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Q: "Does Apple Music have a web player?" To catch up to Spotify, Apple finally geared up a web player. With the new web player release, subscribers can now sign in with their Apple Music ID to play full songs on the web without iTunes or Apple Music app installed. In case you are new to this service, I will introduce the complete guide to using the Apple Music web player in the following part.

The Apple Music player debuted as a beta site in 2019. However, users are not available to access some features, such as the offline mode and some exclusive content. To solve the problem, I will also recommend several alternatives to the Apple Music online web player, which also enables you to listen to Apple Music online and offline without iTunes.

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apple music web player

Part 1. What Is Apple Music Web Player

In 2019, Apple rolled out its browser player of music for Windows users. The new web player for Apple Music is compatible with all kinds of browsers, such as Google Chrome, and with all non-Apple platforms like Windows 10, Chrome OS, Linux, etc. It can even work on a mobile system, containing Android. This Apple web music player is mainly designed for music lovers to access the whole music library with over 110+ M tracks of Apple Music online without needing to install any extra applications.

The Apple Music web interface boasts almost the same UI design as the Apple Music Mac app and it has more of a 'For You' section compared with its app. Both of them have a stationary navigation sidebar on the left panel with four sections: Listen Now, Browse, Radio, and Search. And you can also view your Apple Music Replay in the web player. It is a pity that, however, you cannot download songs from the Apple Music browser player.

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Part 2. Main Features of Apple Music Online Player

The main features play a significant role in choosing a music platform. So, in this part, we will take you through the selling points, pros, and cons of this online Apple Music player.

Main Features

⭕ Access to more than 110 million songs
⭕ Tailored recommendations in 'For You' based on the listening history and habits
⭕ Play Apple Music songs in AAC codec
⭕ The ability to add and delete albums
⭕ Control playback with a shortcut key to play, pause, etc.
⭕ Keep a record of the last playing history


✔ Have a unique 'For You' section compared to the app
✔ No need to install any app.
✔ Faster speed to load songs than the app


❌ Cannot listen to expert-curated playlists
❌ Not supporting accessing Apple Music Lossless Audio with lower audio quality
❌ Without downloading feature
❌ Not support showing lyrics, video, and floating window
❌ Not allowing to create Smart Playlists
❌ Cannot build playlists

Part 3. How to Use Online Apple Music Player to Listen to Music

If you have not been exposed to the web-based version of Apple Music, the following instructions will guide you to use the official web player in simple steps.

Step 1. Visit via any web browser.

Step 2. Log in to your Apple account.

Step 3. Once logged in, you will be able to access the entire Apple Music catalog and the tracks that you have uploaded to your library.

Tips: It is available to visit Apple Music's radio stations and Apple's personalized 'For You' recommendation on the browser player.

Part 4. Differences between Apple Music Web Player and the Apple Music App

As we state, the Apple Music browser player has the same user interface as its app. Both of them allow listeners to play full-length songs or albums with Apple Music subscriptions. However, do you find their disparity? In this part, we will look into the different functions between the Apple Music online web player and the Apple Music app.

● The app can support for live lyrics which is not supported by the web player

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● The online Apple Music player has the inability to download songs for offline listening and create playlists but you can do that on the Apple Music app.

● Not keeping the UI in mini-player mode in the Apple Music web browser player.

● The web player for Apple Music provides an alternative way to access Apple Music on devices such as Android TV where the app is not available.

● Compared with the native Apple Music app, the Apple web music player allows you to play the 30-second previews of songs.

● The Apple Music web player audio quality is lower, which streams music at 128 kbps even less while the native app plays tracks at 256 kbps.

● Apple Music in web player load faster than on the Apple Music app.

● It does not offer the setting options for Apple Music online player but you can customize settings on its app.

Part 5. Top Best Online Apple Music Browser Player Alternative

There are also some Apple Music online web player that can replace the official Apple Music online player. Compared with the later, those players for Apple Music can be more practical. Here, we would like to introduce some best Apple Music online players for you.

Musish Apple Music Player

There is one web player named Musish for Apple Music's playback without iTunes, which provides A better music experience than Apple's official music player. As an open-source online web player, it has almost a similar user interface as the official web player and the app. But distinct from the officially released Apple's player online, Musish boasts more functions. For example, you can select the audio quality in the settings section; you are allowed to scrobble the Apple Music and connect to the Last FM, etc. If you are interested in it, just follow the tutorial below to try this software.

musish web player for apple music


ThinMusic serves as a free browser player for Apple Music users. Resemble Musish, it also supports scrobbling Apple Music. But different from Apple's web player, ThinMusic has a completely different UI design without limited sections, which runs with Apple Music web player dark mode. It allows you to browse and search for songs without leaving the listening record. Though it claimed itself a web-based player, an Apple Music premium account is also needed.

thinmusic online apple music player

Part 6. How to Play Apple Music on All Players

As the newly released web player for Apple Music is not as full-fledged as Spotify's, you may encounter some unfriendly experiences while using it as we state above.

But don't worry, to address your concerns, we'll recommend a more versatile way for you: use a third-party Apple Music tool to download and convert Apple Music to local files for playing without iTunes.

Download Apple Music on PC: Required Tool

Before we get to the tutorial, you need to be aware of the fact that Apple Music songs are saved in protected M4P format, with which you are only allowed to enjoy Apple Music on iTunes or other authorized programs and devices. And that's the main reason why you can't play Apple Music on the web before the official web player is released. Therefore, other than using the Apple's web player, you can convert Apple Music to local files by using AudFree Apple Music Converter.

As an all-in-one Apple Music converting tool, AudFree Apple Music Converter is specialized in transferring Apple Music from M4P to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and other unprotected audio formats at a fast 30X speed. Different from the temporary files downloaded by an Apple Music Premium account, AudFree Apple Music Converter empowers you to preserve Apple Music permanently. After that, you are able to play Apple Music in web browsers without iTunes at any time. Besides, this smart tool can keep the original ID3 tags and lossless audio quality of the songs and let you change the bit rate, sample rate, and codec all according to your own needs.

Furthermore, it offers options for you to split and edit the Apple Music downloads alongside the ID3 tags according to your demands.

AudFree Apple Music Converter

audfree apple music converter
  • Losslessly download Apple M4P to MP3, M4A, AAC, etc.
  • Play Apple Music offline without opening iTunes app
  • Also support converting audiobooks from iTunes and Audible
  • Work at up to 30X fast speed while keeping ID3 tags


How to Download and Play Apple Music without iTunes

Before we start, please take the preparatory work done: Download Apple Music with the iTunes app in advance. Then you can follow the instructions.

Step 1Add downloaded Apple Music songs to Converter
add apple music to audfree apple music converter
Launch the AudFree Apple Music Converter and the iTunes app will open automatically. Then touch the first 'Load iTunes Library' button at the bottom left of the AudFree Apple Music Converter's main interface in order to add all downloaded Apple Music M4P files to this smart tool. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the offline Apple Music tracks to the AudFree conversion window.
Step 2Set output format and other parameters for Apple Music
customize apple music output settings
When all Apple Music songs are imported successfully to this Apple Music web browser player alternative, click on the 'audio' icon next to 'Convert' to open the output format setting window where you can choose the output format as MP3, AAC, WAC, or others. If you want to customize the music quality, you can simply change the audio codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rate there.
Step 3Start to Convert Apple Music to Local Files
download apple music by audfree
Tab the 'Convert' button to begin converting Apple Music to MP3 with the best M4P to MP3 converter. After conversion, you can locate the local Apple Music files on the target folder by clicking the 'history' icon. Then you are supported to listen to Apple Music on any device without iTunes.

Part 7. More FAQs about Apple Music Player

Q1: How do I create a playlist in Apple Music web player?

As described above, there are no options to create playlists on the Apple Music browser player. But it can sync the created personal playlists you made in the Apple Music app.

Q2: Does Apple Music web player support lossless?

Nope. The web player for Apple Music online only streams up to 128 kbps, let alone the Apple Music Lossless Audio.

Q3: How to fix the Apple Music web player not working issue?

Some music users havs the same comlaint that Apple Music online player stops playing. When you encounter such issues, please make sure if you have log in to your Apple Music premium account to unblock the full experience. If the problem remains, you can try other tool aforementioned.

Part 8. In Conclusion

In this post, we have looked into the Apple Music web player and three alternatives. Generally speaking, AudFree Apple Music Converter is the best shot since it allows you to listen to and keep Apple Music forever on any device. Different from other three tools, this converter can help you achieve more without any issues.

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