How to Play Amazon (Prime) Music on Echo

If you want to experience great music, you have to get the best gadget. Amazon Echo has a great hardware lineup that looks like Bluetooth speakers. The fact that it's powered by Alexa takes it to a greater notch. Amazon Prime subscribers get the freedom to stream over 2 million songs on Echo. Just use voice commands to direct Alexa on what to do.

Likewise, you can link to other music services. If you want to get Amazon Music on Echo, just direct Alexa to play music. It will make a choice based on your previous data and settle on a station it thinks you could like. You can call out a track by name, genre, or artist and if it's in Alexa's library, then it will automatically start playing. Find below two ways to play Amazon Music on your Echo.

amazon music on echo

Part 1. How to Connect and Play Amazon Music on Echo Directly

Officially, Amazon Music now gives free access to Echo devices. Even you don't subscribe to its paid service, you can play Amazon Music on Echo. It should just be noticed that you are allowed to use it through Alexa only.

link amazon music to alexa echo

Step 1: Ensure Alexa is installed on your device, then open the Alexa app and select the "Play" button;

Step 2: Next, scroll down to the "More Music Streaming Services" option. Hit the "Explore" option and go to "Music Settings";

Step 3: Check where the app shows "Default Music Library" and "Default Station" and ensure you select "Amazon Music" for both the options;

Step 4: If Amazon Music is not set up, tap the "Link New Service" option and select Amazon Music to set it up;

Step 5. Finally, link your Amazon account to the Alexa Account and start playing Amazon Music via Alexa on Echo online directly.

Part 2. How to Enjoy Amazon Music on Echo Offline without Limits

You can still get Amazon Music Unlimited on Echo without the Premium version. AudFree Amazon Music Converter is the recommended tool that doesn't need an additional installation of an extra Amazon Music app. It works at a super speed of X5 rate that converts Amazon Music files in batches with lossless quality.

Also, AudFree Amazon Music Converter has an in-built ID3 tag editor that preserves playlist information like the artist's name, music title, etc. You also get your converted files in numerous formats like WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc that are playable on any device like MP3 players, smart speakers, game consoles, among other devices.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter

audfree amazon music converter
  • Download Amazon Music for offline playback on any Echo
  • Keep original sound quality and metadate info during conversion
  • Require no installation of Amazon Music app and premium plan
  • Support various output formats and customize format parameters
Step 1Launch Amazon Music Converter
open audfree and sign in amazon
Download, install and launch AudFree Amazon Music Converter on your computer. You will immediately be presented with the built-in Amazon Music Web Player in the main interface. Click the "Sign In" button to log into your Amazon account and start the conversion process.
Step 2Customize output formats and settings
adjust output settings
You can change several output settings. To do so, go to the menu option shaped by a three-line icon. Next, choose the "Preferences" option and click the "Advanced" tab. You'll then land on the settings window where you can change the settings, such as select the output format as MP3, Lossless, FLAC, AAC, etc and then set the sample rate, channel, bit rate, and many more.
Step 3Add Amazon Music for download
add amazon music to audfree
Once your settings are up to par, start adding Amazon Music to AudFree Amazon Music Converter. Find and open Amazon Music playlist or album you wish to convert and click the "+" icon. Then, your selected Amazon Music playlist or album will be added to AudFree.
Step 4Download Amazon Music locally
download amazon music offline for echo
Once your Amazon Music files have been added, press the "Convert" button to start converting and downloading songs from Amazon Music to local computer. The converted Amazon Music files will then be saved in your destination folder on computer. Check in the local system to locate it and access your converted Amazon Music songs.
Step 5Play Amazon Music on Echo offline

1. First, enable Bluetooth on your computer;

2. Then go to the Amazon Alexa page and sign in with your Amazon account;

3. Head on to the "Settings" option to select and click your "Echo device" name;

4. Then select Bluetooth and click the "Pair a New Device" option. This will link your computer with the Echo device. Your computer should now appear on the list of devices to be paired. Select Echo device;

5. When prompted, click the "Allow" option and wait for them to pair. Then close the "Pair Device Window" once the pairing is complete;

6. Your devices are now paired. Amazon Music will play through your Echo device when you downloaded Amazon Music files on your computer.

Part 3. In Conclusion

The Amazon Echo has so much to offer. Apart from a speaker, it is a personal assistant as well. Streaming music on Echo is every Amazon Music subscriber's wish. We have just shown you two ways on how to play Amazon (Prime) Music on Echo. The best software – AudFree Amazon Music Converter works in simple ways to help you play Amazon Music songs on Echo offline. It will keep the originality of Amazon Music and let you stream on any MP3 player and other devices.

May 24, 2021 5:20 PM

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