2 Ways to Play Tidal on Yamaha MusicCast Speakers

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If you are an audiophile, then you must be no stranger to Yamaha receivers that allow users to stream music especially high-quality music from Tidal on Yamaha receivers. But do you know that this venerable audio manufacturer also produces wireless speakers?

Yes. Yamaha has the wireless products available called the MusicCast, which have integration with Tidal as well. There are 2 effective ways to stream Tidal on Yamaha MusicCast, which we are going to give detailed tutorials on each method in the article. If you are a Tidal subscriber who owns a Yamaha Bluetooth speaker, keep on reading.

tidal on yamaha musiccast speakers

Part 1. Overview of Tidal and Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast is a multi-room audio system that is integrated into a variety of Yamaha products, including AV receivers, sound bars, wireless speakers, and more. It allows users to create a seamless, multi-room audio experience, providing the flexibility to enjoy music throughout their home. With MusicCast, users can stream music from a wide range of sources, control their audio devices from a single app, and create a personalized home audio experience.

Tidal, has been integrated into the Yamaha MusicCast ecosystem. This MusicCast Tidal integration allows Tidal subscribers to enjoy their favorite music on MusicCast speakers, elevating their listening experience by seamlessly streaming Tidal's high-fidelity music throughout their home.

Part 2. Connect MusicCast to Tidal via MusicCast Controller

Yamaha first joined the 'wireless speakers party' in 2018 and started to launch its wireless MusicCast products ever since. Three main Yamaha wireless speakers are the MusicCast 20, MusicCast 520, and MusicCast SUB 100. Users can use them on their own or set them as a part of the MusicCast stereo, home theater or multi-room audio setup, according to Yamaha.

The option provided by Yamaha to stream Tidal music is via Yamaha's app – MusicCast Controller. This app can be obtained on Android and iOS devices. Before getting started, please make sure you have the MusicCast Controller installed on your mobile devices. Here we use the iOS devices for display of the Tidal MusicCast setup process.

Step 1. Turn on the Yamaha MusicCast speaker. Open MusicCast Controller app on your mobile devices and tap Setup > Next.

Step 2. Press the Connect button on your MusicCast WXC-50 or R-N803 speaker for 5 seconds until connected and tap Next on your mobile devices.

setup musiccast controller

Step 3. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone, and select the MusicCastSetup network. Then enter the password from the MusicCast Controller app.

Step 4. Go back to the MusicCast Controller and select your home Wi-Fi network. Enter the password and tap Next.

set musiccast network

Step 5. Set location name, room name, and room photo. Now the setting is complete and tap Done.

Step 6. Return to the home screen of the MusicCast Controller, and select a room. Find Tidal under the Sources section. Log in with your Tidal account to make Yamaha MusicCast Tidal connect.

connect tidal to musiccast controller

Step 7. Now, you can seamlessly integrate Tidal with your Yamaha MusicCast system and enjoy high-quality music throughout your home.

📌Tip: Considering the setup process can be quite complicated, so if you still have problems with it, you can seek help from Yamaha at How do I set up the MusicCast Controller.

Part 3. Stream Tidal MQA on Yamaha MusicCast via Bluetooth

However, if you browse the Reddit community or other forums, you'll find some people complaining that the MusicCast Controller app, while powerful, is frustrating to use. Namely, users can't fast-forward or rewind Tidal songs, they can only skip a song or select the previous one.

Therefore, we introduce a better way to play Tidal on Yamaha MusicCast speakers with the help of AudFree Tidal Music Converter. It is a professional tool designed to download and covert Tidal tracks/albums/playlist into Yamaha MusicCast compatible formats for offline playback.

With the latest technology embedded, AudFree Tidale runs at 5X faster speed without zero quality preserved. It means that even the MQA quality of your favorite Tidal tracks can be 100% kept in the downloaded Tidal files. Then you can enjoy Tidal music offline and stream it seamlessly via Bluetooth on your Yamaha MusicCast speakers.

AudFree Tidal Music Converter

audfree tidal music converter
  • Losslessly download Tidal MQA tracks/albums/playlists
  • Convert Tidal tracks to MP3, WAV, M4A etc.
  • Keep 100% HiFi and Master quality
  • Run at 5X speed, support to customize output parameters
Step 1Import Tidal tracks into AudFree Tidable
add songs from tidal app to audfree tidable

Download and open AudFree Tidal Music Converter on your computer, and the Tidal app will launch automatically. Find your favorite Tidal tracks in the Tidal app, and then copy & paste the URL of the track to AudFree's address bar. Then click the Add button.

Step 2Set Tidal output format for MusicCast speaker
set tidal output format for yamaha speaker

Now go to AudFree's menu icon > Preferences > Convert. Here you can customize the output settings as MP3, WAV, WMA, or FLAC, which are compatible formats for Yamaha MusicCast speakers. You can also set other parameter including channel, bit rate, and sample rate to enhance the Tidal Masters listening experience.

Step 3Download Tidal music Locally
download tidal music for yamaha speaker

Please click the Convert button on AudFree's main interface to start the downloading process. When it is finished, you can press the Converted icon to check the history list of downloads, and local them on your computer.

Step 4Stream Tidal to Yamaha MusicCast via Bluetooth

With the downloaded Tidal music files in hand, the final step is to stream Tidal to Yamaha wireless speakers via Bluetooth. A recommended way to do this is to transfer the downloaded Tidal songs to your phone using a USB cable if you have the MusicCast Controller app installed on your phone. Then play the Tidal music on any media player and stream it via the Bluetooth button under Sources without using data.

Part 4. How to Fix MusicCast Tidal Problem

It seems that some users have encountered issues with using Tidal on Yamaha MusicCast, ranging from interface problems to login issues. If you're experiencing problem with Tidal not working on your MusicCast device, don't worry! There are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem and get back to enjoying your favorite music.

1. Use Tidal Connect: Tidal Connect allows you to stream Tidal music directly to compatible devices, bypassing the need for the MusicCast app. This can provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience, as Tidal Connect offers smooth connectivity and the ability to switch seamlessly between devices without leaving the Tidal app.

2. Stream Tidal via Bluetooth or Airplay: Utilize the built-in Bluetooth or Airplay feature on your device to stream Tidal music to your Yamaha MusicCast speakers. This can be a convenient alternative to using the MusicCast app, especially if you encounter interface or login issues with the Tidal app within MusicCast.

3. Force Stop and Restart Tidal App: If you encounter access errors or other issues with the Tidal app, try force stopping the app and then restarting it. This simple troubleshooting step can help resolve temporary glitches or connectivity issues.

4. Downgrade Tidal App: If you experience persistent problems with the Tidal app, consider downgrading to a previous version. This can be a workaround to address compatibility or performance issues that may arise with the latest app version.

5. Use AudFree Tidal Music Converter: If you encounter ongoing difficulties with the Tidal app within MusicCast, consider using AudFree Tidal music converter to download and convert Tidal music to a compatible format. This can enable offline playback or streaming via alternative methods, such as USB or Bluetooth, bypassing the need for the MusicCast app altogether.

Part 5. In Conclusion

Playing Tidal on Yamaha MusicCast opens up a world of high-quality music streaming throughout your home. Whether you choose to connect Tidal via the MusicCast Controller app or utilize Bluetooth streaming, you can enjoy your favorite Tidal tracks on your Yamaha MusicCast-enabled devices with ease. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the ultimate music experience with Tidal and Yamaha MusicCast.

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