without JOOX VIP. Let's see how it works.

joox music free download

Part 1. JOOX Music Free Download / Record for Offline Listening

We can't download JOOX music and playlists free for offline listening? Not really! AudFree JOOX Music Recorder is here to unlock this playback limitation for JOOX users with the free account, which can capture and download any audio track playing on any music app that lets you stream and listen to songs. JOOX music app is one of them.

With the assistance of this powerful JOOX music solution, you can record and download music, playlists and album from JOOX app without using JOOX VIP account and keep offline JOOX songs forever on your computer. Since it supports converting and saving JOOX music as MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, AIFF, OGG and more, you can also transfer offline JOOX streams to all devices and play them offline as you like.

AudFree JOOX Music Recorder / Downloader

audfree joox music recorder
  • Losslessly record and download JOOX music
  • Play JOOX music and playlists offline without ads
  • Convert and save JOOX music to MP3, WAV, AU, etc.
  • Grab multiple JOOX tracks simultaneously
Step 1Set up AudFree software and set the basic settings
set up audfree joox music recorder
Please launch the AudFree JOOX music recorder from your computer desktop and then you will see the main interface, in which drag and drop the web browser used to access to JOOX music library from your PC. Or click the '+' button in the 'Select/Add an App' list to add it.
Step 2Customize JOOX output format and audio parameters
set output format for joox music
Since the free JOOX music users listen to a lower audio quality than VIP users, you can use the AudFree JOOX music recorder and downloader to download high-quality JOOX audio tracks by customizing audio format and other audio parameters. Just click 'Format > Audio' to open setting window, and then you can set output format as MP3, lossless WAV, FLAC. Go to 'Edit' to customize bit depth, sample rate, audio channel, audio encoder, etc.
Step 3Play and download JOOX music
joox music download
Please click the 'Create and apply' to go back to the main interface and select the target web browser > click 'Start' to navigate to JOOX web player. Now, please login your JOOX free account and discover and play JOOX music and playlists you'd like to download offline. AudFree JOOX music recorder will download playing JOOX songs free.
Step 4Edit and save JOOX music recordings
download joox music offline
When all JOOX music files are downloaded well, please click the 'Stop' icon or quit the whole web browser to finish the recording process. You can select the 'Trim' icon to slip and cut JOOX music into small audio clips or select 'Edit Tag' to customize ID3 tags if necessary. You can also skip this way but hit the 'Save' button to save JOOX music downloads on your computer directly.

Part 2. How to Download JOOX Music on Android / iOS

If you are using a JOOX VIP plan, and don't know the steps on how to download your favorite music and playlists for offline playback, you can also read on the following guide to learn how to do it. Since there is no JOOX music app for desktop version, here, we will show you how to download JOOX music on mobile devices.

joox music download

Step 1. Open JOOX music app on your Android or iOS device, and please make sure you have connected to WiFi or mobile data well.

Step 2. Just find the album, music or playlist you'd like to download and then tap the 'Download' to save.

Step 3. Poll download phone menu and open the 'Offline Mode' - stay on this playlist.

Now, you can find all offline JOOX songs on 'Offline Songs' option and start to play JOOX music on mobile phone without network connection.

Part 3. Listen to JOOX Music Offline Freely

No matter you are a paid or free subscriber for JOOX, now, you can download JOOX music for offline listening.

If you'd like to play JOOX music on all devices and music players, the best way is to use AudFree JOOX Music Downloader and Recorder to download and save JOOX music as MP3, FLAC, WAV and other common audio files with your free or JOOX VIP account. Besides, it can help you keep all JOOX music files locally on your computer for listening anywhere.

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