Best Workout Playlists on Apple Music - Top 10

Sometimes the right music is the difference between a good workout and a great one—because music is naturally energetic. And understanding how your favorite tune enhances your exercise makes a big difference.

Correct workout music playlist energizes, inspires, and motivates you to push harder. And there are a variety of Apple Music workout songs that synchronize with your exercise.

For instance, when heavy-lifting, you may need harder music like Rap or Rock to fire up your focus. When running, a beat that keeps your pace befits you best. And when doing yoga, listening to soothing, smooth music does the trick.

Regardless of workout type, Apple Music has befitting workout music playlists. Let's check the best 10.

Top 1. Gym Flow

Gym flow is one of the best hip hop playlists on Apple Music for workout. This playlist entails new hip hop that unlocks your beast mode, from warm-ups to cool-downs. Apple Music edits this playlist regularly to give you that extra push.

Top 2. 2019 Fitness Motivation

If your workout motivation is waning, this playlist of 44 songs can restore life to it. The whole playlist is a composition of famous, fun, and upbeat remix hit songs. It suits you best if you're a jogger or a runner.

Top 3. Beast Mode Workout

Heavy lifting requires significant pump-up music. And that's what the Beast Mode Workout Playlist offers. It gets you fierce with your fitness and unleashes your inner strength.

This hard-hit playlist is the best choice when you need to deep-dive into your inner strength.

Top 4. Top 100 Running

When running, it is productive to have profound beats that set your pace. And Top 100 Running playlist is the best Apple Music running playlist that can keep you on track for miles. The playlist presents 101 soul-touching songs that go for 9 hours, 49 minutes non-stop. You don’t have to stop running to select the next song.

Top 5. Slay the Day

Working out on Slay the Day playlist makes you feel unstoppable. It appears to trigger you to work out persistently—without thinking of stopping. This playlist is a compilation of a variety of songs from different genres, fully packed to keep you focused and energized during your workout.

Top 6. Pump Up Pop

This is another best Apple Music workout playlists 2019 that you ought to look out for. It is composed of 42 songs that keep your workout pumping as you sing along favorite pops. The playlist is to set at a quicker tempo to befit any exercise you are doing while you enjoy the songs from best pop artists.

Top 7. Country Work Out

Listening to Country music during a workout can be challenging. Majorly, because they are slow. But workouts vary with intensity. And Country Work Out from Apple Music compiles more current, upbeat country music from star artists to satisfy your workout music need.

Top 8. Classic Hit Mix

If you're doing a less intense workout, Classic Hit Mix can be a perfect suit. This playlist is a compilation of classic songs from the 1960s to 1990s. Most of these songs have been slightly remixed to give a workout beat.

Top 9. Pure Yoga

During yoga, it would be right to listen to meditation music—a relaxing playlist that brings tranquility in mind. And Apple Music playlist for workout has hand-picked a playlist to enhance your yoga practice. Pure Yoga playlist is a combination of classical, folk, among other music genres that set a peaceful environment for yoga exercise.

Top 10. Sweat

If you're a lady, SWEAT playlist is a prominent female community, changing the lives of women worldwide. It has 4 playlists—High Intensity, Cardio, Chill Out, and Favorite which aims at motivating you in resistance workout, boost your cardio and rehabilitate your workout practice.

Convert Apple Music Workout Playlist to MP3 for Better Playback

With the best 10 workout playlist, you have the right Apple Music workout songs. And to make it more convenient, you may love to download your favorite playlist for offline playback. Better yet, you may want to play it on other devices.

Everyone would love to play the aforementioned best Apple Music workout playlists 2019. The only hindrance is that all music from Apple Music comes with DRM protection. You cannot play it on plenty of devices.

If you need to a better playback in MP3 format, to play on any device, you would need a tool to remove the DRM protection. And AudFree Apple Music Converter is a thorough piece of software that does the conversion swiftly. Let`s see how it work.

Step 1. Import Apple Music M4P to AudFree Audio Converter
add apple music hip hop playlists
After launching your AudFree on your computer, it will open the iTunes library by default. Click the first “Add File” button to select your preferred Apple Music songs from the library. Ensure you`ve downloaded the Apple Music on your system.
Step 2.Personalize Audio Output format
set hip hop playlist output format
Apple Music file has M4P encryption, and you can`t access it using an unauthorized device. To remove the encryption, press the “Audio” tab to open the audio customization window. Select MP3 to convert your playlist into a plain format. What`s more, on this window, you can customize the sample rate, bit rate, the codec, and the audio channel.
Step 3.Convert DRM-ed Apple Music Playlist M4P to MP3
download hip-hop playlists on apple music
After selecting the audio format, select the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion. Moreover, AudFree Apple Music Converter supports batch conversion to decrypt DRM-ed Apple song. You can import multiple playlists you`d enjoy when working out for decryption. After the conversion, you can move the DRM-free playlist to any device you wish to playback.

The Bottom Line

Apple is making it easier to find great content on Apple music. It hand-picks correct music for any workout. However, downloads from Apple Music is inaccessible to play on other devices. This limits the fun when you want to download an Apple Music workout playlist as MP3 for better playback. But with a tremendously powerful M4P to MP3 converter, like AudFree, you can quickly convert Apple Music playlist to any format for great entertainment.

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