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Who does not love music? Everyone loves to listen to music to keep your selves relaxed and release stress. You can find a number of websites that you can visit and search and listen to your favorite songs. Unfortunately, many of the websites are paid and you need to pay to download songs. To avail free music download, there are certain websites that help you in this regard.

The free MP3 music download sites are a great blessing for song-lovers. Here, we have listed below the best free MP3 download sites for you. You can find some other free websites too but, these are by far the best that have a vast and latest collection of music available.

free mp3 music download sites

#1. Top 10 Music Download Sites to Download Music

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best MP3 free music download sites. You can search for latest songs, tracks, and karaokes. You can also find unreleased songs too. Moreover, songs and tracks by new bands and groups are also available on SoundCloud. It is a legal website so you can download the SoundCloud songs without any worries.

Unfortunately, all the songs are not available for download. Some of the tracks are only for listening online and cannot be downloaded due to some legal issues.

One interesting fact about the website is that you can listen to the remixes of many songs that are not available anywhere else. You can make your SoundCloud account easily or even login through your Google account and start listening and downloading your favorite sound tracks.


2. YouTube

Many people don’t know that YouTube is a great website to download free YouTube MP3 music. You can download your favorite music by copying the link of the video from YouTube and enter it into the Freemake YouTube MP3 Boom. You will see the result along with a download button.

Download as many YouTube songs as you like and enjoy free music. Once you get to know how to use Freemake YouTube MP3 Boom you can also look for some more features that it offers. Hence, YouTube can definitely be added to the list of the best MP3 music downloading sites available today.

youtube music

3. Jamendo

Jamendo comes next on our list of free mp3 download websites. The site has some great attractions for you. There are no subscription charges, no downloading cost, and no other restrictions. You can download unlimited Jamendo music for free! It is that all-in-one website where you can find every type of music be it folk, classic, pop, or rock.

The website is licensed and is completely legal. The site also allows you to write and post reviews on the songs and tracks you listen. Thus, the site is a great help for new listeners who can have a look on the reviews before listening to a specific song.

jamendo music download free

4. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade offers free music listening and downloading to its viewers. The website specifically promotes new singers and artists and helps build a connection between the artists and their fans.

It is indeed a great platform for both the artists and the fans. You can log in with you Id and enter the ZIP code provided to get access to free downloadable tracks from NoiseTrade. Check out NoiseTrade today for free music and download your favorite songs easily.

noisetrade music download

5. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a quite similar website to SoundCloud. Like SoundCloud, ReverbNation is also a free and legal music downloading website. You can find a number of artists and various genres at one place.

Sadly, every song or track on ReverbNation cannot be downloaded. There are certain songs that you can only listen to but not download. This is the only drawback about this website that makes it a little less attractive than the other MP3 free music download sites.

reverbnation music download

6. SoundClick

SoundClick offers free downloading of songs and tracks. You can easily search for your favorite song wither by the name of the song, the name of the artist, or even by its genre. The artists publish and upload songs for their fans which are available for download as well.

One thing that is to be mentioned here is that on SoundClick not every song is available for free download. Some of the artists upload their songs with a paid download option. Thus, if you are looking for a free download option, you need to check before downloading SoundClick MP3 songs to avoid any issue later.

soundclick to mp3

7. Vimeo

Yes, you read it right. Vimeo also offers some good music options to its viewers. You can search your required piece of music by choosing the right genre. You will get your desired song and hence, you can click on the free download button to download Vimeo to MP3.

Here, we need to clear one thing. Only selected songs can be downloaded for free. The rest are paid. Hence, we can say that Vimeo is not a completely free music downloading website rather has free and paid music for its visitors.


8. AudioMack

Going down the list, we have AudioMack which is another free music downloading website. This website is a great platform for everyone to enjoy free music of all types. You can find almost every artist and every song here which is why it is one of the best options for music-lovers.

In AudioMack, you can find the songs in various categories which makes it easier to find a specific song. You can find songs under the categories Top Songs, Trending Songs, and Top Albums. AudioMack is also considered as one of the best alternative to SoundCloud.


9. CCTrax

This specific software is ideal for downloading free music. You can also check the artist, license, and genre of the song before downloading. The website has a great display of all the songs so it is very easy to find your required song by clicking on the specific genre.

It is one of the highly recommended mp3 download websites and has a very positive feedback by the users. The best part about it is; you don’t need to make an account for downloading. So, you can download your desired songs straight away. The website also allows you to download the complete album at once.


10. Amazon Music

Last but not the least, we have Amazon Music. Though many people consider Amazon as only a shopping website but, you can also find free music there. Although the website has not allowed the entire music for free but, still there is a great number of songs and tracks that are available for free.

amazon music

Part 2. Download MP3 Music from Free Music Download Sites

There are top 10 best free music download sites. But how to download songs from them as MP3? Audfree Audio Capture is the answer. It is an amazing software that allows you to record all kinds of audio tracks. The app is an all-in-one software that works for numerous music websites including YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Dailymotion, Apple Music, etc.

The recorded file can be formatted in either MP3, FLAC, ACC, or WAV. The software records the audios very efficiently and maintains the same sound quality as the original track. The Audfree Audio Capture also enables you to cut, split, and edit the recorded MP3 files as per your requirements.

Part 3. In Conclusion

Music downloading will not be a hassle for you anymore! We hope that our collection of top 10 free MP3 music downloading websites and the best MP3 downloader will help you to get your favorite music downloaded as MP3 and that too, absolutely free.

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