3 Ways to Transfer Amazon Music Playlists to Apple Music

By Roger Kelly Updated on 2023-06-28 / Update for Amazon Music Tips

Some people asked on Reddit and Quora that "How do I transfer music from Amazon to Apple Music" since they desire to do this after comparing Amazon Music to Apple Music. They have a large music collection on the former platform and don't want to make playlists manually on the latter service, which is quite time-wasting.

Is there any convenient and quick way to transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music? This article has provided three working third-party tools to do that. Please never miss it provided that you encounter the same problem.

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transfer amazon music to apple music

Part 1. Export Amazon Music Playlist to Apple Music on Computer (AudFree Amable)

It is recognized that an Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime account is requisite while moving its tracks to other platforms. Besides, you can only get access to its library on supported platforms due to the copyright protection. Obviously, Apple Music is not on the supported list. Therefore, you can help from a third-party tool like AudFree Amazon Music Converter to export Amazon Music to Apple Music-enabled formats first if you prefer to transfer music to Apple Music on a computer.

With expert decode technology, AudFree Amazon Music Converter has the ability to download Amazon songs, playlists, podcasts, albums, audiobooks, etc. to permanent local files. Also, it can and convert those downloads to MP3, AAC, WAV, and more plain formats that are compatible with not only Apple Music but also other players and devices. After batch conversion with fast 5X speed, this all-around gadget allows you to import Amazon Music downloads anywhere at any time even without Amazon Music subscriptions.

This multipurpose converter can work with additional functions. It is able to keep original audio quality for converted Amazon Music and retain full ID3 tags, like title, track number, album, cover art, year, etc. Thus, you can play Amazon Music playlists on Apple Music and other devices in original playing order losslessly.

AudFree Amazon Music Downloader

audfree amazon music downloader
  • Download Amazon HD Music offline without premium
  • Support multiple audio formats for Amazon Music such as MP3, WAV, etc.
  • Save Amazon Music audio files in lossless quality on the computer
  • Make Amazon Music available on platforms or devices you want

Download Amazon Music Playlists for Apple Music

After making a further understanding of AudFree Amable, it's time to look into how to use it. Its free version is active for all users but only provides you with 1-minute audio for each track. You can upgrade to its full version to get full features. Now, you can install this converter on your computer and look into the user guide:

Step 1Drag and Drop Amazon Music Tracks to AudFree Amable
load amazon music playlists into audfree amable
Please launch AudFree Amable and then the Amazon Music app will open simultaneously. Then drag and drop a single song, playlist, or album from Amazon Music to the converter directly, which is commonly used. Alternatively, copy the share links of Amazon Music and paste them to the search box of the converter and then tap on the top-right plus tab to add audio files.
Step 2Personalize Amazon Music Output Settings for Playing on Apple Music
modify amazon music audio for local download
Go to the toolbar symbolized with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the AudFree Amazon Music Converter. Next, from the pull-down list, select 'Preferences' and 'Convert', which will take you to the setting window.
On the output format section, you can select the format to convert Amazon Music to MP3, WAV, AAC, and other codecs which are available to Apple Music. Then it is also allowed to change the bit rate and sample rate to make lossless high-quality audio.
Step 3Batch Convert Amazon Music to Apple Music Losslessly
get amazon music for apple music
Once set the output settings and parameters, please click on the bottom-right 'Convert' button. AudFree software will export your Amazon Music library in batches and store those files in the destination folder you set before. Check your downloads by tapping on the bottom 'Converted' tab.
Step 4Transfer Amazon Music Library to Apple Music
import amazon music playlist to apple music desktop
To add Amazon Music to Apple Music library, please open the Apple Music app on your Mac or Windows and tap on the three dots next to the 'Apple Music' logo in the top left corner for Windows users. Then from the drop-down list, choose 'Import'. For Mac users, please tap the top 'File' section and then choose 'Import' from the menu. Go to the 'Music' section from the sidebar where the converted Amazon Music will appear.

Part 2. Import Amazon Playlist to Apple Music on iPhone (SongShift)

Many people are conditioned to stream music on mobile. So, in this part, we will introduce a practical tool SongShift to facilitate moving songs between Amazon Music and Apple Music on your iOS device. SongShift is an iOS app that allows you to transfer your music playlists between 12 music streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and others. It makes it easy to switch between services without losing your curated playlists. You may need a SongShift subscription to complete the import.

songshift amazon music to apple music converter

How to use SongShift? You can install this third-party tool from Apple Store on iPhone and refer to the following how-to guide:

Step 1. On SongShift, select Apple Music and Amazon Music under 'Available Services'.

connect music services to songshifts

Step 2. Then connect SongShift to your Apple Music Library.

allow songshifts access apple music

Step 3. Subsequently, add the second audio source Amazon Music to the SongShift app.

Step 4. Under the 'Connected Services' section, tap on the 'Continue' button and then 'Get Started'.

create a shift on songshift

Step 5. Proceed to click on the top-right plus icon to start shifting songs between Amazon Music and Apple Music.

shift setup on songshift

Step 6. Choose Amazon Music from 'Setup Source' and Apple Music from 'Setup Destination'. Then the Amazon Music songs will be transferred to Apple Music.

transfer songs from amazon music to apple music iphone

Part 3. Transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music Free (Soundiiz)

Wanna import playlists or songs from Amazon Music to Apple Music online in a free method? Soundiiz will be a great shot for you. It serves as an online and free music transfer platform that supports moving playlists or favorites across multiple music sources including Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more. Here is a guideline to use it. Please note that you can only import Amazon Music songs to Apple Music one by one.

Step 1. Head over to the Soundiiz web page and choose 'Start to Free'.

Step 2. On the login page, click on 'Sign in with a music service' > 'Sign in with Amazon Music'.

sign in soundiiz

Step 3. On the left-hand sidebar from the new page, hit 'Transfer'.

start transferring process soundiiz

Step 4. Choose 'Amazon Music' from 'Select Source' while selecting Apple Music from 'Select Destination'. After a while, you can access the Amazon Music library on Apple Music.

move amazon music to apple music via soundiiz

Part 4. In Conclusion

There are three workarounds to transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music effectively. But Soundiiz only supports one-by-one transfer between music services, which will cost a lot of time while the SongShift requires you to get its subscriptions and is only available on iPhones. Compared to those two tools, AudFree Amazon Music Converter is more multi-faceted. It enables you to download Amazon Music songs to computer and convert them to plain formats for offline playback forever. This way, you can transfer the downloads to Apple Music and any other platform you like.

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