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By James Blair Updated on 2021-07-14 / Update for Apple Music Tips

Most people perceive music to having its own magic. Not only that, but it is also backed by science as a perfect motivational tool. Some studies have revealed that there is a direct co-relation with listening to music and working out – it directly affects your performance. Perhaps, this is the reason why workout folks have started investing in music rather than new sportswear as an incentive. Again, the streaming service that you settle for can ideally help you scale the running heights.

Let's rock down to some of the best apple music running playlists currently trending. This service not only includes curated playlists but also discovery features and radio stations. Furthermore, the Beats 1 feature wraps it all up. Now check out the running playlists on Apple Music that range in our top 10 list.

#1. Top 100 Running

Indeed, just as its name suggests, this playlist will keep you top even as you go those unreachable miles. It offers up to 4 hours of non-stop music, setting your pace even higher with every single bit. Save this playlist to listen to the likes of Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga.

#2. Pumped Up Pop

The beauty of this playlist is the remixed songs which perfectly blend for a much quicker tempo. With some of the best pop artists like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, Pumped Up Pop is here to keep you focused on any running pace.


This is for the hard-core runners. It comprises of hard rock songs to let you keep that elevated pace from start to finish. Furthermore, it is an awesome motivational playlist that will make you feel like you can take on any hardship that comes your way.

#4. Pick Up the Pace

Purely classic rock, this best running playlist on Apple Music is awesome for sprint intervals. So, whether you are setting out for that cross country or going on that treadmill, ensure you include this into your collection.

#5. Hip Hop Workout

This is another playlist that harbours new entries almost on a weekly basis. Its energizing beats are what brings out the greatest impact. For nearly two hours of non-stop hits, you surely want to believe that there is a real concert in your ears. Get hold of it and listen to some of the greatest hits from artists like Jay-Z, Travis Scott, and French Montana.

#6. Urban Throwback

Get a mix of gangsta raps with today's changing dynamic hits. As 'Urban Throwback' takes you back to the old golden days, it is careful enough to bombard you with today's hottest tracks as well. The only thing you'll realize while on the track is the thrilling sound of these weekly updated songs.

#7. 00s Hip-Hop Essentials

With your running shoes on and a set of cool headphones, 00s Hip-Hop Essential will lead the way as you follow. This hip hop Apple Music playlist comprises of about 100 new tracks from great artists. It features Missy Ellion "Work It", Eminem "Without Me", 50 Cent "21 Questions" with Nate Dogg. Include it in your collection for a fun-filled jog and run at the same time.

#8. Best New Music

Among the very many hot running playlists on Apple Music comes the 'Best New Music'. What makes it an after-sought playlist is the opportunity it gives to magazine stars to curate an exclusive playlist. This does not only entertain but coincides with these top stars issues. Furthermore, its music is packed with the hottest tracks from all corners of the music world.

#9. 2019 Fitness Motivation

This entertaining playlist is updated on a weekly basis. So, if you are out for something fresh and new then '2019 Fitness Motivation' is the playlist to watch out for. It features artists like Cardi B, and the 44 amazing songs that it contains will surely keep the energy to extra-ordinary miles. Get tracks like 'Sucker', 'In My Mind' and 'Eastside' which are all awesome for staying focused on the track.

#10. Grime 2.0

This has been scaling among the apple music running playlists for all the proper reasons. Right from the early years, Grime has been revolutionizing the UK rap scenes. With powerful featured articles like Capo Lee "Got That", Skepta "Wish You Were Here", AJ Tracey "Doing It" and P. Money "Shook", plus other great Hip-hop artists. Grime is slowly gaining the Hip-Hop lead title. With over 50 tracks, you will surely get all the comfort for whatever mile you decide to go.

Download Apple Music Running Playlist as MP3 for Offline Listening

Given the magnitude of its never-ending streaming songs, many users find themselves locked up to this hottest streaming music. However, you may sometimes find yourself in a die-or-do situation where you have downloaded tracks but you can't do offline playback.

Here's the kicker; you need a DRM Audio Converter to enable you to download Apple Music running playlists as MP3 for offline playback. Simply use the one-stop Apple Music DRM tool – AudFree Apple Music Converter.

With this, you'll be able to bypass any form of DRM protection from your files, convert Apple Music DRM to any format and even play Apple Music on any device. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Import your music from Apple Music
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Step 2.Choose the output format
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Step 3.Remove DRM and do the conversion
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The Bottom Line

There is no good feeling as keeping track of your favorite playlists collection. The hindrance only comes when such music refuses to be recognized by some portable devices especially when out doing some exercises like running, jogging or other famous workouts. Though, with AudFree Apple Music Converter, you can still enjoy all your best Apple Music running playlists season in and season out, with a huge sigh of relief.

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