Top 4 Best Audiobooks Apps in 2024

By Annie Yazbeck Updated on 2019-08-02 / Update for Reviews

Providing another way to read, audiobooks free our eyes to enjoy reading. Not only offering convenience and freedom but also improving the feeling of immersion and reality, Audiobook is now getting more and more popular among readers. It is important to start from a suitable audiobook app to get the best reading experience.

So, what is the best audiobook app? Today, I am going to give you a complete review of the best 4 audiobooks apps in 2019. If you have not tried this fantastic way to read, just read it and find out which one is your "Mr. Right"

4 best audiobooks apps

Part 1. Audible

Price: Free for an app and $14.95 a month for the subscription

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Advantages: largest audiobooks store, ad-free, integration with Kindle

Audible, a powerful and advanced audiobook provider, is the largest audiobook service all over the world. You can find the widest titles of audiobooks in Audible, which is over 150,000 audiobooks in its library. Besides, it provides exclusive selections, including short-form story and original audio shows.You can also download two free Audible audiobooks with Audible 30-day free trial.

The features of playback are also powerful, containing variable playback speed, sleep mode, supporting multitask of background playback and download. You can decide to buy audiobooks one by one or choose to subscribe to the plan of Audible.

It also has collaborations with Amazon. Amazon Prime member is available to free access Audible Channels, which is full of superior original content like lectures, original audio program and so forth. Moreover, the integration with Amazon's Kindle system benefits Kindle users a lot. They can upgrade an ebook from Kindle to an audiobook from Audible with a small fee.

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Part 2.

Price: Free for an app and $14.95 a month for the subscription

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Advantages: advanced service, widely adaptability

Based on the Audiobooks' cloud platform, is not only a website but also offers the best audiobook app for Android and iOS audiobook lovers. You can find more than 100,000 high-quality audiobooks on What is more excited is that over 8,000 audiobooks can be downloaded for free. Audiobooks. com claims that hundreds of new audiobooks are updated and added to the library once a week. is a user-friendly application built-in many special features, for example, the narration speed and the sleep timer, which lets you enjoy listening to audiobooks before sleep without manually switching off. Moreover, you can directly have a live chat with the staff from the customer service department in the app.

Part 3. Google Play Books

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Advantages: subscription-free audiobooks, integrated with both ebooks and audiobooks, sync content and history, CarPlay support

Google Play Books offering both ebooks and audiobooks, and allows readers to listen to the purchased audiobooks on various devices and players. Audiobooks are added in the Google Play Store since 2018, and now Google Play Books for the iOS system is an all-rounded platform with many different kinds of content: not only ebooks and audiobooks but also textbooks, and even comic books.

A highlight feature of Google Play Books is that you can sync the previous content across platforms and devices. Before you use Google Play Books on Android device, you can download the iOS version of Google Play Books on your iPad and iPhone, then transfer the digital contents from the iOS one to the Android one.

Furthermore, the listening history is synced as well. When you pause listening to audiobooks on Google Play desktop app or web player, it is available to continue listening from the same place on other devices with Google Play Books installed. It is also perfect to listen to Google Play audiobooks on Google's intelligent devices like Google Home.

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Part 4. Apple Books

Price: Free

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

Advantages: in-built app, in-app purchase, simple-designed player, CarPlay support

Disadvantage: Only available in particular countries

Apple has a separate book-reading app, and with intuitive user interface and abundant book resources, it will be the best audiobook app for iPhone/iPad users to meet all their needs of audiobook-reading.

The thoroughly updated version of Apple Books launched in 2018, adding new features for iOS users to access audiobooks and manage the library in a more convenient way. You are allowed to directly buy ebooks and audiobooks in the Apple Books app, which makes searching and purchasing much easier. In addition, it is supported to tap the 'Reading Now' option to get the audiobook that you recently read. Also, you are able to find the ebooks and audiobooks that are in your wishlist, get a book recommendation from the book store.

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In Conclusion

Trying these 4 useful audiobook apps and the practical tips below each of them, download any audiobook you like from Apple Books, Audible,, and Google Play Books, to find out which one is your favorite.

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