How to Play Audible on Sonos Speaker in 4 Ways

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"Can you play Audible on Sonos?" Yes. Now, there is an integration of Audible and Sonos. Put it another way, it is a piece of cake to use Audible with Sonos. Here let's get down to the detailed instructions on how to listen to Audible books on Sonos in 4 ways. Meanwhile, we will show you how to fix Audible Sonos not working in detail. Just read on and learn more.

audible on sonos

Part 1. How to Play Audible on Sonos via Audible App

Sonos is famous for its small speakers, which can stream music, audiobooks, and news from different music services. Besides, Sonos speakers can work well with the most popular voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

On the other hand, Audible, as we all know, is the largest audiobook seller and producer around the world. It could be a blessing for audiobook lovers, in which you can find as many as audiobooks you can.

So, it's really something to celebrate of its return for some Sonos owners who used to listen to Audible files on Sonos speakers. What's more, Audible offers two credits instead of a single credit for Sonos users who sign up for a 30-day free trial through the Audible app and then they can download two free Audible books.

Here, let's get started to play Audible on Sonos One and other Sonos speakers via the Audible app below.

Play Audible through Sonos via Audible App

play audible on sonos via audible app

Step 1. Please turn on your Sonos speaker and connect it to a WiFi network. If you have done it, please skip to the next step.

Step 2. Launch the Audible app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Then connect your device to the same WiFi network as Sonos.

Step 3. Discover the audiobook that you'd like to play on Sonos, and tap the Audible title to play it.

Step 4. On the playing screen, it will pop up a window saying 'Sonos devices are available' on an Android device. If you are on an iOS device, it will show you the message 'Listen on AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Sonos devices'.

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Step 5. Hit on the 'Connect to a device' button and there is the list of available devices you can see.

Step 6. And then please select 'Sonos device' as the target one. It will ask for a requirement to allow the permissions. You just need to click 'Continue' or 'I agree'.

Step 7. It will show some limitations when using Audible on Sonos, such as narration speed, and chapter navigation are not available at this time. Just click 'OK' and start to listen to Audible files on Sonos speaker now.

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Now you can also play Audible on Sonos with Alexa by using voice commands without a problem. For example, you can say 'Alexa, play [xxx] from Audible', 'Alexa, pause', and so on.

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Part 2. How to Listen to Audible on Sonos via Sonos App

Besides using the Audible app, you can also use the Sonos app to enjoy audiobooks from Audible. Now, check the steps below to make it.

Play Audible on Sonos via Sonos App on Android/iOS

Step 1. Launch Sonos app from your Android phone, iPhone or other iOS devices. Then tap the 'More' option from the bottom of the main screen.

Step 2. In the 'More' section, please click 'Add Music Service'.

Or, go to the Settings section in the Audible app and click on 'Services & Voice'.

listen to audible on sonos via sonos app on mobile

Step 3. Then pick up 'Audible' in the Add Music Services screen.

Step 4. Now, click on the 'Add to Sonos' button in the pop-up window to add Audible to Sonos.

Step 5. Please authorize an Audible account with the Sonos app by signing in with your Audible account details.

Step 6. Just click the 'Continue' button to finish it. Now, please go back to the Sonos app's Browse page to explore and play Audible books, it will stream to Sonos speaker automatically.

Connect Audible to Sonos via Sonos App on Windows/Mac

Step 1. Open the Sonos app from your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Hit on 'Add Music Services' under the 'Select a Music Source' section.

use audible with sonos via sonos app on pc

Step 3. Choose 'Audible' from the list and then head to connect to your Audible account.

Step 4. Connect your Sonos speaker with your computer, then you can play and enjoy Audible books on Sonos from its app.

Part 3. How to Use Audible with Sonos via AirPlay

Some Sonos speakers support AirPlay. So, if your Sonos speaker is AirPlay-compatible, then you can follow this part to play Audible on Sonos. Before that, please connect your mobile or desktop device and your Sonos device to the same WiFi network.

On iOS:

connect audible to sonos via airplay on ios

Step 1. On your iPhone or iPad, head to the Control Center section.

Step 2. Find the audio card and click on the 'AirPlay' icon.

Step 3. Choose your Sonos device from the list and connect to it.

On Mac:

play audible through sonos via airplay on mac

Step 1. Start the Apple Music app from your computer.

Step 2. Click on the 'AirPlay' icon at the top menu bar within the app.

Step 3. Pick up your Sonos speaker from the available list and link it.

After connecting Sonos speaker with your iOS or Mac device, you can start to play Audible books on Sonos via AirPlay.

Part 4. How to Play Audible on Sonos via Sonos Desktop Controller App

Without an Audible account but still would like to listen to Audible files on Sonos speaker, what should you do? In fact, it's easy to achieve this goal only if you have downloaded and converted Audible audiobooks to Sonos-compatible audio formats, like MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more. After that, you can connect Audible to Sonos via WiFi network and play Audible audiobooks from your Sonos desktop controller app.

To convert Audible to MP3 or other Sonos speaker-supported audio formats, here we can meet AudFree Audiobook Converter. It can not only convert Audible audio files to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, or M4A that Sonos can recognize well but also split audiobooks by chapters or other time frames as you like. Besides, it supports keeping 100% original ID3 tags, customizing Audible audiobook playback, etc. Run at 30X faster speed, no need to worry about it will take you much time.

AudFree Audible to Sonos Converter

audfree audible audiobook converter

How to Convert Audible for Sonos via AudFree Audible Audiobook Converter

To begin, you should install this AudFree program for Mac or Windows on your computer by hitting on the 'Download' button above. After that, launch it and follow the tutorial below.

Step 1Add Audible books to AudFree Software
load audible books to audfree
Before adding Audible audiobooks to AudFree Audiobook Converter, please make sure you have downloaded them on your computer and authorize your Audible account on iTunes. Then you can click the first 'Add Files' button to select Audible audiobooks from iTunes library and add to AudFree for converting.
Step 2Define output audio parameters for Audible on Sonos
set output format for audible sonos
Sonos speakers can support a wide variety of audio formats, like MP3, FLAC, M4A, and AAC. Fortunately, all Sonos-supported audio formats can be defined in AudFree Audiobook Converter. Just click the 'audio' icon to open the setting window, in which you can choose one of Sonos-compatible audio format as the target output format. Besides, you can customize other output audio parameters, ID3 tags, audio effects, etc.
Step 3Convert Audible files for Sonos One or other Sonos speakers
convert audible books for sonos speakers
When all settings are ready, please click the big 'Convert' button at the bottom-right corner of the main interface. Then this powerful tool will convert the added Audible books to common audio files that you can play on Sonos via Alexa. When the conversion process finishes, you can locate all audiobooks by clicking the 'history' > 'search' icon or 'file' icon to find them on your computer.
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How to Add Audible to Sonos Desktop Controller App for Playing

Step 1. Please install the Sonos Desktop Controller app on your computer and then open it.

Step 2. Select the 'Music Library Settings' from the 'Manage' menu.

add audible books to sonos via sonos desktop controller app on mac

Step 3. Choose '+' on a Mac or 'Add' on a PC to locate Audible audiobook folder and then sign in your computer's password to finish adding Audible books.

After that, the local Audible books will be saved in your Sonos library and you can play Audible books on Sonos device via WiFi network.

Part 5. How to Fix Audible Sonos Not Working

While using Audible with Sonos, some users complain about issues like Audible not connecting to Sonos and so on. In this case, here in this part, we'd like to share some solutions for you to fix these issues. Just check and try them one by one below.

🛠 Fix 1. Update Sonos App/Sonos System

For Sonos app for iOS/Android: Head to 'Settings' > 'Manage' > 'System Updates' > 'Check for Updates'.

For Sonos S1 Controller: On iOS/Android, go to 'Settings' > 'Manage' > 'System Updates' > 'Check for Updates'. On Windows/Mac: Choose 'Check for Updates' from the 'Sonos S1 Controller' menu on Mac or the 'Manage' menu on Windows.

🛠 Fix 2. Update Audible App to the Newest Version

To use Audible with Sonos well, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. If not, then you should go to update the Audible app on your mobile or desktop device in advance.

🛠 Fix 3. Update Your Mobile or Desktop Device to the Latest Version

If your mobile or desktop device's system is out of date, then it won't work well with other apps. In this case, you need to check if your device is with the latest OS. If not, then head to check for updates and update it.

🛠 Fix 4. Check the WiFi Connection on Your Device

You need to connect your mobile or desktop device and your Sonos speaker to the same WiFi network for playing Audible books. So, make sure that you connect them well before using Audible with Sonos. Also, you need to connect to a strong network connection.

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Part 6. In Conclusion

Aside from the above 4 ways, you can also play Audible books on Sonos through the Line-In connection. Here we won't give the detailed steps since it's easy to operate. From the above, we know that listening to Audible on Sonos via the Audible app, Sonos app and AirPlay is the most direct way.

But if you want to make Audible not only work on Sonos, but also on other popular smart speakers, such as Audible on Google Home, using AudFree Audible Audiobook Converter is more effective. It can convert Audible books to plain audio files on your computer. Besides, you can access your Audible files even if you cancel the Audible subscription or forget your Audible account.

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