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Marshall speakers prevail in the music industry due to their capacity to produce robust, strong, and high-quality music for everyone to enjoy. They are preferred by musicians and singers wanting to create an energetic environment for their next concert. But does Marshall work with Spotify?

Lately, Marshall made a more advanced move and introduced speakers using wireless connectivity. The speakers now designed by Marshall have Chromecast built-in, AirPlay and Spotify Connect. The Spotify Connect feature of a Marshall speaker will allow you to stream millions of songs and tracks from the world's best streaming site and transfer them to the world's best amplifier. This sheer combination will help you enjoy every music track with every single beat.

We have compiled this article to help you connect Spotify to Marshall speaker in the simplest way and without facing any errors.

connect spotify to marshall speaker

Part 1. How to Connect Spotify to Marshall Speaker via Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect enables you to listen to Spotify music on Marshall while also giving you full control over your playlist in the Spotify app. Users having a premium subscription for the music streaming app can create a setup with Marshall and can enjoy music on a higher note.

How to Connect Spotify to Marshall

Get Spotify music to Marshall using the simple steps below.

Step 1. Connect your Stanmore II Voice to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2. Open the Spotify app on your phone or PC.

Step 3. Play a song and select the devices available.

Step 4. Select your Stanmore II and start listening.

connect spotify to marshall speaker stanmore voice

How to Play Spotify in Multi-Mode on Marshall Speakers

Step 1. Startup your Spotify app by connecting your phone to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2. Play a song on Spotify and hit "Devices available" in the Spotify app.

Step 3. In the Multi-room speaker category in the Spotify app select Marshall. The music will start playing loud.

Step 4. Now, to stream audio in Multi-mode push the single/multi-mode button on the speaker. Or you can also set the speaker to Multi in the Marshall Multi-room app.

connect spotify to marshall multi room

Part 2. How to Play Spotify on Marshall Speakers for Free

You can play Spotify on Marshall if you have a Premium Spotify account. And what if you don't have a subscription to Spotify. Then you should use a simple music converter to help you download Spotify songs to your computer. Once you have Spotify tracks saved as local files, you can easily stream Spotify on Marshall using its Bluetooth feature. To make things easier for you, we would recommend using AudFree Spotify Music Converter.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter is fast, reliable, and advanced enough for converting Spotify music without affecting its superb quality. AudFree Spotify Music Converter is designed to be used with Windows and Mac and can support all popular audio output formats including MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, and more.

It even supports a Lossless format for retaining the high quality of the Spotify playlist. The superfast speed is also a dominating feature of the converter. You can convert hundreds of songs and tracks quickly and effectively. Last but not least, the converted Spotify music can be transferred to a range of devices including car stereo, gaming consoles, iPod, MP3 players, iTunes and more.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Marshall Speaker

audfree spotify music converter
  • Completely safe to use on Windows and Mac
  • Save Spotify music along with all ID3 tags
  • Supports batch conversion at 5X speed
  • Support offline listening to Spotify on Marshall and other devices

How to Play Spotify on Marshall Speakers for Free

Install AudFree Spotify Music Converter from the official site. As soon as the software is downloaded to your computer, click on the software icon to launch the converter. Now, go through the simple user-friendly interface of the software to quickly convert Spotify songs for offline listening.

Step 1Drag and drop Spotify music for Marshall
add spotify music to audfree
After launching the AudFree Spotify Music Converter to your device, you have to drag and drop music files from Spotify. Another way to upload music to the converter is to copy-paste the URL of the songs to the main interface. For selecting multiple songs click on the "+" icon at the bottom left corner.
Step 2Adjust the Spotify parameters for Marshall
customize spotify parameters for marshall
Setting the parameter before downloading is a step you should not miss as the output quality of your audio files depends on these adjustments.
Go to the menu bar and click on the Preference option. In the next window, select the audio format for the converted files. MP3 is set by default to ensure high-quality conversion. Besides, there are other options for you to download Spotify to FLAC, WAV, etc. You can also set the speed of your download along with other conversion settings including bitrate, audio channel, and sample rate. You can also specify how you intend to archive songs on your computer.
Step 3Convert Spotify music for Marshall
download and play spotify on marshall
After uploading all the songs in the AudFree converter click on "OK". Then press "Convert" and the software will automatically download and convert music at the same time. All the songs and tracks will be saved on your computer as locally saved files.

Play Spotify Songs on Marshall

You have all songs saved in your computer storage. Now, you can simply connect your computer with a Marshall speaker via Bluetooth connection and play Spotify songs without any difficulty.

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1. Turn on your Marshall speaker.

2. Select Bluetooth as the source by pushing the Wake button. Wait until the LED light lights up.

3. Activate Bluetooth functionality on your device.

4. Now press the Pair button. The LED light on the Marshall speaker will turn red.

5. On your computer select your Marshall speaker and pair them both up.

6. Now, you are ready to play the songs on Marshall.

Part 3. Conclusion

Marshall gives you the most defining sound quality and an amazing listening experience. By downloading and playing Spotify on multiple devices with the support of AudFree Spotify Music Converter, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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