Apple Music Cannot Be Copied to iPod? Here's the Solution!

Although both Apple Music service and iPod are Apple's products, you will still encounter the error message saying "Apple Music songs cannot be copied to an iPod" when syncing the downloaded Apple Music tracks to iPod nano/shuffle. But why? As a matter of fact, that's mainly caused by DRM, an encryption technology used by Apple to protect the copyright of the songs.

Due to DRM, subscribers are only allowed to access Apple Music songs on devices which support Apple Music app. As for now, Apple Music is not a native app within iPod/iPod nano/shuffle yet. So before any official support is announced, we need to seek for alternative ways to put Apple Music to iPod. Fortunately, there are many 3rd-party solutions that could make it happen by removing DRM from Apple Music. The following content will introduce the best tool for you to make Apple Music tracks syncable to iPod (nano/shuffle) easily.

apple music to ipod

Part 1. Sync Apple Music to iPod: Tools You'll Need

The reliable tool that could enable you freely copy all Apple Music streams to iPod nano/shuffle is called AudFree Apple Music Converter, a well-known Apple Music DRM removal tool. By getting rid of DRM completely and permanently from Apple Music songs, it offers you the ability to enjoy DRM-free Apple music songs on iPod at anytime without limit. Apart from stripping off the DRM lock, AudFree Apple Music Converter can also convert the encrypted Apple Music M4P to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc. with original ID3 tags preserved.

Under the help of this excellent Apple Music conversion tool, you can not only freely play any Apple Music song on iPod/iPod nano/shuffle, but can also back up the songs on any other device forever even after cancelling the subscription.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music songs/playlists without quality loss
  • Convert Apple Music from protected M4P to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, etc.
  • Support keeping ID3 tags and customizing output music quality
  • Work well with iTunes songs, audiobooks, Audible files and more

Part 2. Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get Apple Music Songs on iPod Nano/Shuffle

Here in the following part, we'll guide you to remove Apple Music DRM with AudFree Apple Music Converter as well as transfer the songs to iPod step by step.

Step 1Add downloaded Apple Music tracks to AudFree
add apple music songs
Before importing the songs, make sure they were already completely downloaded onto your computer. Otherwise you should subscribe the Apple Music service to download Apple Music offline firstly. After that, launch AudFree Apple Music Converter, then click the first 'Add' button at the bottom left to load the target songs to the application. Or directly drag the files from iTunes music folder.
Step 2Define output profile
customize output settings
When the tracks are imported into the converter, simply go to the bottom right corner of AudFree and click the 'audio' icon near 'Convert' button. Then you'll be directed to the output settings window where you can choose the output profile, including audio format, codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate, etc. In order to make the songs playable on iPod, you are highly recommended to set the output format as MP3.
Step 3Convert Apple Music to MP3
convert apple music to mp3
Now you should click 'Convert' button to begin removing DRM and converting Apple Music songs to MP3 for iPod. Once converted, the DRM-free songs will be found on the 'history' folder.
Step 4Copy Apple Music songs to iPod nano/shuffle
copy apple music to ipod via itunes
To copy the converted Apple Music songs to iPod, you'll need the help of iTunes app on your computer. Firstly, connect your iPod Nano/Shuffle to computer. Then go to iTunes > 'Music' > 'Sync Music' > 'selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres'. In "Playlists" section, choose 'Recently added' option where you stored the well converted Apple Music songs in iTunes library. Then click 'Apply' to let iTunes automatically sync those Apple Music songs to your iPods in seconds.

Apple Music & DRM: Everything You Need to Know

Like other Apple products, Apple Music streaming service is protected by the DRM (digital rights management), because of which, we can only play Apple Music songs on selected devices which support Apple Music app, including iOS and Android phones. It also requires account authorization of Apple Music subscription on up to 5 devices only. What's worse, we can only burn the Apple Music tracks to CD once due to DRM. If we however unsubscribe the service someday, all the downloaded songs would disappear from iTunes library.

Therefore, a smart Apple Music DRM removal tool like AudFree Apple Music Converter would be highly required in order to get rid of those restrictions once and for all. Why not download it for free to test it by yourself?

Jul 14, 2021 4:30 PM

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