How to Connect Spotify to Bose SoundTouch Speaker

When you search the question of 'Spotify on Bose SoundTouch', you will receive a positive answer that this excellent wireless speaker enables users to listen to almost all popular streaming music services, like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, etc. with Wi-Fi network connection or through Bluetooth.

However, if you'd like to connect Spotify to Bose SoundTouch speaker, it's also worth noting that you're required to upgrade to Spotify Premium subscription to obtain the 'Spotify Connect' function. So, what if you are only owning the free account on Spotify? This article will give the effective solution to you. No matter you are subscribing Spotify Free or Premium, you can find the correspondent way to play Spotify music on Bose smart speaker with ease.

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Part 1. How to Connect Spotify to Bose SoundTouch with Premium

With millions of songs, thousands of radio stations and local collected music, Bose speaker allows you to stream and listen to music playlists over the bedroom, parlour,kitchens, etc. This dynamic multi-room speaker enables you to stream Spotify music directly from a mobile device via Bluetooth or just connect this wireless speaker to the Wi-Fi network for instant in-home playing no need to use the phone.

Can't connect Spotify to Bose speaker for some reasons, such as Spotify Connect not seeting SoundTouch 20? Take it easy! Just make sure you have an active membership of Spotify, and then you can follow the below detailed tutorial to make 'Spotify to Bose' available with the assistance of Bose SoundTouch app. It offers the easiest way to access to music throughout your home with nice listening experience.

Add Spotify to Bose via SoundTouch App

Step 1. Install and open the Bose SoundTouch app from your smartphone or tablet and then click the 'Explore' tap.

Step 2. You need to touch the 'Add Service' function to add Spotify music service and then hit on 'Add Account' to login your premium details.

Step 3. Now, you can discover fovorite Spotify music and then simply press the 'Play Everywhere' touch, the playing music on Spotify will stream to all SoundTouch speakers at home that are under the same network and activated with SoundTouch account.

spotify to bose via soundtouch app

Part 2. How to Play Spotify Music on Bose SoundTouch for Free

As a free Spotify subscriber, you can just skip the first workaround and land this part. To import Spotify music and playlists to Bose SoundTouch speaker for free, the best way is to download Spotify music as the common local files and then add the local music library to SoundTouch.

It's well-known that it's impossible to download Spotify music for free as Spotify files are locked by DRM technology with encoded in Ogg Vorbis format. As a result, you need to install a professional tool to download Spotify playlists for offline using.

Here, we can meet AudFree Windows Spotify Music Downloader, which is designed to download songs and playlists from Spotify, convert them to plain audio files, like MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and save them to local destination folder on your computer. After conversion, it couldn't be easier to add Spotify local music to Bose SoundTouch.

AudFree Spotify to Bose Converter

audfree spotify to bose converter
  • Download Spotify songs and playlists for offline playback
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WAV, etc.
  • Connect Spotify music to Bose, Echo, Google Home, etc.
  • Work at 5X faster speed, edit music quality and parameters

It's the newbie to convert Spotify files with free account? You can read on the following part to learn how to download Spotify songs to MP3 and add Spotify to Bose speaker with the help of AudFree Spotify Music Downloader.

Step 1Add Spotify music to AudFree
import spotify songs
This smart software is available for Mac and Windows operating system. You can choose the right version to install and download on your computer. And then, just launch it from the computer desktop, copy and paste the link of Spotify playlists to the search box of AudFree to add Spotify files. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop songs, playlists from Spotify app to the AudFree's main interface.
Step 2Set output format as MP3 for Bose SoundTouch
set output format for bose
Just click the 'Preferences' -> 'Convert' option for Windows user, or navigate to the Apple's menu bar to choose 'AudFree Spotify Music Converter' > 'Preferences' > 'Convert' button on Mac to open the setting window. In the new window, you can set output format as MP3 or other Bose compatible audio formats and adjust other audio parameters, like bit rate, sample rate to get higher audio quality.
Step 3Convert Spotify playlists for Bose speaker
convert spotify to bose supported format
Just touch the 'file' icon, you can customize the output destination folder according to your needs. When all settings are ready, just simply hit on the 'Convert' button at the bottom-right corner, it will turn up to 'Cancel' option. At the same time, AudFree Spotify Music Downloader will download and convert added Spotify playlists to MP3 files. You can locate them on your computer and take full control of them for playback anywhere.

Step 4Sync converted Spotify music to Bose
add spotify to bose speaker
The last step is to export Spotify playlists to SoundTouch. There are two ways to do this by using a network attached storage (NAS) drive or a computer with iTunes or Windows Media Player. Here, we will show you how to add Spotify music library from computer to SoundTouch, which is similar to the steps in Part 1.

1. Since only Spotify files are stored in the 'iTunes Music' folder or 'My Music' folder for Windows Media Player on your computer, SoundTouch app can successfully retrieved them. So just make sure you have transferred Spotify to iTunes library or Windows Media Player already.

2. Install and open the SoundTouch app on your computer and then choose the 'Menu' icon in the top-left corner and to select the 'Add Service'.

3. Now, just click the 'Music Library on Computer' to locate the Spotify music library to add by making the bule circle next to iTunes or WMP.

4. Just select the 'Add Music Library' to stream Spotify music to Bose SoundTouch app. You can find all added Spotify files in 'Music Library' section of SoundTouch app.

Notes: To access to iTunes library in SoundTouch app, please make sure you have enabled sharing in iTunes by checking the 'Share iTunes XML with other applications' in iTunes.

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