Control Spotify Music Playback on Huawei Band Offline

Smartwatches are the bomb when it comes to tracking healthiness, keeping track of your sleep, and even listening to music, among others. But this functionality has been reserved for high-end watches like Garmin, Apple Watch, Samsung, among others. However, other brands like Huawei are also slowly joining the bandwagon. Huawei Band brings added features including a real-time heart rate monitor which is a necessity for proper health maintenance.

It's now possible to play Spotify music on Huawei Band if you are a Premium subscriber. But that does not mean that free users cannot listen to Spotify music on Huawei Band. We'll tackle how to achieve that later in this article. But first, let's focus on how to use your Android phone to stream Spotify music to Huawei Band.

play spotify music on huawei band

Part 1. Control Spotify Music on Huawei Band 4/5/6 via Android Phone

For Spotify Premium users, you can get over 13 million Spotify tracks right on your Android device. Follow these steps to pair your phone with your Band then connect Spotify music via Android phone. But this option runs only on Android version 5.0 and higher.

Step 1. Ensure that you have installed the Huawei Health app on your phone. Next launch the app, go to the "Devices" option > "Add" and choose the "Smart Band" option then touch on your Band's name.

Step 2. Next, touch the "Pair" option and immediately, the Huawei Health app will search for the Band and start the pairing process.

Step 3. Then touch on the "Devices" settings and enable the "Music Playback" control.

Step 4. Go ahead to open the "Spotify" app on your Android phone then choose the track you wish to play on your phone.

Step 5. You are now free to control the music playback right from your Android phone.

Part 2. Download Spotify Music to Huawei Band 6/5/4 Compatible Files

Use the recommended app to control Spotify music on Huawei Band 4, 5, or 6. The AudFree Spotify Music Converter app will easily convert Spotify Ogg to popular formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, among others with zero quality loss. More so, AudFree Spotify Music Converter will convert your files at a high speed of 5X rate. Get retained 100% originality of the tracks as this app retains the ID3 tags and metadata info like genre, track number, artists, etc.

It also lets you customize output parameters as per your desire. You can change the channel, bit rate, sample rate, among other settings before converting your files.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter for Huawei Band

audfree spotify music converter
  • Work at a speed of 5X rate in a batch conversion
  • Customize output settings to compatible with Huawei Band
  • Preserve 100% original ID3 tags and other information
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, and other local formats

Download Spotify Music to MP3 or AAC Files that Can be Playable by Huawei Band

Here are the steps to download and convert Spotify music to common output formats. It's after this that you'll manage to stream the converted files to any player or device such as Huawei Band.

Step 1Add Spotify playlist to AudFree
add spotify music to audfree spotify music converter
AudFree Spotify Music Converter supports both Mac and Windows OS. Once you download and install it, launch the app and the Spotify app will also open up automatically. Then choose and begin to add a Spotify playlist to the app by the drag and drop option. Likewise, you can copy the song URL and paste the link to the search box of AudFree Converter then press the "+" tab to load your music.
Step 2Customize Spotify output and parameter settings for Huawei Band
set spotify output format for huawei band
To customize settings, click on the "Menu" bar and hit on the "Preferences" option to open a new window. Then choose which audio format to convert Spotify music to MP3 or AAC format. Also, go ahead to customize output parameters like sample rate, audio channel, and bit rate.
Step 3Download and convert Spotify music for Huawei Band
download spotify music for huawei band
Once all the entries are correct, click on the "Convert" tab to start the converting process to download music form Spotify to your computer. Check for the converted files in the "Converted folder from the "History" icon. The converted files are now free to be played on Huawei Band offline.

Part 3. How to Play Spotify Music on Huawei Band 6/5/4 Offline

The converted Spotify files are now free from restrictions and can now be played on any app. Here are the steps to connect Spotify to Huawei Band.

Add Spotify Music to Huawei Band via Health App

Step 1. First, launch the Huawei Health app on your phone.

Step 2. Next, tap on the "Devices" option and tap on "Music" under the "Featured" section.

Step 3. Then scroll down to the "Music" section and choose the "Manage Music" option.

add spotify to huawei band by health app

Step 4. Click on the "Add Songs" option at the bottom of the screen and your converted Spotify songs will be added to your Huawei Band. Remember to add music from "Device" at this juncture when prompted.

Control Spotify Music on Huawei Band 4/5/6

It's now just a tap away to control Spotify music on Huawei Band 4 or 5 as you listen to your music files. Ensure you have moved the converted Spotify music to your phone first before you can play them Huawei Band Watch.

Step 1. Launch the Huawei Health app on your phone and tap on the "Devices" option.

Step 2. Choose "Huawei Band 4" or any other that you are using from the available devices options. Then turn on the "Music Playback" control.

Step 3. Pick on any Spotify song on your phone to start playing. Please note the "Music Control" option on the Huawei Band.

turn on music playback control on huawei band watch

Step 4. You can then browse through your song titles from the Huawei Band's home screen and control your music offline.

Part 4. Conclusion

Are you stuck at getting your favorite Spotify tracks on your Huawei Band with a Free subscription? Not anymore with this tutorial! You get to play Spotify on Huawei Band 6 offline in a few steps with AudFree Spotify Music Converter. The app supports both Mac and Windows operating systems and splashes you with an intuitive user interface.

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