Best Way to Transfer Apple Music to SanDisk MP3 Player

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"Is SanDisk compatible with Apple Music? How do I put music from Apple Music to my SanDisk MP3 player?"

SanDisk MP3 Players, including five main types: SanDisk Clip Sport, SanDisk Clip Jam, SanDisk Clip Voice, SanDisk Clip Sport Plus, and SanDisk Clip Sport Go, are not compatible with Apple Music. Thus, there is no official way to put Apple Music on any MP3 players like SanDisk MP3 players directly. And you may seek solutions for a long time.

But take it easy! That is what we will talk about in this article. If you have no clue about how to transfer Apple Music to SanDisk MP3 Player, we highly recommend you read this article. Now, come with us to find the solution!

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how to transfer apple music to sandisk mp3 player

Part 1. Tool Required for Putting Apple Music on SanDisk MP3 Player

So, how to transfer Apple Music to SanDisk MP3 Players? Since Apple Music streams M4P (encrypted AAC) and unique ALAC audio, you cannot play Apple Music on any MP3 player. In other words, music lovers can only access Apple Music in its app and supported devices. To listen to Apple Music on a SanDisk MP3 player, you need to download Apple Music to MP3 or other SnaDisk MP3 Player-enabled formats first on your computer or phone. Then transfer the downloaded Apple Music songs onto your SanDisk device.

Further, in order to convert Apple Music M4P and ALAC to the MP3 format, what you need is a third-party Apple Music converter. In this post, we would like to introduce AudFree Apple Music Converter, an all-in-one and all-around software designed for Apple Music listeners.

AudFree Apple Music Converter works to convert downloaded Apple Music to generalized MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and also M4A, M4B, etc. at 30X faster speed with zero quality loss. Also, it allows you to personalize the bit rate, sample rate, and other output settings for lossless audio quality. Those converted Apple Music will be stored as permanent local files and won't disappear even if you cancel the Apple Music subscription. Thus, you can play those Apple Music songs on any device and player, besides SanDisk MP3 Players forever.

Beyond that, this extraordinary converter has the capability to keep metadata information and ID3 tags such as tile, year, genre, composer, and album art cover. With an internal ID3 tags editor, you can customize the relevant parameters to your needs.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Play the Apple Music files on SanDisk MP3 Player with ease
  • Convert Apple Music to unprotected audio files like MP3, and more
  • Save the sound quality and ID3 tags for Apple Music
  • Initiate the Apple Music conversion at 30X speed

Part 2. How to Download Apple Music to SanDisk MP3 Player

After understanding the feature and functionality of the AudFree Apple Music Converter, in this part, we will take you through the detailed process to convert Apple Music content into unprotected formats for SanDisk. But before that, please take the preparatory works done: Download Apple Music from iTunes with Apple Music subscriptions in advance; install AudFree Apple Music Converter on your Windows or Mac. Afterward, you can refer to the below user guide.

Step 1Add Downloaded Apple Music to AudFree Apple Music Converter
add apple music to audfree apple music converter
Open the Apple Music to MP3 Converter on your computers. The iTunes app will launch simultaneously. This powerful gadget provides two methods to add files. For the first method, open your computer hard drive. Then drag and drop downloaded Apple Music files from your computer hard drive to the converter. For the other method, please touch on the first 'Load iTunes Library' button towards the bottom left corner directly.
Step 2Define Output Settings for Apple Music as SanDisk-Supported Formats
set apple music audio output for sandisk mp3 player
Once Apple Music audios are added, please touch on the bottom-right first 'Format' button symbolized with an audio icon, in which you can define the Apple Music output audio format as MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, and W4A for compatibility with SanDisk MP3 Player. Apart from that, you can change the Apple Music audio's bit rate, sample rate, audio channels, etc. for lossless audio quality and spatial sound effects.
Note: You can refer to the compatible formats of SanDisk MP3 Players from the table below:
SanDisk MP3 Player Supported Formats
SanDisk Clip Voice MP3, WMA (DRM free),
WAV, FLAC, AAC, Audible
SanDisk Clip Sport MP3, WMA (without DRM),
WAV, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis,
and Audible (with DRM)
SanDisk Clip Sport Go MP3, WMA (without DRM),
WAV, FLAC, AAC (DRM-free iTunes),
Audible (non-DRM only)
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3, WMA (without DRM), WAV,
FLAC, AAC (DRM-free iTunes format),
Audible (with DRM)
SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player MP3, WMA (without DRM),
WAV, AAC, and Audible (with DRM)
Step 3Start to Convert Apple Music for SanDisk MP3 Players
how to download apple music to sandisk mp3 player
Direct attention to the bottom-right 'Convert' button that is also next to the format button. Hit the button to convert the downloaded Apple Music. After seconds, the converted Apple Music will be stored in the computer destination folder you set before. Now, you can step into the next part to transfer Apple Music to a SanDisk MP3 player.

Part 3. How to Transfer Apple Music to SanDisk MP3 Player

Since the Apple Music songs have been converted to permanent local MP3 files, you are empowered to upload the local music files to SanDisk MP3 Player as usual. Here is how to transfer Apple Music to SanDisk Clip Sport or other SanDisk MP3 Players.

Step 1. Connect the SanDisk Clip Sport to your Windows or Mac computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. After your computer recognizes the SanDisk device, it will show the device as a removable drive named 'SanDisk'. If not, please go to 'My Computer'. Then double-click on the drive to open the folder.

Step 3. Go to the folder where your converted Apple Music audio files are stored on your computer.

Step 4. Drag the Apple Music local files you want to import to the SanDisk MP3 player and drop them into the device's 'Music' folder directly. Alternatively, you can use copy-and-paste action.

how to put apple music on sandisk mp3 player

After importing, please safely eject your SanDisk MP3 player from your computer. Now, you can start to listening to Apple Music on SanDisk MP3 Players without restrictions or problems. Moreover, it is feasible to change Apple Music playback speed.

Part 4. Conclusion

In conclusion, you can make good use of AudFree Apple Music Converter, which allows you to put Apple Music on SanDisk MP3 Players and ohter MP3 players, like Sony Walkman at any time. This Apple Music converter also plays a role in the integration between Apple Music and other players or platforms. And with zero audio quality loss and original ID3 tags, it enables you to enjoy an excellent music journey.

Also, if you have any other advice or problem of transferring Apple Music to SanDisk, please leave your remarks in the following comment section.

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