How to Access and Get Accompanying PDF from Audible

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To many Audible users' surprise, Audible offers its users a PDF for Audible books sometimes. The Audible accompanying PDF is a supplementary document that comes with audiobooks on Audible, always free with audiobook purchases. It may include extra materials, such as illustrations, maps, or references, enhancing your listening experience. Audible Members have the opportunity to get Audible download PDF for offline viewing.

If you have no idea how to access PDF in Audible and get Audible PDF downloads, look no further than this post. There is a full guide to make it. Let's have a look together.

get pdf in audible

Part 1. How to Find Accompanying PDF in Audible

The majority of Audible users don't know how to access Audible companion PDF and have no information about whether your Audible books attach a PDF. It is hard to locate it, but the good news is we can take you to it. Now, follow us to find the answer:

Step 1. On the Audible app or online website, open any one of the titles you want in Audible on its details page.

Step 2. Scroll down to the 'Publisher's summary' part to check whether it claims a PDF attachment for this tile, as shown in the picture.

find audible accompanying pdf

Step 3. For your purchased title, please open it to see if it contains a link named 'View PDF' or 'Accompanying PDF'.

Part 2. How to Get PDF from Audible

Now you know how to find Audible PDF. If you desire to download it, you can purchase the related audiobooks without membership beforehand. Then look into the following how-to guide to see how to download PDF from Audible.

On iPhone/Android

Step 1. Fire up the Audible app and head to your library.

Step 2. Click on the title containing a PDF to put it into the player screen.

Step 3. On the screen, tap on the 'vertical three dots' at the top right.

Step 4. From the pull-down menu, choose 'Accompanying PDF' and you will get the Audible PDF downloads on your iPhone or Android.

download audible accompanying pdf on mobiles

On Mac/PC

Step 1. Go to the Audible app or its website and navigate to your library.

Step 2. Switch to the top 'Titles' tab under 'Library' and click on one title attaching a supplementary PDF.

Step 3. Hit the 'View PDF' option under the 'Download' tab. Then you can get PDF from Audible on the Mac or PC.

get pdf from audible on computers

Part 3. Extension: How to Download Audible Books to MP3 Locally

In this part, we will introduce a dedicated tool that facilitates you to download Audible audiobooks to MP3 and keep the downloads forever. That is AudFree Audible Book Converter, an all-in-one gadget designed to download and convert any audiobook from Audible to unprotected local files in various formats. The commonly used formats such as MP3, FLC, WAV, AAC, and more are included in AudFree software. That means with this intelligent audio software, you have the possibility to listen to Audible audiobooks on any device or player you have.

Beyond that, it entitles you to multiple additional features. For instance, all original audio quality and metadata like ID3 tags can be preserved. Also, you are allowed to split large audiobooks into small segments by chapters for listening more conveniently.

AudFree Audio Converter

audFree audible books converter
  • Convert audiobooks from CD to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B.
  • Retain lossless streaming quality and original ID3 tags for better listening experience.
  • Customize output audio formats and parameters such as sample rate, bit rate, etc.
  • Split large audiobooks into chapters for convenient playback

How to Convert and Save Audible Books to MP3 Losslessly

Tap on the above Download button to install this digital music tool on your computer. Please download your favorite Audible titles with your Audible account in advance. Then refer to the following user guide to export Audible AA or AAX files to MP3 for listening anywhere.

Step 1Load Downloaded Audible Titles to AudFree Auditior
load audible downloads to audfree auditior
Click on the first Add button namely 'Load iTunes Library' from the bottom-left corner. Then choose the downloaded Audible titles to add them to AudFree software. Alternatively, drag and drop Audible book downloads to this converter directly.
Step 2Customize Audible Book Output Format as MP3
customize audible books output format as mp3
Proceed to touch on the Audio icon at the lower right to open the Format Setting window. Then you can opt to convert Audible books to MP3 or other formats. Besides, it enables you to customize other output parameters, including codecs, sample rate, bitrate, audio channels, etc. to boost Audible books's quality.
Step 3Convert Audible Collections to MP3 for Listening Anywhere
convert audible books to mp3 for playing anywhere
Hit the bottom-left 'Convert' tab directly to kick off converting. This best Audible converter will work at 30X speed and export converted MP3 titles to your computer's local folder. Click on the 'Converted' tab symbolized a red spot showing a number to find the conversions. Later, you can stream Audible books on all devices and players.

Part 4. FAQs about Audible PDF

Q1: Can Audible read PDF?

A: No. Audible is designed for audiobook listening instead of PDF viewing. So, it's recommended to use a dedicated Audible PDF reader app.

Q2: How to fix Audible accompanying PDF not downloading or missing issues?

A: Maybe you can navigate to the Audible website to download the Audible accompanying PDF instead of from its mobile app. For the Audible PDF disappeared issue, there are three methods:

1) Update the Audible app to the latest version.
2) Force stop and re-launch the Audible software.
3) Remove the Audible downloaded titles and download them again. Afterward, you can try viewing Audible attached PDF files.

Q3: Do all Audible books have PDF?

A: Not all Audible books come with a PDF companion. It depends on the specific title and the publisher's decision. Some Audible books may cover supplementary material such as maps, diagrams, or illustrations in PDF format, while others may not have any accompanying PDF. You can check the book's description or contact Audible customer support to inquire about the availability of a PDF for a particular title.

Q4: How to Make a PDF file in Audible?

A: It is impossible to generate a PDF in Audible directly. But if you have a text version of Audible audiobooks, you are able to use an expert PDF converter like CloudConvert to get a PDF file.

Part 5. Conclusion

Here is the complete guide on how to find and download Audible accompanying PDF files. Again, you need an Audible membership to get the attached PDF content in Audible. Not all titles come with PDF attachments. By the way, AudFree Audible Book Converter deserves a shot to keep and listen to Audible offline forever without membership. If you have any questions or advice, please leave your words in the below comment field.

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