Best Spotify to M4A Converter – How to Convert Spotify to M4A

As one of the most famous streaming music platforms throughout the world, Spotify offers the largest streaming music library to music lovers to celebrate every day. Different genres of music are stored in there, waiting for you to discover, to enjoy, and to collect.

Unlike other streaming music services, Spotify provides a permanent free version to access all of the music resources online. But the premium version of Spotify is just like the others, subscribers are not allowed to download music for formats' conversion either. If you are looking for how to convert Spotify to M4A file, this article you help you to figure it out. Just read on the following paragraphs to learn how to convert Spotify music to M4A.

convert spotify to m4a

Part 1. Best Spotify to M4A Converter: AudFree Spotify Music Converter

If you have subscribed to Spotify's premium plan, you will find that you are supported to download music for offline listening. However, it won't be long before you find out that it is not real downloads. Music from Spotify is still saved in OGG Vorbis, which are not able to convert to M4A or any other kinds of formats. Also, those protected audios can be played on Spotify only.

In order to completely solve this problem, it is inevitable to seek help from a third-party music downloader and converter. Here, I sincerely recommend AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter, which is born to release the constraints from Spotify tracks, losslessly downloading and converting Spotify OGG to M4A, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4B, and many universal formats.

AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter

audfree spotify to m4a converter
  • Losslessly unlock Spotify OGG Vorbis music
  • Convert Spotify music to M4A, AAC, MP3, etc.
  • Stay original ID3 tags and raw metadata info
  • Run at 5X faster speed, edit output parameters

In the meantime, utilizing an advanced converting technology, AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter supports batch mode that you can process up to 100 audio files at the speed of 5X or faster. Metadata from the original streams will be totally preserved, such as artist, title, album art, and so on. With an intuitive interface and easy operation, this smart tool is the one that you exactly looking for.

Part 2. How to Convert Spotify Music to M4A

In this paragraph, I will show you the details of how to use AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter to download and convert Spotify songs to M4A. Before I introduce the process, please mind the following tips firstly.

  • Download and Install AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter on your computer.
  • Be clear that the Spotify desktop app is not downloaded from Windows Store. For now, AudFree doesn't support this version.
  • If you have a pre-installed Spotify app from Windows Store, please use an powerful uninstaller to completely delete the components.
Step 1Load audios from Spotify to AudFree for converting to M4A
load spotify files to audfree
Open AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter. And the Spotify desktop app will be showed up automatically. Log in to your Spotify account. Discover the tracks/playlists/albums that you would like to convert to M4A. Then, directly drag and drop it from Spotify to the empty place of AudFree. Or you can copy and paste the relevant URL to the search box on the top of the AudFree. Next, click to the '+' tab to stream it into AudFree. Please hold and wait, then all the music files will be added in it in a flash.
Step 2Choose M4A as output quality and modify other output options
set output format as m4a
If you are using a Windows computer, please find and tap on the menu icon on the upper edge of AudFree. Then click to Preferences to open the Convert tab. If you are using a Mac machine, please go to the menu tab on the top left corner of the entire screen. Then choose to AudFree Spotify Music Converter. After that, you will enter the page of settings. Here, please simply select M4A as the output format and reset the related output options like bit rate, sample rate, channel, and so on. As a suggestion, to get the best output quality, please change the bit rate to 320kbps and alter the sample rate to 48000Hz.
Step 3Download and convert Spotify songs to M4A on local computer
convert spotify music to m4a
If you have satisfied with the settings, please hit on the Save to commit to the setting result. Then just click to Convert to start the converting process. After the conversion is done, please follow the on-screen prompts to access the target folder on the local computer. In there, all of the Spotify tracks are saved as M4A.
Video GuideHow to Convert Spotify to M4A

Tips: What is An M4A File and How to Add M4A to Spotify

M4A is a file extension for audio file and it is encoded with AAC (lossy) or ALAC (lossless). Compared to MP3, the quality of M4A is better and the file size is smaller.

So, can Spotify play M4A? Due to an answer from Spotify's community, it does not support lossless files by default. That is to say, Spotify does not play ALAC in .m4a extension, but it does support AAC files that are in .m4a extension. In addition, AudFree Spotify to M4A Converter enables you to add local M4A files to Spotify for playback at any time.

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