How to Convert AAX to MP3 via Best AAX to MP3 Converter

Q: I always received an error message saying 'file format not supported' when making full use of AAX files. I failed to open AAX files on VLC, burn Audible AAX audiobooks to CDs, and play Audible AAX on my MP3 player. What are the reasons that I met such a restriction? To fix this issue, whether I need to convert AAX to MP3, or not? If yes, how?

Audible is the most popular online audiobook store. It has been offering easy access for us to download kinds of audiobooks for offline listening. But, unlike other digital audiobook providers, Audible has implied some restrictions to the audiobooks sold on the store. In general, Audible audiobooks are encoded in AAX and AA formats which are protected by Digital Rights Management.

As a result, Audible users can only play AAX books on selected mobile devices with an authorized Audible account. To take full control of the Audible books, it's necessary to convert .aax to MP3. Follow this post and we'll show you 9 effective AAX to MP3 converter software to convert AAX to MP3 online free on Mac, Windows 11, Windows 10, and Linux computers.

convert aax to mp3

Part 1. How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Mac/Windows 10/11/Linux

Part 1. How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Mac/Windows 10/11/Linux

The best way to convert AAX to MP3 on computer is by using a professional third-party Audible converter. Better still, there are many such AAX converters specialized in converting AAX to MP3 on the market. Here, we can meet top four best software to convert .aax files to MP3 on Mac and Windows, Linux computers.

No.1 AudFree Audible Converter (Mac & Windows)

AudFree Audible Converter could be the top-rated one. It can help you convert AAX to MP3 on Windows 10, Windows 11 and Mac at 30X faster speed while keeping the original ID3 tags. Besides, it also allows users to customize ID3 tags of Audible audiobooks manually based on personal tastes. With the built-in splitting feature, it enables you to split large AAX files into chapters.

With the help of the best AAX to MP3 converter, you are also able to control the Audible AAX audiobook playback via changing the volume, speed, and pitch. After conversion, you can play any Audible AAX/AA file on the most popular devices or burn Audible AAX audiobooks to discs, etc. without any limit.

AudFree Audible Converter

audfree aax to mp3 converter
  • The best Audible .aax to MP3 converter for Mac and Windows users
  • Convert Audible AAX to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, FLAC, M4B at 30X speed
  • Keep original ID3 tags and chapters in output audios
  • Split large audiobook file into small segments via chapters
  • Convert iTunes audiobooks, Apple Music, and other audios

How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Mac and Windows 10 at 30X Speed

Now simply install the free trial version of AudFree Audible Converter on your computer running macOS or Windows operating system. And then, you can follow the steps below to begin converting Audible AAX files to MP3 in a few clicks.

Step 1Import Audible AA/AAX to iTunes library
add audible aax to itunes
Firstly, go to iTunes and sync Audible books to the iTunes library under 'My Audiobooks' section. To do so, simply click 'File' -> 'Library' -> 'Import Playlist'. Then remember to authorize iTunes with your Audible account. By doing this, your AA/AAX audiobooks could play well on iTunes. Otherwise unexpected problems may occur during conversion with AudFree Audible Converter.
Step 2Load Audible audiobooks to AAX to MP3 converter
add audible aax file
Here, we will take the Mac version as the sample to show you how to convert AAX to MP3 on Mac. There are two options to add Audible audiobooks to AudFree Software. You can the 'Add' button and do drag-and-drop action. By the way, AudFree AAX to MP3 Converter for Mac supports converting any audio file. To add the protected AA/AAX books, please click the second 'Add' button at the top center of AudFree Auditior.
Step 3Set Audible AAX output format as MP3
set audible output format as mp3
Once the audiobooks are imported to AudFree Auditior, click the 'audio' icon next to the 'Convert' button. It will pop up the setting window so that you can select the output format as MP3 for converting Audible AAX audiobooks to MP3. For any format, you are allowed to change the audio parameters according to your own needs. It includes the audio codec, channel, bit rate, sample rate, and more.
Step 4Start to convert Audible AAX to MP3
convert audible aax to mp3
Now click the 'Convert' button to initiate the conversion process. AudFree Audible Converter will begin to remove restrictions from Audible audiobooks. At the same time, it will convert protected AAX/AA to MP3 at 30X conversion speed. Once converted, you can click the 'history' icon next to the 'Convert' button. And it's able to locate the MP3 audiobooks and transfer them to any other device as you like.

No.2 AudKit Audible AAX Converter (Mac/Windows)

AudKit Audible AAX Converter is another professional tool to convert AAX to MP3 on macOS 13, Windows 10, Windows 11, etc. with ease. It's well-designed for Audible users only. Different from other traditional AAX converters, this smart tool doesn't require users to install the iTunes app. What's more, you can even not authorize your Audible account but do AAX to MP3 conversion of Audible files.

The another advantage of AAX converter to MP3 is its ability to keep the lossless audiobook quality while doing Audible format conversion. Besides, it also supports retaining ID3 tags and splitting Audible audiobooks into chapters

With such charming features, it provides a faster conversion speed. It's able to run at a 100X speed to convert large AAX to MP3. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Windows 10/11 and Mac at 100X Speed

Step 1. Fire up the AudKit Audible AAX Converter on your laptop. Click the top '+' button, it will automatically load Audible AAX files downloaded on your computer. And then, you can select your favorite audiobooks to do format conversion.

add aax files to audkit audible converter

Step 2. Tap the 'Format' button to personalize Audible output settings, such as output format, sample rate, etc. To export Audible MP3 audio books, please choose 'MP3' option. The highlight feature of this tool is that it features a 'Lossless' output format. When you set it, it will export Audible audiobooks losslessly.

adjust mp3 as the output audible format

Step 3. It also has the 'Effect' and 'Edit' options to do more advanced settings. After that, please click the 'Convert' button to change AAX file to MP3 at a 100X conversion speed.

convert .aax to mp3

No.3 OpenAudible (Linux/Mac/Windows)

OpenAudible is a cross-platform Audible AAX converter and manager. It's compatible with not only Mac, Windows computers, but also Linux computers. Although it's an open-source tool on GitHub, it costs $19 to get the full functions. Besides, to use it to convert Audible to MP3, or split large audiobooks by chapters, you need to authorize your Audible account. It supports MP3, M4B, and M4A output audio formats.

How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Linux, Windows, Mac

Step 1. Open your OpenAudible on your computer and then please update preferences by clicking the 'Setting' icon in the upper right corner. Please check the mark before MP3 option under the 'Audio Output Format'.

choose mp3 as audio output format

Step 2. Choose the 'Controls: Connect to Audible' button. You will need to log in to your Audible name and password.

connect audible to openaudible

Step 3. It will pop up a new window to ask whether you'd like to start a 'Full Audible Library Sync' to get a list of your books. Please click the 'Yes' button to load Audible AAX files to OpenAudible. It will start to automatically download and convert AAX to MP3 on Linux, Windows, or macOS computer. To find Audible MP3 files, please right-click the 'Show MP3' option.

connect aax to mp3 linux

No.4 Audials 2023 - (Windows Only)

In reality, Audials Tunebite Platinum is using audio recording technology to help you to record and convert protected streaming music and audiobooks. In turn, you can download and convert AAX to MP3 with freedom for use anywhere.

This all-in-one AAX to MP3 Converter makes it easier to record the protected audiobook streams from Audible and save the recordings as MP3 files with all ID3 tags without commercials. Once the recording is complete, you are able to enjoy all Audible MP3 books on popular MP3 players with no limit.

Aside from recording Audible AAX audiobooks and other audio, Audials Tunebite Platinum can also be used to record video streams online like iTunes, YouTube, etc. in high quality. Moreover, it has an attractive interface and good configuration options that make using the program very convenient.

How to Convert AAX File to MP3 on Windows

Step 1. Install Audials 2023 on your computer running Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system. Click the 'Convert' option from the left toolbar. And then choose the 'Audiobook' to import Audible AAX and AA files from local computer or iTunes library.

add audible files to audials

Step 2. Now, please hit on the 'Output Format' to define MP3 as the target one so that it will save Audible files as MP3. If MP3 is the default format, you can skip this step.

customize audible output format as mp3

Step 3. The last step you have to do is to simply press the green 'Start' button. Your aax. audiobooks will be converted to MP3 quickly.

convert aax to mp3 via audials

Part 2. How to Convert AAX to MP3 Free

The above four best AAX to MP3 Converters work perfectly to convert AAX files to MP3 on Mac, Windows and Linux computers at a faster speed. But they are full-featured premium AAX converters. So in this part, we will introduce three free AAX to MP3 converter tools so that you can also convert AAX to MP3 for free.

No.1 Open-Source Free AAX to MP3 Converter on SourceForge

The first Audible AAX to MP3 converter free was brought by aaxman on SourceForge website. I have tried this tool and the conversion speed is fast. In general, it depends on computer power. No need to install the iTunes app, you can effectively free convert AAX to MP3 with SourceForge converter.

How to Convert AAX to MP3 on SourceForge for Free

Step 1. Download and install the Audible Manager from SourceForge website on your computer. And then select an audiobook to open.

Step 2. Log in to your Audible account. And launch the free AAXToMP3 converter from your computer desktop.

Step 3. Choose AAX audiobooks that you'd like to convert to MP3. After that, please click the 'Convert' button to convert AAX file to MP3 for free. All MP3 files can be located in the same folder as the AAX file.

convert aax to mp3 free via sourceforge

No.2 InAudible - AAX Converter Free

InAudible is also a smart third-party AAX to MP3 free converter. It can not only convert AAX files to MP3 free, but also convert Audible files to AAC, M4B, and WAV tracks. All ID3 tags, such as cover, title, etc. can be preserved well in MP3 downloads. It also has the splitting feature to separate Audible audiobooks in desired ways, such as silence deletion.

Since it doesn't have an official website, there is no direct download link to install it. You need to search for it on Google and find a possible website to do that, like GitHub.

How to Convert AAX to MP3 Free via InAudible

Step 1. Find the InAudible free AAX to MP3 converter for Mac or Windows on Google and then install and launch it from your computer desktop without paying a penny.

Step 2. Click the 'Input' icon on Mac or 'File' > 'Open>Audible/M4B' on Windows to load AAX files.

Step 3. Choose the output destination folder, output format, and other audio settings. Then, please click the 'Begin Conversion' to start the AAX file to MP3 conversion process at no cost.

convert aax to mp3 free

No.3 Audacity

Similar to SourceForge AAXtoMP3 converter, Audacity is also an open-source tool to convert Audible AAX files to MP3 at no cost. But the working principle is totally different between these two free AAX converters. Audacity is actually an audio editor and recorder, which adopts the traditional recording technology to record AAX audiobooks playing on a computer and then save them as MP3. If you can accept this point, you can follow the user guide to convert AAX to MP3 for free with Audacity.

How to Convert AAX Files to MP3 Free with Audacity

Step 1. Fire up Audacity best free AAX to MP3 converter from your computer, and then please select the 'Windows WASAPI' option under the "Audio Host" section.

audacity preferences of converting audible

Step 2. There is a list of the recording device, please choose your computer's speaker as the target one. Sometimes, you might need to click the 'Loopback' icon.

Step 3. Create a new track to record AAX files. After that, please play AAX audiobooks, and it will start to record and save them as MP3.

convert aax to mp3 audacity

Part 3. How to Convert AAX to MP3 Online

As a matter of fact, apart from the above Audible AAX to MP3 converters, there are still many other online freeware that can do it. If you don't want to download and install extra third-party tools on your desktop, you can choose the online AAX to MP3 converter to get MP3 files from audiobooks.

No.1 Convertio

Convertio, a free AAX to MP3 converter online is different from the above software. It gives users the ability to convert AAX file to MP3 online free. That's to say, you don't need to install an extra tool on your computer but still can gain MP3 from Audible files. Just upload AAX audiobooks, and then you can convert them to MP3 online.

How to Convert AAX to MP3 Online Free

Step 1. Open any web browser and navigate to Convertio official website.

Step 2. Hit on the computer icon and add AAX files from your computer. Choose the input format as AAX and the output format as MP3.

Step 3. Press the 'Convert' icon to start format conversion. This AAX to MP3 online converter free will convert AAX audiobooks to MP3 in batch. Find all Audible MP3 audiobooks by clicking the 'Download' icon.

convert aax to mp3 online

No.2 Online Audio Converter

Not only being an AAX converter online, but Online Audio Converter is also an all-around audio converter, which can convert all kinds of audio files to MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, and more popular audio formats. It empowers users to configure the output quality of AAX audiobooks by changing the bit rate, sample rate, audio channels, and so on. Besides, it enables you to convert multiple AAX files to MP3 simultaneously in a batch.

How to Convert AAX File to MP3 Online Free

Step 1. Navigate to the Online Audio Recorder official website. And then, please set the output format as MP3 and customize the output quality of MP3 tracks. The best quality is 320kbps.

Step 2. Click the "Open files" button to upload Audible AAX files to this free AAX to MP3 converter online. And then, you can tap the 'Convert' button to download and convert large AAX to MP3 online to your local computer.

convert aax to mp3 online free

Part 4. Comparison among Methods to Convert AAX File to MP3

There are the top 9 AAX file to MP3 converter software provided in this article. Here, we make a comparison table below among the key features of these methods to help you make the final decision on converting AAX to MP3.

  Third-party Converter Free Ways Online Solutions
Compatible OS Mac, Windows, Linux Mac, Windows, Linux Online
Supported Input Format AAX files or any audio AAX audiobooks or any audio AAX audiobooks or any audio
Supported Output Format MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC,M4A, M4B MP3, AAC, M4B MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, OGG
Split AAX with Chapters Yes No No
Conversion Speed 30X/100X 30X/1X 30X
Lossless Output Quality Yes No No
Recommends 4.5 points of 5 3.5 points of 5 4 points of 5

Part 5. FAQs about Converting AAX to MP3

Q: What Is Audible AA/AAX Files?

A: Both AA and AAX are protected file formats for Audible audiobooks. Because of the special codec, each AA/AAX file can only be used on up to four computers and three smartphones at a time. AAX, also called Enhanced sound, is an encrypted M4B file in variable quality AAC format. It's better for spoken works compared to the older Audible format AA.

Q: Can VLC Convert AAX to MP3?

A: Yes! Please open your VLC media player and hit on the 'Media' > 'Convert/Save' option. And then, you can start to select your Audible AAX files and hit on the 'Convert/Save' button. To convert aax. to MP3 via VLC player, please don't forget to set the output format as MP3. All MP3 tracks can be saved in the destination folder.

Q: Can You Convert AAX to MP3 with iTunes?

A: No! To use iTunes to convert AAX to MP3, the first thing you need to do is to remove the protection of Audible audiobooks via a third-party audio converter, like AudFree Auditior.

Q: Why Convert AAX File to MP3?

A: As we all know, Audible AAX files are only licensed for playback on official device, which is a major inconvenience. However, MP3 is one of the most common file types available today and can be used on many devices or players. If you want to enjoy Audible audiobooks more freely, converting AAX to MP3 is definitely the best option.

Q: How to Convert AAX to MP3 on Android?

A: There is no AAX to MP3 converter for Android for you to convert AAX to MP3 on Android directly. But if you have used one of above tools to save Audible MP3 files, it couldn't be easier to transfer and sync them to Android devices via USB cable or WiFi connection.

Part 6. In Conclusion

There are 9 methods to convert AAX to MP3 online free on computers with the assistance of powerful AAX to MP3 converter tools. The most cost-effective method among them could be using AudFree Audible Converter as it comes with high-quality output files, acceptable conversion speed. With it, you can play AAX files on MP3 player and any other devices without any limit. What's more, it's able to convert not only Audible files, but also Apple Music, iTunes audiobooks, and common audio tracks to MP3. You can enjoy all protected audiobooks anywhere.

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