Top 10 Best Spotify Rap Playlists for Offline Listening

By Charles Davis Updated on 2021-07-13 / Update for Spotify Tips

Spotify music streaming service has been known to be among the top rated category in the music industry. It offers millions of tracks to the ever-swelling users worldwide. Besides giving free trials, you can upgrade to premium and enjoy uninterrupted tracks with absolutely no adverts. Furthermore, you also have the option to download your favorite songs to enjoy at offline playback. This makes it a driving force for any artist who looks forward to bulging out and conquering the world.

So when it comes to Rap music, it kinds of lends itself to Spotify playlist format in the most natural manner. We have put together some of the best Spotify rap playlists that cannot go unnoticed in the Hip hop music arena. They range from label-designed, Spotify-built, and blog-curated music among others. You definitely won’t miss something that will pluck you out of that comfortable chair to the world of rap.

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Top 1. We Everywhere

This curated-playlist brings you a mix of your local hits and those from around the globe. The beauty of this playlist is about new artists who incorporate certified bangers in native tongue languages. These are by far, so dear to most listeners because they can connect directly to them. Roll it down with Little Simz’s Offence, Octavian’s Bet, AJ Tacey, and Shabba, among other great artists.

Top 2. Gold School

This is also one best rap Spotify playlist 2019 even though some songs elope from yesteryears. It is no doubt that old is gold; most of these tracks have scaled high heights to represent the backbone of rap. When we talk about Women’s history month, then this is it. It will keep you entertained with its 50 plus song such as ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind Eve’.

Top 3. Rap Caviar

A whole lot of 50 songs to keep you locked down are what you get from this playlist. It is actually the diversity of this collection that will first grab your attention. Talk of great rappers like Tory Lanez with his great hit ‘Freaky’, Nicki Minaj and Post Malone with Roddy Ricch. Get both the new and old songs for utmost entertainment.

Top 4. Lowkey Flex

If you want a good beginner playlist then Lowkey Flex is the way to go. It will give you new and popular rap artists that need to have a wider spot on their work. Some of these artists include Oswin Benjamin, Marlon Craft, Brysol Tiller, and ZAYN. This is surely the best place to help you keep well informed of the latest rap hits.

Top 5. Cali Fire

This rap playlists on Spotify holds over 50 tracks, ranging from partying hard to kicking back. Artists like Blueface, Mustard and Migos know how to make you get out of that low seat to scale high as you dance and rap along. Even though this playlist major features artists from California Coastline, it still got what it takes to entertain you no matter where you come from.

Top 6. Grime Shutdown

The influence of Grime has continued to grow beyond the UK accents. This playlist has so far gained traction, focusing on enriched tracks like ‘Triton’ by Devlin, Ladbroke Grove and AJ Tracey’s ‘Doing It’. Join the bandwagon of Spotify curated Grime Shutdown and be counted among the half a million followers. Apart from Grime Shutdown 48 songs, Spotify has also created other Grime genre category collection such as ‘Grime Classics’ among others, for you to have a deeper feel of well-groomed rap.

Top 7. Fresh Finds

This is an awesome workout playlist on Spotify. It is also one of the best rap workout playlists on Spotify. It is made up a great collection of rap songs that will get you moving and eager to give your muscles some actions. The playlist has intense tempo for a quick rush of exercises such as dancing, running and a number of cardio workouts. It is powerful yet quite motivating.

Top 8. Chill Rap

Listen to this best rap playlist on Spotify and feel the mix of gems like never before. It features artists like James Blake, Benny Blanco, Travis Scott, and Post Malone who bring you tonnes of explicit music. There is absolutely nothing that this playlist cannot do with the over 120 tracks, especially speaking of chilling you to sleep. Furthermore, you may opt to rap along and get the real feel of extreme entertainment.

Top 9. III Lyricist

Lyricist playlist brings you powerful 84 songs to keep you feeling classy and refreshing. The likes of Westside Connection and Machine Gun Kelly know what is best for you at all times. So if you want to walk away from the wordy rap takes, get it down with III Lyricist playlist for fan filled rhyme-a-minute feel.

Top 10. Hip Hop Favorites

Our list cannot end without ‘Hip Hop Favorites’ as one of the best Spotify rap playlists. These are tracks you definitely want to keep on coming back to whenever you feel like doing some little jigs. Talk of ‘Sicko Mode’ by Travis Scott, ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Flipp Dinero or ‘Swish’ by Tyga and get to the real root of rap with the over 50 tracks from this playlist.

Further Tips

There are different genres of music for a reason. While some people love the soothing tracks others are fond of hardcore and heart-breaking kind of music. However, the majority love hip-hop and rap because they are neither too rough nor soft to the ear. The aforementioned playlists are among the best Spotify rap playlists that you can engage yourself with at any time.

Furthermore, the presence of third-party software makes it easy for you to download your favorite playlist from Spotify. AudFree Windows Spotify Music Converter brings you the freedom of starting your own entertainment world on Spotify music streaming service. It is simple to use and will download any kind of playlist as MP3 at your disposal.

With the assistance of this smart Spotify playlist downloader, you can listen to best Spotify Rap playlists on any device, even without subscribing Spotify Premium. Now, just start to open your Rap music world.

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