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Just like Christmas, some Halloween movie soundtracks arouse the mood of the season. It does not matter what your favorite is, like a classical movie soundtrack, chill lo-fi beats, family-friendly kid's songs, or metal there is always a themed Halloween playlist for it.

Since there are a lot of Halloween movie music albums, playlists, and podcasts available on multiple platforms to get your mood up for a spooky season, we will focus on the playlists that will help you get started despite the mood you are in or the type of Halloween party you are considering.

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# 1. Disney Halloween

This Halloween movie theme music playlist is family-friendly and more grown-up than the trick or Treat Playlist. The playlist is made up of celebrity covers of Disney songs like Lana Del Ray's Once Upon a Dream of Maleficent instead of Kidz Bop Covers. Some few tracks from Nightmare revisited are also available on the Disney Halloween playlist-cover of the Nightmare before Christmas movie album. You can also add the alum of the Nightmare before Christmas album on your Halloween playlist.

#2. Young Frankenstein

One of the favorite Halloween Films is Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein even though it is not a playlist. This 1974 film is hilarious and about Dr. Frankenstein's grandson who follows in the footsteps of his scientist grandfather. This movie was adapted into a musical in 2007 which closely resembles the movie. This soundtrack is available on Spotify.

#3. Halloween Horror

If you are setting up a haunted Halloween house the best soundtrack effect or playlist would be enough to break the experience. Halloween Horror has about 160 soundtracks such as Rattling Chains and Creaking Floorboards. Tracks like Here's Johnny from the Shining and the Psycho Iconic theme are also available. Due to Copyright, everything is somehow tweaked so you cannot clearly remember it. It could be frightening and scary when played in the right order and you can also control the level of terror. The Halloween Sounds have over 30 sound effects tracks.

#4. Halloween Monster Jams

This playlist has classical rock songs like the Cranberries Zombie and Creedence Clearwater Revivals bad Moon Rising.

#5. Trick or Treat

The Trick and Treat Halloween music soundtrack Spotify has more kid-friendly songs. If Halloween happens in fall and your kids' friends have visited your house this song would be a preference. It features several Kidz Bop songs, show and cartoon theme songs. It also has Disney Villain classics like Poor Unfortunate Souls and Cruella De Ville.

#6. Halloween John Carpenter

This soundtrack was performed by Jon Carpenter on the 1978 film Halloween. It is the best soundtrack for you Halloween party with friends. This is the best horror music that evokes feelings of terror, dread or fright. The repetitive phrase in the music creates a spooky atmosphere and evokes a feeling of impending doom or dread.

#7. Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is not an actual playlist just like Young Frankenstein. This movie show is a staple for October. This piece is about a couple whose car breaks in a storm and they resolve to seek shelter at a nearby castle a bit far from the road that is owned by Dr. Frank-N-Furter but they end up getting more than they expected. There are a few variations of the soundtrack including one from the original movie or even the 2016 Laverne Cox reboot.

#8. Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMahon

This is the haunting theme song for the soundtrack of the 1987 movie "The lost Boys". It is backed by a children's choir of ghosts a pulsating beat and an organ riff. The music sets the right atmosphere for your dinner party.

#9. Backxwash "Spells"

Ashanti Mutinta aka Backxwash astonishes us with her murky and thrilling "Spells". It features spit fire verses and sinister howls by Devi Mc Callion. "I told my mama that the Devil's got a place for me".

#10. Fearsome Halloween Essentials

Any music from movie Halloween played when kids are around should have minimum explicit lyrics. This album by Halloween Kids is just the best choice. It contains various covers of hit songs over the years which have a spooky Halloween eve feeling. It includes hits like Superfreak, Highway to Hell, Disturbia, Highway to Hell and Monster Mash.

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Bottom Line

Does the above Halloween movie music recommendation meet your personal preferences? If not, you can create your own Halloween town movie soundtrack Spotify playlist. You just need to discover your favorite Halloween songs and put them together by creating a new playlist in the Spotify app.

Besides, the AudFree Spotify Music Converter is designed to remove Spotify limitations and convert playlists to other common audio offline playback formats. You can make the most use of these Halloween Spotify playlists after conversion.

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