How to Use Virtual DJ with Spotify

Q: When I import Spotify to Virtual DJ, it seems VDJ 8 isn't compatible with songs and playlists from Spotify. It's too shocking when I got the old-fashioned news. 'Virtual DJ has already removed Spotify from its streaming library option for years'. Spotify and Virtual DJ together are not available anymore? If yes, how to import Spotify to Virtual DJ?

How to make 'Virtual DJ Spotify' available again? In this article, we will introduce an effective alternative way. By following it, you can use Spotify with a Virtual DJ with ease.

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Part 1. Why Can't Use Virtual DJ with Spotify Directly

Spotify is not in the options of Virtual DJ's compatible streaming music services. But why we can't upload Spotify tracks to VDJ 8 like syncing the local files?

In general, the Virtual DJ supports MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, and more. While music files on Spotify are in VDJ supported Vorbis Ogg format. But it's worth mentioning that Spotify tracks also feature digital copyright technology. It leads that Spotify users can only download the cache files but not local songs. So you can't locate downloaded Spotify files. Not to mention that how to import Spotify to Virtual DJ app.

Part 2. Best Spotify and Virtual DJ Converter to Use Virtual DJ with Spotify

Now, we all know that Spotify isn't available for Virtual DJ software. Yet, if you would like to add Spotify music to it, Spotify on Virtual DJ is not impossible. From what we discussed above, the premise is to download Spotify as local files without protection. And then it's able to route Spotify with Virtual audio cable.

Here, we can meet AudFree Spotify Music Converter. It's one of the most well-designed music converters for Spotify. It can help free and premium users on Spotify to download and convert Spotify files. It supports exporting Spotify to unprotected MP3, FLAC, WAV, and so on. With this Spotify to Virtual DJ converter, you can mix music in the Virtual DJ with Spotify.

AudFree Spotify and Virtual DJ Converter

audfree spotify to mp3 converter
  • Download Spotify songs/playlists/albums for Virtual DJ
  • Convert Spotify to Virtual DJ compatible MP3, FLAC, etc.
  • Add Spotify to Virtual DJ, iMovie, Serato DJ, Djay Pro, etc.
  • DJ with Spotify in any third-party DJ software

How to Make 'Virtual DJ Spotify' Work

With the help of this tool, all users can download Spotify on the local computer with a few clicks. Follow steps to get your local Spotify files for using Spotify with Virtual DJ software.

Step 1Add Spotify music or playlist to AudFree
add spotify to audfree for virtual dj
Please launch this smart AudFree software and Spotify app opening with this app. And then there are two ways for you to import Spotify music for downloading. One is to drag and drop Spotify tracks that you'd like to add to Virtual DJ to AudFree. The other is to copy and paste the URL of Spotify music to the search box of AudFree.
Step 2Set output format of Spotify for Virtual DJ
set format of spotify for virtual dj
Please enter the Preference -> Convert option. You can start to define output format as other Virtual DJ compatible audio formats, like MP3. You can also customize output audio quality by changing the bit rate, sample rate, and more. Spotify free users can enjoy lower audio quality. So, it's better to set a bit rate as 320 kbps to enhance audio quality.
Step 3Start downloading Spotify playlist to MP3
convert spotify for virtual dj
To start the downloading process, please touch the 'Convert' button. It's at the bottom-right corner of the AudFree's main window. When all conversion is done, you can locate them in the destination folder on your computer. You can start to link Spotify to Virtual DJ via the following steps.

Part 3. How to Import Spotify to Virtual DJ

You can play Spotify music on Virtual DJ software. You can mix Spotify music on the Virtual DJ. You can do anything you want to do in the Virtual DJ with Spotify. No matter for which purpose to add Spotify to Virtual DJ, you can refer to the simple steps as below.

add spotify to virtual dj

Step 1. Download and install Virtual DJ software on the computer if you don't. And then double click the short cut to launch it, the main screen will show up on your computer desktop.

Step 2. In the bottom-left corner, there is an option of the 'Local Music' button. It allows you to import local audio files from 'Hard Drives', 'iTunes', and others. Please hit on the 'Local Music' menu to choose playlists from the target source.

Note: If you prefer to add music to Virtual DJ from iTunes, please transfer converted Spotify files to iTunes library in advance. To do this, you can refer to this source page: How to Transfer Spotify Music to iTunes.

Step 3. When Spotify music uploaded to Virtual DJ software, you can start to play Spotify playlists on VDJ 8. If you are using a Virtual DJ premium, you can mix Spotify songs according to your special needs. This way works for people using Virtual DJ with Spotify Premium or Spotify Free.

Video Tutorial: How to DJ Music in Virtual DJ with Spotify

There is a video demo that guides you on how to connect Spotify to Virtual DJ. Please use AudFree Spotify Music Converter to convert Spotify music. And then you can DJ music in Virtual DJ with Spotify with ease.

Jul 13, 2021 7:20 PM

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