How to Play Audible on Apple HomePod

By Ivan Scott Updated on 2023-02-01 / Update for Audiobook Tips

Apple's smart speaker HomePod would be the perfect companion for your home. In general, it's a convenient thing to play your favorite streaming services on your HomePod. As HomePod can stream Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube music and more to fill your room with awesomeness.

What about Audible? Can HomePod play Audible? Unfortunately, Audible is not fully supported by HomePod. No worries, for smooth playback of Audible on HomePod, this article finds three practical ways to listen to Audible audiobooks on HomePod and HomePod mini. Then read on to find out all about playing Audible on HomePod.

play audible on homepod

Part 1. How to Airplay Audible Audiobooks to HomePod

Apple users will be no stranger to AirPlay, the free technology built into every Apple device that facilitates the streaming of audio and video between compatible devices. While HomePod does not have built-in support for Audible, you can use AirPlay to stream Audible from your iPhone or Mac to HomePod directly.

Play Audible on HomePod from iOS Device via AirPlay

Step 1. Get your HomePod and iOS device connected to the same WiFi network.

Step 2. Open Control Center on your iOS device and tap the AirPlay icon in the top right corner of the interface.

Step 3. In the 'Speakers & TVs' section, select HomePod from the available devices.

Step 4. Now, play the Audible book in the Audible app and it will automatically and easily stream to your HomePod.

play audible on homepod from ios via airplay

Listen to Audible on HomePod from Mac via AirPlay

Step 1. Start your Mac computer and click System Preferences in the top left corner.

Step 2. Select Sound in the pop-up window that appears.

system preferences mac

Step 3. Click Output in Sound System Preferences if not already selected.

Step 4. Select the HomePod you want to stream Audible to and click the AirPlay button next to it.

airplay audible audiobooks to homepod mac

Step 5. Play Audible on your Mac and then you will be able to listen to audiobooks via HomePod.

Part 2. How to Connect Audible to HomePod Mini via Handoff

As you may know, the Handoff feature can be used to transfer files between your iPhone and Mac. What's more, you can now seamlessly hand over audio between your iPhone and HomePod through it. Handoff is available for iPhone or iPod touch and the device should be running iOS 13.2 or later. You'll need to enable Bluetooth and ensure that HomePod and iPhone are on the same WiFi network.

Step 1. Go to your iPhone's Settings app and select "General" > "AirPlay & Handoff".

Step 2. Enable "Transfer to HomePod" so that the button next to it turns green.

Step 3. Play Audible audio books on your iPhone and place your iPhone close to the HomePod's touchpad.

Step 4. Conversely, if you need to transfer audio from HomePod to iPhone, simply play the audio on HomePod and hold iPhone firmly on top of HomePod.

connect audible to homepod mini via handoff

Part 3. How to Play Audible on HomePod with Siri Command

The two methods above will play Audible on Apple HomePod effectively, but you won't be able to enjoy voice playback. Fortunately, you can ask Siri to play any audio stored in your iTunes library through HomePod speaker. This way, you simply download Audible books and upload Audible to your iTunes library. Then it couldn't be easier to listen to Audible on HomePod mini.

Due to Audible format protection, it is difficult to play Audible audiobooks on other devices or players directly. For this, you need to get rid of protection with the help of AudFree Audible Converter. It can convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC without any loss of quality. It allows editing audio parameters for better enjoyment of Audible on HomePod, including codec, channel, bitrate and ID3 tags etc.

Key Features of AudFree Audible Converter

audfree audible converter
  • batch download and convert Audible to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc.
  • Transfer Audible to HomePod and other smart speakers
  • Split large Audible books by chapters for better management
  • Retain original output quality and ID3 tags

How to Download and Transfer Audible to HomePod

Step 1Add Audible Audiobooks to AudFree Auditior
add audible books to audfree auditior
Install and open AudFree Audible Converter on your computer and drag the downloaded Audible audiobook file into the main interface. You can also add Audible files by clicking on the second Add File button.
Step 2Set Audible Book Output Format
choose the parameters for audible books
Simply click on the Format icon in the bottom right corner and you can select the Audible output format, sample rate, bit rate, codec, channel, etc. for HomePod. If you want to split long audiobooks by chapter, click on the Edit button next to each Audible audio.
Step 3Download and Convert Audible Audiobooks
convert audible books for homepod
Hit the Convert button at the bottom to convert Audible books. Once complete, simply tap the Converted button to browse the converted Audible audiobooks. Then you are free to upload the converted Audible books to HomePod and other smart speakers for free use.
Step 4Play Audible on Apple HomePod Mini
add audible books to itunes
1. Launch iTunes on your computer and go to File > Add Folder to Library.
2. Browse for the downloaded Audible file and upload audiobook to iTunes.
3. Now, you can ask Siri to play Audible books from the iTunes library on your HomePod via voice commands.

Part 4. How to Fix Audible Not Working with Apple HomePod

Sometimes, you'll encounter a situation where Audible won't play on your Apple HomePod Mini. Don't worry, here are some simple solutions to instantly resume listening to your favorite Audible books on HomePod.

1. Restart Apple HomePod Mini

Step 1. Launch the Apple Home app on your iOS device and sign in to your Apple ID.

Step 2. Select 'HomePod', followed by tapping the 'Settings' icon.

Step 3. Scroll and select the 'Restart HomePod' button.

restart homepod app

2. Update Apple HomePod Mini

Step 1. Open the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Step 2. Click 'More' and select 'Home Settings' or the gear icon.

Step 3. Swipe down to select 'Software Update'.

update homepod app

3. Update the Audible app

Step 1. Open the App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2. Tap the Profile icon in the top right and search for "Audible".

Step 3. If an update is available for Audible, simply tap the "Update" button.

Step 4. Play Audible on your HomePod via AirPlay or Handoff and see if the problem is resolved.

update audible app

Part 5. Conclusion

It is delightful to stream favorite Audible audiobooks on HomePod for entertainment. Therefore, this article describes three available ways to connect Audible to HomePod for playback. It is recommended that you use AudFree Audible Converter to download unprotected Audible books. Then you can easily play Audible on HomePod or other smart speakers offline without any problem.

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