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By Charles Davis Updated on 2023-03-24 / Update for Spotify Tips

Spotify is giving music lovers a wonderful invention. So, be it music for your perfect studying, a dedicated gym routine, or partying out, this music streaming service has you covered. No matter the case, it would be wonderful to develop an organized strategy for perfect tunes. You may be wondering how to go about this.

Don’t worry! Spotify playlists will give you a perfect plan. Think of any playlist for whatever mood and find a range from uniquely specific to wildest imaginary collections. Let’s rock down to some amazing playlists on Spotify for 2019.

Top 1. Motivacion Gym

Let’s start on a high note with gym motivation music. These playlists are the perfect workout playlists on Spotify for any gym workout. It isn’t easy to smash out for longer periods as you run, jog or lift that predestined set of weights. You definitely need some motivation and that’s what you get with this playlist.

Top 2. Reggaeton 2019

Reggae never loses its punches. This is a genre that originated way back in the 1960s and is still going strong. Reggaeton 2019 Spotify playlist is revamped, with new French hits. And if you want to get your jam session in a new and explorable title, then this is the playlist to try out. Try it and enjoy its over 300 songs with tracks like "Hola" Remix and Throwback.

Top 3. Marvel Music

Remember the Iron Man, Black Panther or Captain Marvel. Awesome stories in here! But now think of a real imprint of Marvel Comics. Marvel Music brings on tunes from the likes of Redbone, Hans Zimmer, Nirvana, among others. For about 3 hours, you’ll be treated to over 60 tracks from this stellar mix of Marvel movies.

Top 4. Tribal House 2019

Coming at the 4th best Spotify playlists for work is Tribal House 2019. Being a sub-genre of house music, Tribal House has a similar structure to deep house. Its characteristic beats are digitally created, giving more percussive sounds like cabasas, bongos, cuicas, among others. In a nutshell, this playlist gives a fusion of tons of style for work and dance music. Play it to enhance your mood; throw your hands off-air and get to that dancing mood with tracks like "Run" from Jesse, "Matrix", and "Magic Flute" from DJ Oscar.

Top 5. Techno 2019

The year 2019 cannot come to an end without the experience of these top Spotify playlists. Techno music was originally developed in the USA, Michigan in the mid-1980s. And that’s where Techno 2019 music gets its roots from. It encompasses a mix of African American styles like funk, electric jazz, Eurocentric based, and much more. Among its best 85 songs include "Domo" from Alberto Ruiz, "Puffer" and "Many Many Pings".

Top 6. Rapcaviar 2019

One way via which Spotify hooks its users is by giving freshest cuts. And Rapcaviar 2019 is no different! This pop culture outfit was the most influential playlist in the past year. It’s therefore not by surprise to maintain the trend so far. Get into your weekend mood explicitly with "Splashin", "Butterfly Doors", "Space Cadet", and other "Uptown Vibes".

Top 7. Tech House Top 50

Many people confuse Tech House with Techno music. While Techno is much faster with a start of 125 to 150 bpm, Tech House is gentler starting at around 115 to about 135 beats per minute. This is what also, makes this playlist suitable for in-house gigs. Keep it real with these 50 tracks including "Six Pack" from Sophie and "Make Up Your Mind" from Tough Love, among many others.

Top 8. Salsa Music

Salsa is among the best Spotify playlists of 2019. It’s a hybrid musical genre with a collection of Afro-Cuban, guaracha, bolero, and Latin American style. Its rhythm is one of a kind, making it easy to set apart from other dance playlists. Salsa music suits numerous scenarios from a workout, to dance, and running playlists. And when it comes to partying, yes! This is the place to find joy. Salsa will suit a beach party as well as a dinner party, all year through.

Top 9. Spanglish Hits

A mix of English and Spanish languages is the backbone of Spanglish. And many Mexican-Americans find pleasure in these Spotify playlists. Many at times, users who resolve to this playlist say it attracts a different audience. And with over 160 songs, you are in for something really big like "Everything" by Joey Montana, Remix of "Havana" among other explicit collections.

Top 10. Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness will give you the latest tracks and albums at the flip of your finger. Packed with all the versatile fitness collection, this playlist has all the answers when it comes to driving away boredom. But one thing is a must. Get the correct dance shoes! As this Spotify playlists will bombard you with all the dance styles, from chachacha, to flamenco, tango, and meringue, among many others.

Download Spotify Playlist for Offline Listening

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