How to Play Amazon (Prime) Music on Google Home

By Roger Kelly Updated on 2021-03-01 / Update for Amazon Music Tips

Google Home is a smart wireless speaker, which functions to voice control playback of music through Google Assistant. With it, users get permission to handily stream music from Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora on Google Home for simply voice-controlled playback.

Due to the rivalry between Google and Amazon, Google Home is not compatible with Amazon Music streaming service, which leads Amazon Music users not to be as directly play Amazon Music on Google Home as YouTube Music users do.

Forgot to say, there is always a way out. Thanks to the free experience that YouTube Music provides, you can import Amazon Music to YouTube Music for free playing on Google Home. Alternatively, Amazon provides casting support to Google Home on Android and Chrome browser. You are allowed to cast music from Amazon to Google Home through Android devices and Chrome browser on computer.

amazon music on google home

Part 1. How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home with YouTube Music

As mentioned earlier, streaming music services with which Google Home is compatible only include Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music (discontinued), and Pandora. Although it is impossible for you to directly stream Amazon Music on Google Home, you can accomplish the task in a roundabout way - add music from Amazon to YouTube Music for playing on Google Home.

To import Amazon Music to YouTube Music, the most important thing to do is downloading music from Amazon to local folder. How to locally download Amazon Music? Here, we suggest AudFree Amazon Music Converter to give you such a leg up.

Working with this tool, any Amazon content from each Amazon subscription can be saved to local computer without download of Amazon Music app. Developed as a specialized Amazon Music converter, AudFree has strong compatibility, which makes it easy to convert Amazon Music to MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, AAC, and WAV. Also, according to the multiplicity of the output devices, it designs an option for customization of output pamameters.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter

audfree amazon music converter
  • Download Amazon Music to play on Google Home without ads
  • Convert Amazon Music to common formats for playback on any device
  • Offer a loss-free option to avoid quality loss of Amazon Music
  • Keep ID3 tags of all Amazon Music untouched after conversion

The following describes how to save music from Amazon to local and how to add local Amazon Music files to YouTube Music for playback on Google Home.

Step 1Sign in to Amazon account
open audfree and sign in to amazon account
With the completition of downloading and installing of AudFree Amazon Music Converter, double-tap to start it. Next, you will be navigated to the Amazon Music web player. Locate the "Sign In" option to access your Amazon account.
Step 2Set output format for Google Home
output settings for google home
Proceed with the menu icon shaped by three lines. From it, choose "Preferences" > "Advanced". On the panel of "Advanced", customize output profile and output path based on your requirements. After setting up, confirm and save the output settings with the "OK" button.
Step 3Import Amazon playlist to Audfree
add amazon music to audfree
Search your favorite Amazon playlist, album, or artist and open it. When the grey "+" icon is lighted, touch it to upload your selected Amazon content. As you like, you can freely uncheck any added Amazon track to remove from the conversion list.
Step 4Download Amazon Music for Google Home
download amazon music for google home
The last thing you should do is simply tapping on the "Convert" tab to let AudFree Amazon Music Converter start converting and downloading all your imported Amazon songs. When finished, go to the destination folder to find the converted Amazon tracks.
Step 5Upload local Amazon Music to YouTube Music
add amazon msuic to youtube music for playing on google home

1. Put all downloaded Amazon songs into one folder;

2. Visit YouTube Music webpage and log into your YouTube account;

3. Click your profile photo and choose "Upload music" to add Amazon Music files from local to YouTube Music.

Step 6Enjoy Amazon Music on Google Home
Install Google Home app and set YouTube Music as the default streaming music service for Google Home by "Settings" > "Services" > "Music" > "YouTube Music". Use voice command to play Amazon Music on Google Home through YouTube Music.

Part 2. How to Cast Amazon Music to Google Home from Android

Android users are allowed to directly play Amazon Music on Google Home, as Amazon Music supports casting service on Android. Therefore, as long as you have an Android device, you can follow this easy method to play music from Amazon on Google Home.

cast amazon music to goole music android

Step 1. Download and install Amazon Music app on your Android device;

Step 2. Use email and address and password to log in to your Amazon account;

Step 3. Make sure that your Android device and Google Home run the same Wi-Fi network;

Step 4. Find the "Cast" icon, which is generally located on the top right. Then, just choose Google Home;

Step 5. Play any music on Amazon Music app and listen to it using Google Home.

Part 3. How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home from Chrome Browser

Fortunately, besides Android devices, Amazon Music also adds the convenient casting option on Chrome browser. That means you can straightway make Amazon Music work with Google Home through Chrome browser on your computer. However, this trick requires Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited account. If you meet the requirements, start with the following steps.

play amazon music on google home via chrome browser

Step 1. Make your computer and Google Home connect to the same network;

Step 2. Open Chrome browser on computer and access official Amazon Music webpage;

Step 3. Sign in your Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited account using associated email and password;

Step 4. Locate and touch an icon of three dots arranged vertically. From the drop-down list, go for "Cast...", and then choose Google Home speaker;

Step 5. Search any Amazon song to play and enjoy it on Google Home.

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