How to Play Amazon Music While Using Waze

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Waze is a Google-owned GPS navigation software app, like Google Maps, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. It provides turn-by-turn directions, user-submitted travel times and route details, as well as alerts to accidents, traffic hazards, and police traps to your while driving. But how do you listen to music while using Waze voice broadcast?

In this article, we will cite Amazon Music Waze integration as a case and introduce two ways to use Amazon Music and Waze hand-freely at the same time. Just come with us to find the answer!

connect amazon music to waze

Part 1. What Is Amazon Music Waze Integration

Waze officially allows Amazon Music to work inside it while navigating. With the Waze integration in Amazon Music, Waze users are allowed to listen to Amazon Music directly from the app. And the music won't stop playing if you open the Waze app and hear the audio navigation from it.

There is a music icon existing on the interface of this guide app. By clicking it, you can choose Amazon Music and other supported music apps from the list. In this way, Amazon Music Prime subscribers can access two million hand-curated songs and over 1,000 playlists for free while subscribers to Amazon Music Unlimited can access over 100 million songs.

Part 2. Official Way to Connect Amazon Music to Waze

After making sense of the native integration between Waze and Amazon Music, now you come to the operating step to use Amazon Music with Waze. It is worth mentioning that, only Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited users can access their music library directly inside Waze.

How Does Amazon Music Work with Waze

Please install or update the Amazon Music app and Waze on your iOS or Android through the app store beforehand. On top of that, please make sure you have an active Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited account. Then let's look at the how-to guide;

Step 1. On the Amazon Music mobile app, land on its home screen.

Step 2. Touch on the gear icon from the top right corner of Amazon Music to pull up a new menu.

Step 3. From the pop-up menu list, choose 'Settings'.

stting option on amazon music

Step 4. Swipe up the screen to find 'Enable Waze Integration' from the settings and toggle it on.

enable waze integration on amazon music

Step 5. A prompt will show on to ask you whether you decide to connect Waze to Amazon Music. Hit the 'Accept' button to set up the Waze Amazon Music integration.

accept waze connect to amazon music

Step 6. A music icon will suspend on the upper-right corner of Waze. By tapping on it and 'Resume Playing' > 'Open', you can open the Amazon Music widget in Waze. From the widget, you can click on either the 'Open Amazon Music' button or the 'Show List' option to open the Amazon Music app or other music apps. Now, you can control the Amazon Music track playback within the interface of the guide app.

open amazon music on waze

Part 3. Advanced Way to Play Amazon Music While Using Waze

It is mentioned that an Amazon Music subscription is required to connect Waze and Amazon Music officially. However, for Amazon Music free users, there is also a way to use Amazon Music with the navigation software. That is to download Amazon Music tracks as local files and transfer Amazon Music to a USB drive. Thus, you can play the downloaded Amazon Music tracks in your car without subscriptions forever when you use Waze.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter is such a multi-purpose tool that endows you with the ability to download all content from the Amazon Music app or web player for offline listening. With professional technology, this clever gadget is capable of converting encrypted Amazon Music to MP3, lossless FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc.

Moreover, it keeps lossless Amazon Music audio quality and other metadata info including ID3 tags. Afterward, you are empowered to play those Amazon Music tracks on any device whenever you like without any subscriptions.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter

audfree amazon music converter
  • Export Amazon Music to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, etc
  • Download Amazon Music for offline playback anywhere
  • Preserve original sound quality and ID3 tags of Amazon Music
  • Customize output parameters and quality with flexibility

How to Download and Play Amazon Music with Waze

Here is a detailed user guide that can help you download and convert Amazon Music to MP3 and other formats losslessly. Please install the AudFree Amazon Music Converter app on a PC or Mac and then refer to the guide.

Step 1Customize Output Formats for Exporting Amazon Music Losslessly
adjust amazon music output format for waze
Open the AudFree software on your desktop, then the Amazon Music app will launch simultaneously. Click the upper-right three horizontal lines to pull down a list. Then select 'Preferences' > 'Convert' where you can set Amazon Music output format as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and more common formats. At the same time, you can opt to change the bit rate and sample rate as well as the audio channel to keep the original steaming quality.
Step 2Drag and Drop Amazon Music Tracks to AudFree Amable
add amazon music to audfree amable
On the Amazon Music app or web player, drag the single Amazon Music podcast, track, or playlist from the music app and drop it to the main interface of the AudFree Amazon Music Converter. This is the easiest and fast way. Or, you can copy and paste the URL links of Amazon Music audio to the search box of the converter and then click on the '+' tab near the box.
Step 3Download and Convert Amazon Music Playlists Locally for Waze
download and convert amazon music for waze
On the AudFree software, simply hit the 'Convert' button towards the bottom right corner to start converting. This powerful tool will download and export selected Amazon Music or download purchased amazon music to the targeted format you choose and save them to a local drive on your computer. Just tap the bottom 'Converted' tab labeled with a red spot of the number of tracks, then you can access the downloads. Transfer Amazon Music to a USB stick and plug the drive into your car. Subsequently, you are able to listen to Amazon Music while using Waze even though you don't subscribe to Amazon Music plans.

Part 4. FAQs About Waze and Amazon Music

Q1: What music apps work with Waze, besides Amazon Music?

A: Apart aside Amazon Music, Waze also supports a variety of popular music streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, etc. What's more, some audio services such as Audible and also work with this navigation app.

Q2: How do I stop Waze from playing Amazon Music?

A: Just toggle off the playing button from the top playing bar on the Waze app. Alternatively, you can use voice commands such as Google Assistant to hand-freely control the Amazon Music playback in Waze.

Part 5. In Conclusion

We present both official and advanced methods to get Amazon Music Waze integration in the above content. Select a loved one according to your subscriptions. To be fair, it is recommended to use AudFree Amazon Music Converter since it helps you keep Amazon Music downloads locally forever and removes compatibility limits. You can play your favorite Amazon Music audio on any device at any time.

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