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By Charles Davis Updated on 2021-07-13 / Update for Spotify Tips

Q: "I always listen to Spotify songs in the Spotify app but I plan to move them to Grooveshark. It enables me to create my own album or playlist for an online solution. In addition, I can upload my own music to the Internet. I love Grooveshark. As I need to cancel my subscription to Spotify and transfer Spotify to Grooveshark, do you have any good idea?"

As an online music sharing and search platform, Grooveshark provides free online music listening service to users. Users can input keywords to search related songs, such as singer, song name, music type, etc. They can also send music to the network if there is no copyright problem. Therefore, no wonder that Grooveshark is so popular with music lovers. To bring Grooveshark playlist to Spotify, you should find a third-party helper. What tool do you need? Let's get the answer in this post!

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Part 1. Transfer Spotify to Grooveshark - What's Needed

Since you subscribe to Spotify premium plan, you have known that you are able to download the songs for listening on Spotify. But the downloads are cache files. So you have no way to put them to Grooveshark for playing. What's more, Spotify music is encoded due to its digital rights management. Therefore, you can only play Spotify songs in the app.

As a result, music on Spotify can not be exported directly to Grooveshark. Yet if you can extract Spotify music to MP3 or other ones, that's OK. The AudFree Spotify Music Converter is exactly what you need to convert Spotify to Grooveshark files. What you get via the AudFree Grooveshark Spotify Downloader are lossless Spotify tracks which are compatible with Grooveshark. Moreover, the songs' ID3 tags will be saved automatically during the conversion process. You can gain the converted Spotify playlist on your PC with a little time as the AudFree software runs at 5X faster speed.

AudFree Spotify to Grooveshark Converter

audfree spotify to grooveshark converter
  • Convert Spotify songs for Grooveshark losslessly.
  • Download Spotify to Grooveshark as MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc. files.
  • Add Spotify music to Grooveshark with just a few clicks easily.
  • Transfer Spotify to Grooveshark at 5X faster speed, customize output parameters.

Part 2. Convert Spotify to Grooveshark - How to Do It

We will show you the whole steps to change formats of Spotify songs for Grooveshark. Some tools should be prepared for the conversion and are listed as below.

1. The Spotify app installed on your computer.

2. The AudFree Spotify Music Converter downloaded and installed on PC.

3. A PC that operates Windows or Mac system.

Now let's see how to carry over Spotify playlists to Grooveshark. Just with a few clicks, you can upload Spotify files to Grooveshark for playback.

Step 1Steam Songs from Spotify to AudFree
add spotify songs to audfree
Launch the AudFree Spotify Music Converter on your PC. You will notice that the Spotify app would be opened simultaneously. Now drag the songs from Spotify for conversion to the AudFree window. Or you can copy the links and then paste them to the search bar of the software. Hit on the button "+". The Spotify music files would be loaded in batch for your conversion between Spotify to Grooveshark.
Step 2Reset Output Parameters for Grooveshark
set format of spotify music for grooveshark
Press on the icon "Preference" on the top of the interface. So the format of Spotify music can be picked by yourself. There are six formats you can choose - MP3, FLAC, AAC, W4A, W4B and WAV. You will notice that the channel, bit rate and sample also wait for you to reset. The 1X option you set can help you to leave the conversion more stable. In addition, the AudFree program allows you to archive Spotify tracks by Album or Artist and reset the output folder by tapping on the button "Converted".
Step 3Start the Conversion from Spotify to Grooveshark
convert spotify spotify to grooveshark
Drop your mouse on the "Convert" icon. The Spotify Grooveshark Converter will start to rip music from Spotify at once. The Spotify songs' information such as title, composer, album cover, group, genre and so on will be all kept during the process. When you finish all the conversion, you can find the Spotify tracks in the output folder. If you want to have a whole converted Spotify file for Grooveshark, you need to buy the AudFree Spotify Music Converter. Or you can use the free trial version to get a one-third track.
Step 4Transfer Spotify to Grooveshark for Listening
Now all the Spotify tracks that you intend to upload to Grooveshark stay in your PC. You can keep Spotify music forever. Now access the website of Grooveshark. Then you can freely add the converted Spotify files to it and create your own playlist, manage your own library or send them to the Internet for sharing or working.
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