Vizio Smart TV Spotify: Get Spotify on Vizio

Spotify, a popular music streaming platform, provides users with tens of millions of songs to comfort them with a music feast for free. Its strong compatibility makes it available on various devices like Smarts TVs & Streamers, Smart Speakers, Gaming Consoles, etc.

In these integrations, Smart TV Spotify is the talk of town, as Smart TVs perfectly satisfy users' expectation that they get permission to install the Spotify app on TV and enjoy Spotify music without trouble.

However, please be aware that Spotify doesn't provide support to all Smart TVs. Vizio Smart TV is a typical example. Vizio users have no allowance to get Spotify on Vizio firsthand. So then, what to do when Vizio TV users feel like listening to Spotify music on Vizio Smart TV? Go further into this article and grasp 2 cogent methods to execute your purpose.

spotify on vizio

Part 1. How to Put Spotify on Vizio Smart TV by Vizio SmartCast

Spotify officially has stopped providing the support to Vizio Smart TV. This is doomed that there is no available way to directly install Spotify app on Vizio for Spotify music playback. But you can take a detour strategy to carry your point, such as the SmartCast platform launched by Vizio. With the help of it, you cast the Spotify app to use on Vizio Smart TV. The concrete proposals are designed below.

cast spotify to vizio smart tv

Step 1. Firstly, download and install the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android;

Step 2. Next, please get Vizio SmartCast app on the mobile device;

Step 3. Whereafter, run the Spotify app on your phone and locate the "cast" icon;

Step 4. On the "cast" screen, select Vizio Smart TV to connect to cast Spotify to Vizio for music listening.

On M-Series and 2014 E-Series models of Vizio Smart TV, Spotify service is offered through V.I.A Plus (short for Vizio Internet Apps Plus). With VIA+, you are allowed to straightway add Spotify app from Vizio App Store. Here is how to do.

Step 1. Open Vizio Smart TV and connect it to the Wi-Fi network;

Step 2. Click a "V" button on the Vizio TV remote to get into apps menu;

Step 3. Next, choose any option to access the App Store;

Step 4. Highlight the Spotify app and touch "OK" to install Spotify on Vizio Smart TV;

Step 5. Now, you can play Spotify on Vizio using the remote control of Vizio TV.

Note: This method requires a Spotify premium subscription.

Part 2. How to Stream Spotify on Vizio by AudFree Spotify Music Converter

AudFree Spotify Music Converter is another effective solution to play Spotify on Vizio Smart TV. Working as a technical tool for Spotify, it functions to convert Spotify music as MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC, etc. to local computer with no sacrifice of original sound quality, thereby pushing back Spotify limits so as to use Spotify content on all smart TVs and other devices.

AudFree combines the 5X fast-speed conversion technology, supporting batch conversion of Spotify songs, which enables the entire process to be completed within minutes. During conversion, beside the guarantee of lossless audio quality, it is also committed to the non-loss metadata info of Spotify Music.

Above all, AudFree Spotify Music Converter accepts free Spotify account. That means every Spotify users are prepared to use it to locally download music from Spotify to computer and then transfer to USB for offline listening on Vizio Smart TV. The specific operations are as follows.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter

audfree vizio smart tv spotify converter
  • Download Spotify to Vizio Smart TV without premium
  • Convert Spotify music for offline use without quality loss
  • Freely select output format and flexibly adjust parameters
  • Work at 5X quicker speed on both Windows and Mac

How to Download Spotify to Vizio Smart TV with AudFree:

Step 1Add Spotify music into AudFree
add spotify music to audfree for vizio
Initially, you should install and launch AudFree Spotify Music Converter. The Spotify app starts at the same time as AudFree. After that, find Spotify music that you get ready to play on Vizio Smart TV and drag it to the main interface of AudFree. Or, you can choose to copy & paste URL of Spotify music to AudFree's search box and click a plus icon to upload.
Step 2Set output format for Vizio
set spotify output format for vizio
Next, what is going to do is to visit a "Preferences" tab from the "Menu" option and open "Convert" window to set output format and parameters. According to your needs, freely choose MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC, or FLAC as Spotify output format, and further adjust channel, sample rate, and bit rate to customize output quality.
Step 3Download Spotify music to Vizio
locally download spotify music for vizio
Once set up, click to bring yourself back to the main window and press the "Convert" button on the bottom right to commence the process. Wait AudFree Spotify Music Converter to finish converting and downloding Spotify songs to local files. Go to the icon marked with a red number to access the "Converted" window, in which you use a search icon to locate the downloaded Spotify files on your computer.
Step 4Use Spotify on Vizio Smart TV
To put local Spotify files on Vizio Smart TV for offline playback, you first have to transfer Spotify music to USB from computer. Then, plug the USB drive to Vizio Smart TV and move Spotify tracks to Vizio. After all of this, you get to use Spotify on Vizio Smart TV offline without premium.

Jul 13, 2021 5:50 PM

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