How to Transfer and Import Deezer Playlist to Spotify

Deezer has millions and millions of songs for people with different music tastes. It boasts 70 million-plus songs right now, and using Deezer is easy. As you all know, Deezer is an online music streaming platform just like Spotify. But have you ever wondered if you can transfer Deezer to Spotify directly? If you want to import the Deezer playlist to Spotify, you have come to the right place. This post will help you find the right solution to convert the Deezer playlist to Spotify with ease.

We will share multiple solutions and will recommend the best one as well. Go through each solution and select the one that suits you the most. Read on to learn how to export the Deezer playlist to Spotify efficiently.

transfer deezer to spotify

Part 1. How to Import Deezer Playlist to Spotify via AudFree Deezable

Many Deezer and Spotify users ask, "can I transfer my Deezer playlist to Spotify?" Well, you can't add the Deezer playlist to Spotify directly. So, what you can do instead is getting a third-party software to convert and download Deezer songs locally and then transfer them to Spotify as local files. This is the most straightforward thing to do, and the downloaded Deezer songs can not only be added to Spotify but can also be transferred to multiple other devices.

For this solution, we recommend using AudFree Deezable. AudFree Deezable is a professional and powerful Deezer music converter that lets you convert the Deezer songs into multiple audio formats at fast speed and is a reliable tool. Moreover, AudFree Deezable keeps the sound quality of every converted song intact along with its ID3 tags. You need to follow just a few simple steps, and you can convert the Deezer playlist to add it to Spotify.

Main Features of AudFree Deezer Music Converter

audfree deezer music converter
  • Download Deezer songs, playlists, albums to your PC as local files
  • Convert Deezer music to different audio formats, such as MP3, FLAC, etc.
  • Transfer Deezer playlist to Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, etc.
  • Convert Deezer songs at 5X speed for both Mac and Windows users

How to Download Deezer Playlist to Local Computer

Get AudFree Deezable first and launch it. Once done, go through the following steps to download the Deezer playlist to the local computer.

Step 1Download AudFree Deezable and launch it
run audfree deezer music converter
After downloading AudFree Deezable, you need to launch it. When the software is launched, you will see the Deezer desktop app will be opening at the same time, and you need to add your Deezer credentials to log in.
Step 2Customize Deezer music settings for adding to Spotify
adjust deezer music format for spotify
Spotify is only compatible with following audio file formats: MP3 and M4P. Under this circumstance, it's necessary to adjust the Deezer playlist output format as MP3. To do that, please click the top menu bar to choose the 'Preferences' > 'Convert' option to alter the output format, and other audio parameters of Deezer playlists.
Step 3Add and convert Deezer playlist to Spotify-supported local files
download deezer songs for spotify
Open Deezer and start adding the songs to AudFree Deezable that you want to convert by copying and pasting the Deezer playlist link to the address bar of AudFree Deezable. After the Deezer songs are added, click on the "Convert" tab to begin the download and conversion process. The Deezer playlists will be saved in the local output folder that you choose in the beginning.

How to Add Local Deezer Files to Spotify

You will have Deezer songs downloaded to your computer as local files. This section will help you understand how to transfer music from Deezer as local files to Spotify.

import deezer playlist to spotify

Step 1: Launch Spotify and click on your profile name.

Step 2: Click on the "Settings" tab and when the Settings window opens up, click on the "Local Files" tab.

Step 3: You will have to enable the "Show Local Files". Toggle it to allow it to add local files to Spotify.

Step 4: Transfer Deezer songs from the computer to your device where you have the Spotify app. Since "Show Local Files" is enabled, your local Deezer songs will be listed on Spotify.

Part 2. How to Transfer Deezer to Spotify Online via FreeYourMusic

transfer deezer to spotify by freeyourmusic

FreeYourMusic is another good tool to migrate your Deezer playlist to Spotify. This tool is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android users. To use FreeYourMusic, you will have to take care of the following steps:

Step 1: Get FreeYourMusic and select Deezer as a source. This will allow you to migrate the Deezer playlist to Spotify.

Step 2: You will be asked to select a destination. Please, choose it as Spotify.

Step 3: Now, find the tracks, albums, and playlists you want to transfer from Deezer to Spotify.

And when all are done, you will quickly transfer the playlist from Deezer to Spotify.

Part 3. How to Convert Deezer Playlist to Spotify via Soundiiz

moving from deezer to spotify by soundiiz

Just like you can use FreeYourMusic, there is another Deezer to Spotify playlist converter online, called Soundiiz. Soundiiz lets you move all your music or transfer your playlist from Deezer to Spotify. You can use Soundiiz to do both things. To use this tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit and click on "Start Now".

Step 2: Sign up using your Spotify, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, and Google account.

Step 3: Once you see the Soundiiz interface, click on the option that says "Platform to Platform".

Step 4: In the source tab, select Deezer, and for the destination tab, select Spotify.

Step 5: Select the playlist of Deezer that you want to transfer. The transfer process will begin.

Part 4. How to Export Deezer Playlist to Spotify via TuneMyMusic

export deezer playlist to spotify by tunemymusic

Here's another easy way to transfer Deezer songs to Spotify. You can move all the songs from Deezer to Spotify; else, select the playlist and move it to Spotify. The steps are easy to follow, and you will only have to visit their official website to get started. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit and click on the "Let's Start" tab.

Step 2: Next page will ask you to select the source, Deezer, in this case.

Step 3: Third, you will have to select the playlist you want to move. You can copy the URL of the Deezer playlist and paste it onto the search bar. Alternatively, you can load the playlist directly from the Deezer account.

Step 4: Fourth, select the destination, which will be Spotify.

Step 5: Then, click on the "Start Moving My Music" tab to move playlists from Deezer to Spotify.

Part 5. How to Transfer Music from Deezer to Spotify via MusConv

convert deezer playlist to spotify by musconv

Finally, you can try MusConv to transfer Deezer playlists to Spotify. You can try it for free or opt for a plan. They have four plans available, and their minimum plan starts from $15.99. Like the rest of the Deezer to Spotify transfer platforms, using MusConv is easy. Below, you will find the detailed steps to use MusConv to transfer Deezer playlists to Spotify.

Step 1: Visit and select the source of the music service, which is Deezer.

Step 2: Once you select the source, you will have to select the playlist you want to transfer. If you wish, you can select artists or albums as well.

Step 3: You will have to select the destination music service, which is Spotify.

Step 4: After the three steps are completed, please click on the "Transfer" tab to begin the transfer tab.

Part 6. In Conclusion

These are the five ways you can transfer Deezer to Spotify effortlessly. Out of all the ways, the one that truly stands out is AudFree Deezable. Because it gives you the freedom to transfer local Deezer songs to any device and app, including the Spotify app. You can download AudFree Deezable on your Mac or Windows computer and start using it immediately to import Deezer playlist to Spotify without any hassle.

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