How to Convert AAX to M4B? Solved!

Can't convert AAX to M4B? This guide offers the best solution that you are looking for.

What is AAX? AAX is a file container for audiobook file format related to the Audible Enhanced Audiobook developed by Audible. It is regarded as an enhanced version of AA formats, which is made up of a timeline, images, links, and videos.

And what about M4B? As the name you see, M4B is very similar to M4A but dedicated to audiobooks. It is also a file extension for the audiobook file format. But unlike the AAX file, M4B format is used by iTunes. The common-used players for M4B include iTunes, Windows Media Player, and so forth.

Sometimes the audio player can't play both AAX and M4B files, or can only play either M4B or AAX. In the following sections, you will get to know about the best method to convert AAX to M4B and convert M4B to AAX.

convert aax to m4b

Part 1. Best AAX to M4B Converter: Convert AAX to M4B

Compared with the 'convert AAX to M4B free tools', the paid software is safer, more stable, and more reliable. Among the countless paid products, AudFree AAX to M4B Converter is considered as the top 1 for many years. Specifically designed for audiobook files, this smart program is able to convert AA and AAX to M4B. In addition to M4B, there are other 5 output formats for choice, including M4A, MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC.

Utilizing the latest converting skill, the sound quality, and the ID3 tags keep 100% as same as the original one. Thus, it is easy for you to check the artists, titles, disc number, cover, and such basic info in the converted file.

AudFree AAX to M4B Converter

audfree aax to m4b converter
  • Losslessly convert Audible AA / AAX to M4B, MP3, FLAC, etc.
  • Remove limits from Audible audiobooks, Apple audiobooks etc.
  • Split audiobooks to several small segments by 3 ways
  • Support to listen to M4B audiobooks on any device and player

Moreover, this is not only an AAX to M4B converter but also an audiobook editor, which runs automatically to split an entire large audiobook into small segments according to the original episodes. You are also allowed to manually trim and edit the details such as the way of split, the volume, the speed, the pitch, and so on.

Part 2. How to Convert AAX to M4B on Mac & Windows

Now download AudFree AAX to M4B Converter on your computer. The trial version only offers a 1-min conversion for each track. To get complete conversion of your AAX audiobook, please click the menu icon on the top title bar of AudFree software. Then choose 'Buy Now' to get your own license code. Then reopen the menu icon > 'Register'. Put in your code to activate the full version of AudFree.

Then let's take a quick look at how to convert AAX to M4B in the following detailed steps.

Step 1Import Audible AAX to AudFree
add audible aax to audfree
Please make sure you have authorized your Audible account to iTunes. Launch AudFree AAX to M4B Converter. Tap the first "Add" circle to open a new dialog box. In there, choose the 'Library' or 'Audiobook' to find your audiobook files. Then select it and click the 'add' bar to import it to AudFree.
Step 2Reselect output format to M4B for Audible AAX
set audible output format as m4b
On the interface of AudFree, open the "Format" icon from the bottom right side. Now choose the M4B as the output format. There are other output parameters for customization. If you don't want to change them, just keep all the options in the "Auto". Tick the small box of 'Keep lossless quality' for your AAX files. Finish the changes by tap "OK".
Step 3Start to convert audiobooks from AAX to M4B
convert audible aax files to m4b
Now tap the "Convert" which is the biggest button on the interface. The conversion now is activated. Leave it to run alone until all tasks accomplished. After that, you can hit the "History" icon to locate the converted M4B Audible files on your computer.

Tips: How to Convert M4B to AAX Free

To convert M4B to AAX, there are some free tools for use. Here I would like to share with you the most-used online tool and display the simple steps as reference.

Step 1. Open a browser and go to

Step 2. Find the box named 'M4B to AAX converter'. Reset the first selection to M4B and the second to AAX.

Step 3. Click the 'convert' button to open the M4B file and start the conversion.

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